Evan Feinberg is the President of Generation Opportunity, a national, non-partisan organization advocating for 18-29 year olds. A native of Pennsylvania, Feinberg was one of a handful of Millennials who ran for Congress in 2012 in a bid to give voice to the challenges facing the younger generation. His bid, though unsuccessful, further deepened his conviction that young people must continue to be civically engaged in order to offer common sense solutions to solve the nation's economic problems. Focused on policies that will create opportunity for young people today, Feinberg leads an organization that is also working to address long-term fiscal challenges. He has spent time in the world of public policy, having served in the nonprofit sector in senior policy roles, is a veteran of Capitol Hill, where he worked on issues such as entitlement reform, healthcare, and education reform, and has been involved with multiple political campaigns.


    Why am I Paying for Obama’s Budget?

    In his own words, President Obama said, “We don’t have a spending problem,” and “We do not have an immediate debt crisis.” No wonder his budget proposal continues the same old government gravy train with absolutely no regard for the next generation of taxpayers. The nation is $17 trillion in debt. Under President Obama’s budget, we’ll see deficits increase close to $100 trillion over the | Read More »

    Our Spending Problem in Perspective

    Cross-posted at  Imagine an upper-income American family making $230,000 per year. You’d think they were doing really well, until you find out they are spending $360,000 every year because of their lavish lifestyle, putting $130,000 onto their credit card every year. You’re even more troubled to find out the family is in some serious debt to pay off their fancy cars and a private | Read More »

    Turning the Lights Back On (Budget Proposal)

    Ronald Reagan often remarked that America is a “shining city on a hill.” He invoked the Founders’ vision of America as a great experiment in limited government.  They had this crazy idea that the American people could govern themselves.  Not only did the experiment prove successful, but America became the first nation in human history to develop an antidote to poverty: Freedom. After two centuries | Read More »

    Terminate Tim Money Bomb!

    Last week, I announced my “Birthday Weekend Money Bomb” beginning THIS FRIDAY, March 23.  I’ve got another name for it: The Terminate Tim Money Bomb!  Together, we can raise enough money to retire RINO Tim Murphy and replace him with a true limited government conservative. Erick has made it quite clear: Tim Murphy “needs to be primaried,” and he’s endorsed my candidacy. You can visit | Read More »

    Liberal Congressman Tim Murphy

    This week, Tim Murphy sent out a press release and had the audacity to cite the Club for Growth’s annual Congressional scorecard to claim he’s a conservative. Funny, just last month the Club for Growth spent $125,000 on television ads in the Pittsburgh region labeling him, “liberal Congressman, Tim Murphy.” So which is it: is Tim Murphy a conservative as he claims? Or a liberal as | Read More »

    Murphy, Specter and Pork

    Many Pennsylvanians and conservatives across the country have not forgiven Sen. Rick Santorum for his endorsement of Sen. Arlen Specter. Pennsylvania Republicans are not proud to have sent to Washington a pro-abortion candidate who cast the 60th vote for Obamacare, and we remember the elected officials who pushed us to do so. While Santorum’s decision was clearly a mistake, at least he made a conservative | Read More »

    U.S. Senator Tom Coburn Endorses Evan Feinberg for Congress

    Calls Tim Murphy an “Arlen Specter Republican” and Praises Evan Feinberg as the “Fresh Face the Conservative Movement Needs.” Read Dr. Coburn’s full endorsement letter below.  If you’d like to support the campaign, you can do so at   Dear Concerned Citizen, Every two years, you and I vote for candidates who promise to change Washington by ending wasteful spending. Yet, no matter who | Read More »

    Taking the House for Conservatives

    I don’t need to tell you how important this upcoming election is. As conservatives, we have a historic opportunity to not just make Barack Obama a one-term president, but to take back the Senate and bolster conservatives in the House. Part of that means getting rid of liberal Republicans. Back in October, Erick wrote here on that Tim Murphy needed to be primaried.  I agree. In | Read More »

    Tim Murphy’s Love Affair with Big Labor

    From the Diaries by Leon… Keith Impink runs Westmoreland Electric, a small business in Tarrs, Pennsylvania which was founded in 1988 with two employees and a truck.  His company, now 65 employees strong, is the type of job creator we should empower to move our state and country out of these difficult economic times. The painful irony for local job creators like Keith is their | Read More »

    The Pittsburgh “Kid”

    Born and raised in southwestern PA, I made the decision to run for Congress this year because of the grave challenges facing our nation. My opponent, Tim Murphy, and his supporters have made little effort to explain his liberal, big-government voting record, choosing instead to take veiled personal shots at me—that I’m too young, too conservative and, in stunning news to me, not from Pittsburgh. The | Read More »