Bush resign now?

    Gail Collins in The New York Times: “Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning. . . . Dick Cheney, obviously, would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. . . Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become | Read More »

    A racist secretary of state?

    For 18 months, the Obama campaign intentionally, explicitly and repeatedly accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of personal racism and resorting to racist campaign tactics. Does anyone remember the “picture darkening” accusations? This was picked up and parroted by Obama supporters, the blogosphere, the MSNBC/CNN/Olbermann/Matthews wing of the main stream media, and various political figures. It is now accepted as gospel in the black community.

    Rep. Linda Sanchez, single and pregnant It’s actually going to be funny, listening to people who attacked Bristol Palin defend Linda Sanchez. And, vice versa, of course. They are obviously in different situations. One is a private citizen, and a kid, and had an “accident”. The other is a public official, and an adult, and the pregnancy is wanted.

    Cheney is a creep. But, don’t indict him.

    Cheney lied us into unnecessary wars. Then, Cheney personally profited from those wars through his business interests. He endorsed torture, twisted our constitution to suit his purposes, and generally fits Joe Biden’s description of him as “the worst vice president ever.” Republicans should agree. Cheney betrayed all their conservative economic principles, did nothing to advance their domestic agenda, and discredited their foreign policy credentials. During | Read More »

    Did Obama mean anything he said about Hillary?

    Does anyone remember that the entire Obama critique of Hillary Clinton was based on foreign policy. Obama argued that Hillary voted for the war in Iraq, and therefore couldn’t be trusted with U.S. foreign policy. She had “flawed judgment” on Iraq and Iran.

    Has the world changed?

    After 12 years of nearly complete control of Florida politics, Republicans lost the state to Obama. But, although Obama won Florida, the Democrats didn’t. While Obama was carrying Florida by over 3%, Democrats were picking up only one seat in both houses of the Legislature, which remain overwhelmingly Republican.

    Why I stay in the Democratic Party

    Why does a conservative stay in the Democratic Party? Because Republicans can’t decide whether Stevens should be kicked out. Because Republicans steal (I’m sorry, misappropriate) campaign funds. And, because they just don’t get it.

    Pro-choice groups, women’s groups and Palin

    Palin chose to have five kids. Palin chose to deliver a Downs baby. Palin made her choices.

    Pro choice groups: Why the silence on China?

    Pro choice used to mean pro choice. Not pro abortion, but pro choice. Pro choice should mean anti forced abortion. So, why the radio silence from the pro choice and women’s rights groups on China’s policy of forced abortions?

    Let’s look at the British auto bailout . . .

    My first car was a very ancient, very rusted MGB convertible that I bought for $1200. It had split batteries (always running dry) that you could only access by removing the rear jump seat. It was beautiful to look at but an engineering nightmare. Its basic design was from the days when cars were driven for fun, only on weekends, and only by the rich, | Read More »