Obama BS speech today

    In Obama’s speech today he promised to save the planet and all us stupid humans form this man made global warming,some how with a plan to tax energy using a cap and trade program. The weather will change as it always has, regardless of how much money we pay for are energy it seams to me. This is a big con that governments around the | Read More »

    screw wall street

    Screw Wall street I am not going for this we wont have credit scare I don’t know about the rest of you all but I pay cash if I don’t have the money I buy what I can afford if that is a used car that’s what I buy and I think most hard working families run this way we have to live with in | Read More »

    In the last election

    In the last election black basketball star S.O’Neil was asked what candidate he was voting for and he said he was a republican and voting for bush, the democrats have never did anything but try to keep blacks poor and on welfare Now this year he is supporting Obama it seams to me this election is more about making history then what is best for | Read More »


    I pray not

    **Americans under military law, how can that happen you say. well it is like this you have a racially charged presidential election and charges of voter fraud, blacks or whites rioting in the streets.Now with electronic voting machines, groups like ACORN registering ilegales and new laws allowing out of district voting this is a real possibility.There are some libs out there saying this is the | Read More »


    common sense

    *** What this country need is a big shot of common sense we need a energy bill that promotes cheep energy a tax plan that promotes investment and environment laws that don’t require millions of dollars of impact studies. this government has been spending to much time in trying to save the planet and not enough time trying to save the American job how can | Read More »