Let’s all gather as we watch NOTHING happen.

    I renounced RedState before the election because everyone seemed determined to defeat whoever the nominee was at the expense of purity. I predicted what that would lead to. Welcome to the world you invited into your life – Obama’s second term. We now have not one, not two…but FOUR major, impeachable, indictable scandals that even the spin master Carney cannot contain.  “Bush’s fault”, “Romney’s fault”, | Read More »

    We have met the enemy, and it is you. Yes, YOU.

    I am done with Redstate. From Eric to whomever, it has become an echo chamber of discontent. No one is perfect. No one is worthy. No one is electable.  Everyone sucks. I’m done. Out. Screw Eric, and the lot of you. YOU are the problem. YOU are why we don’t win elections. YOU are why Democrats keep getting elected. YOU are why this country is | Read More »

    The Greatest Generation — ISN’T

    Wow.  Now there’s an indictment for you — you spend your youth fighting tyranny, watch your best friend’s brain get splattered over you and your foxhole, your shipmates die in a watery grave, and some SOB 70 years later calls you out as part of “the problem”. Allow me to clarify, What you and your children did in Korea and Vietnam was beyond commendable…it was | Read More »

    Through the GOP Looking Glass…

    Today is the day where we all, as they say, put our big-boy pants on, and start doing what’s necessary — at times unpleasant — to ensure Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are either fired, or demoted to Minority status. So let’s get that out there up front. We vote Republican in November. Period. Reality check, however.  In a time not long ago, measured in | Read More »

    In response to Vassar Bushmills’ “Situation Analysis”

    Since I am the “ErinMist” referenced in Vassar Bushmills’ diary post, I thought I should add my two cents here.  By the way…the name’s Michael. 😉 As I mentioned in one of my comments in the Texas thread referenced, my background is in both political science and in history from the University of Virginia — Mr. Jefferson’s own — and my experience has taught me | Read More »

    In Defense of Governor McDonnell

    Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia finds himself in an imbroglio he neither wanted, nor intended, with his recent proclamation making April “Confederate History Month” in Virginia.  Now, 50 years ago, 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, this would have met with a collective “yawn” as most American’s know that Virginians tend towards an overly zealous regard for their history, given that much of what | Read More »

    On this day, with these words…

    Today was the day that Patrick Henry gave his “give me liberty, or give me death” speech. And while those words may seem appropriate to some given Sunday’s travesty, I find the words today of St. Thomas More even moreso: “If we lived in a state where virtue was profitable, common sense would make us saintly. But since we see that avarice, anger, pride, and | Read More »

    All this for two weeks’ worth of deficit reduction????!!!!!

    So the CBO finally pulled some numbers out of their “Alice in Wonderland” tea leaves. Never mind that behind the scenes, Nancy Pelosi stood outside with purple shirted SEIU thugs ready to do physical harm to any CBO auditor that didn’t come up with the right number, as that was a given. (ok, I made that up.  We all know that Nancy’s just a kitten | Read More »

    In Search Of…the coming Ice Age.

    Wow.  You’ve got to listen to the certainty with which these climate scientists predicted…global cooling.  Hell, not even global cooling.  Global freezing, miles of ice, and that the science was settled, and that the ice age began 3000 years ago. We were DOOMED. Who was the brilliant mind behind all this? Stephen Schneider — the same Stephen Schneider who now is one of the chief | Read More »

    NRSC, the GOP, and Carly (or Why I Lost My Elephant)

    I’ve been a lifelong Republican, and have even worked as a State Central Committeeman for the party, but I’m done…out.  And the kind of nonsense we’ve witnessed by John Cornyn and the NRSC over Charlie Crist and Carly Fiorina is why.  Well, not entirely why, but perhaps the last two nails in a coffin the GOP’s been building for itself since 1995, the year after | Read More »