Luke Air Force Base Selected For F-35 Pilot Training

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley announced recently that Luke Air Force Base, in Glendale, Arizona has been chosen as the location of the Air Force’s F-35A Lightning II pilot training center. The base is set to receive 72 aircraft for a total of three fighter squadrons.

“This is a great day for Luke,” said Brig. Gen. JD Harris, 56th Fighter Wing commander. “Our selection for F-35 training ensures the long-term viability of our mission of training the world’s greatest fighter pilots, which we’ve been doing at Luke for seven decades.”

In addition to training U.S. pilots, Luke will also serve as an F-35A International Partner
Training site.

“The Air Force is committed to training our U.S. and partner nation pilots on this fifth-generation fighter aircraft,” said Gen. Norton Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff.

“Collaborative training on aircraft designed with stealth, maneuverability and integrated avionics will better prepare our combined forces to assume multi-role missions for the future of tactical aviation.”

TO read the full release, and to find out more about the F-35 program, visit F35.com.

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