Questions for Obama

    I would like to see President Obama asked the following question during a debate or in an ad: Mr. President, The Constitution is a guarantee to the people limiting the power of the government so that it can never impose it’s views or will on the people.  We all know the government has exceeded it’s intended Constitutional bounds.  What do you propose to do to | Read More »

    What we need to do now

    he media will quickly start diminishing what the republicans do if we don’t take the lead. Step by step, every initiative the republican congress takes to bring the government back to the people must be done publically and with publicity. Maybe start a segment on Fox news where the weekly accomplishments are discussed. Read more:


    It’s time the Republican candidates stop trying to make themselves look non-controversial and start drawing a sharp contrast between candidates that want a government that controls the people vs. candidates that want a government that is controlled by the people.  This video should be played as a campaign ad throughout the country.

    Foresight from 1948

    This is over 9 minutes but worth watching the whole thing.  Interesting how it applies to today!

    The Health Care Reform distortion

    The Republicans are letting us down by not standing up for the obvious.  There is nothing wrong with our health care system other than cost.  It is the best in the world.  The solution shouldn’t be to dismantle our current system, the solution should be to figure out why it is so expensive and address the root causes.  By addressing three areas alone, doctor bills | Read More »

    Sotomayer an embarrassment to Hispanic Community

    Hispanics want their first Supreme Court judge to be someone they can be proud of.  With the majority of hispanics opposed to the positions Sotomayer holds, we need a PAC that will run spanish language ads in hispanic communities.  The ads should show her extreme view points and ask people to write their Senators demanding a Hispanic nominee that represents the values of the Hispanic community.

    Just Words?

    The liberals have taken the high ground by using “perception” words to make them soubd like the good guys.   We need to counter that by making them look foolish whenever they do. That’s easily done by asking questions that put the word back in context. For instance whenever a liberal calls themselves progressive, ask them What is “progressive” about regressing back into Totalitarianism? Or if | Read More »

    Countering the Party of the rich stigma

    A couple of years ago I was told that 90% of the billionaires in the country, and 75% of the fortune 500 CEO’s are either democrats or openly support the democrat candidates. I attempted to verify this by getting the names from Forbes. Getting the names was easy, but the party affiliation was much more difficult so I was not able to get as far | Read More »

    Put up or Shut up

    The democrats can and are passing a lot of bills that are taking the country down the wrong path.  That’s fine because if the Republicans can get their act together, they can undo much of it in two years.  The most important stand the Republicans MUST take is to protect the Supreme Court.  With Souter’s retirement it is time for Republicans to put up or | Read More »

    Promises Promises

    I remember seeing a woman (Obama supporter) on the news right after the election.  She was bubbling over that she would never have to worry about gas prices again!.. Has anyone noticed that in the short time Obama has been in office, gas has risen 35 cents a gallon, while at the same time oil has dropped to the loswest point in years?  There are | Read More »