Democrat Dodging

    The Denver Post, after calling Michael Bennet’s campaign dark and alarmist, dishonest and distorting, endorsed the appointed junior senator from CO.   Is it any wonder the old press is sinking fast?   His opponent, Ken Buck, appeared on FOX news on Saturday with Chris Wallace.    Chris said Bennet was invited but declined.   Barabara Boxer also declined on Sunday but Carly Fiorina appeared.   Wonder what it is about dark | Read More »

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    Jimmy Carter and the Tea Party

    Jimmy Carter had a column in USA Today on September 29.  He saw parallels between the angry mood with Washington in 1976 on which he rode to the White House and the dissatisfaction to which the Tea Party is responding today.   One poll shows that 70% of Americans agree with the basic tenets of the Tea Party.   The movement is still mocked by Obama and his | Read More »

    My new reality?

    Vlema Hart asks, “Is this my new reality?” after expressing her disappointment in the President.    Sadly the answer is “Yes,” until we make some important changes in November.  Obama had some help from here in Colorado in all this from our appointed junior Senator, Michael Bennet.   We affectionately call him “Rubberstamp” as he is a sure vote for Obama on the stimulus, health care and | Read More »

    Waiting in the Wings

    George Will spoke last evening for Hillsdale College on “Why We Celebrate Constitution Day.”    He closed with a cheerful quote from Winston Churchill:   “Americans always do the right thing–after they have tried everything else.”    Will added that the 2010 will be a Great Awakening as we have now tried everything else. With candidates like Conservative Republican, Ken Buck, running for the U.S. Senate from CO against the appointed | Read More »

    Denver Post: Sen. Bennet ads are dark and alarmist

    On September 11, 2010, The Denver Post editorial stated that Michael Bennet is running misleading ads against Ken Buck.   He is distorting at every turn on Social Security and Student loans.   They close by stating:  “If Bennet intends to have a fair and vigorous discussion on the issues that matter to Coloradans, he’s off to a poor start.”    Check this out at   Remember this is a | Read More »

    Ken Buck, leader; Jane Norton, follower

    The Denver Post profiled Jane Norton and Ken Buck on July 29.   Jane is described as “rarely a trailblazer” and “dutiful as whatever she is asked to do.”   I would add like in running for the US Senate, not on her own volition but because John McCain asked her to.   In contrast the Post describes Ken as “stubborn and uncompromising” and “not afraid to act | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh on Ken Buck of CO US Senate race

    The Ruling Class and the Country Class.   The Ruling Class has never been so homogeneous and perhaps never so shallow as now according to Dr. Angelo Codevilla of Boston University.  Rush Limbaugh noted this on Monday, July 19.   As he shared about this which took a good share of the program Rush mentioned Ken Buck GOP U.S. Senate hopeful from CO as part of the | Read More »

    Our Humble Leader

    Charles Krauthammer notes the oddity of Obama the proud, self-centered leader who cannot bring himself to be proud of this land.   He has become a comic figure who does not seem to grasp that persons are now on to the fact that he is in over his head. We lived along the Space Coast of FL for 6 years.   Several brilliant Space Scientists were in | Read More »

    Norton Vs Buck

    Going negative can be a sign of panic as it is with Jane Norton whose phone recordings are distorting Ken Buck’s record  while inflating hers in the GOP U.S. Senate nomination race in CO.  She is part of the Establishment, has a record of raising taxes, and her campaign style is listless and vapid.   Ken Buck is the true Conservative in this race with a | Read More »

    Norton Fiction in Colorado

    The Jane Norton campaign in CO shows every sign of panic melt down as she goes negative and distorts the record of Ken Buck also running for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in the Centennial State.  Her phone message is that Buck worked for Bill Clinton in the Justice Department.   This is real comedy as it was Jane’s own husband who hired Ken for | Read More »