Best Way to Prevent Illegal Immigration from Central America: Stop the Train in Mexico

    Best Way to Prevent Illegal Immigration from Central America: Stop the Train in Mexico

    Tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children from Central America are pouring over the border and the only bright idea we’ve gotten from Washington is a call for more funding – more money for border control, more money for corrupt Central American governments, and more money for the kids. What we haven’t heard is a single practical solution that will do anything to stem the | Read More »

    Bill Clinton Pocketed Nearly $16 Million in Taxpayer Money Since 2001

    Bill Clinton must think it’s still the 1990’s when a complacent press could cover up each and every mistake he made (sexual impropriety, lies, theft, etc…). Unfortunately for Clinton and his out of touch wife and daughter, who apparently just can’t get herself to care about money from her $10 million condo in New York City, the internet age can take stupidity viral in about | Read More »

    Obama’s Iraq War Crime: A Missed Opportunity to Transform the Muslim World

    George Bush had much bigger plans for Iraq than simply killing Saddam Hussein, securing his WMDs and handing over control of the oil rich nation to whatever remained of the Ba’ath Party once hostilities ended. Some might consider him naive, but Bush believed that a modern Iraq, one that respected minority and woman’s rights, one ruled by the rule of law rather than the rule | Read More »

    Children Fleeing Gangs in Central America Likely to End Up in Gang Infested Neighborhoods in the U.S.

    Encouraging children to travel over a thousand miles from Central America to the U.S. might serve the Obama administration’s political purposes in their effort to get immigration reform through Congress, but they are doing no favors to the kids who actually make it here. Driven by promises of amnesty from local news programs, religious organizations, NGOs (I haven’t seen any proof, but I’m willing to | Read More »

    Bill Gates’ Reckless Meddling With U.S. Education Through Common Core

    Have you ever wondered how Common Core went from a twinkle in a liberal’s eye to widespread destruction throughout America’s schools in only a few short years? Well, all it took was money, lots of it. In 2008 Gene Wilhoit and David Coleman were looking to bring national standards to American education, which until then had been fragmented between the states, but they knew it | Read More »

    Obama Says That Everyone in the Obama Bubble Agreed with His Prisoner Swap Decision

    In an interview with NBC News Obama reiterated the now popular talking point that everyone in government was “unanimous” in their support for the release of five mass murdering terrorists for one American deserter. Obama told NBC News, “I make no apologies for it. It was a unanimous decision among my principals in my government.” Good for him. So now we’re supposed to be impressed | Read More »

    Chicago Public Schools Refuses to Call “Jew Incinerator” Game by Students Anti-Semitic

    For months a 14-year-old Jewish boy enrolled at The Ogden International School of Chicago had been subjected to anti-Semitic taunts by his classmates. According to local parent Jory Rozner Strosberg the vicious mocking included “Sending him pics of ovens, calling him half human, telling him to get in striped pjs and get in the oven…..” The boy’s mother, Lisa Wolf Clemente, encouraged her son to | Read More »

    Obama Silent While Muslim Brotherhood Prepares Islamist Murder Squads for Egypt

    Remember when not so long ago President Obama claimed the Muslim Brotherhood had zero chance at winning control of the Egyptian government? Good times, good times. So how is that working out for the Egyptians? Several thousand opponents of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood clashed with supporters of the Islamist group near its headquarters in Cairo on Friday, and at least 40 people were wounded, authorities said. | Read More »

    140 Obama Crimes

    Ever since Obama took office we have witnessed the dismantling of our nation by a man who takes his golf game more seriously than his daily intelligence briefing. The sheer volume of his illicit actions is in many ways overwhelming. You might be able to come up with a few examples during a conversation, but who could possibly keep track of them all? So I | Read More »

    What’s the big deal with bombing Iran?

    Can anyone tell me where it is written that we can’t bomb Iran? Listening to the Obama administration you’d think the mullahs had some sort of halo of invincibility protecting them from cruise missiles and 500 lb JDAM bombs. Our military has sent more than its fair share of terrorists to Hades and the Iranian leadership with its unchecked nuclear program, covert war against American | Read More »