Life: Imagine the Potential

    President-elect Barack Obama may not hold prolife views, but his life story bears witness to the truth of the prolife movement’s values and beliefs:

    Judge Griffin Bell, RIP

    Griffin Bell was a truly great man, and he will be dearly missed by his family and friends. I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Judge Bell while working on an essay about his tenure on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which you can read here. I cannot even begin to describe what a generous and warm person he was during our brief time | Read More »

    David Frum and the SoCons

    Y’all can guess what I think of David Frum’s suggestion that the only way for the GOP to remain competitive is to “change” on “abortion” and be “less overtly religious . . . and less polarizing on social issues [translation: staying true to prolife principles].” Let me make something clear to Frum and his D.C./NYC Rockefeller Republican wine-sipping elitist buddies: The GOP is doomed without | Read More »

    Kudos to the Knights of Columbus

    For reminding voters of what’s at stake in this election.


    Dr. James Dobson interviews Governor Sarah Palin

    You can listen to the interview here.

    “Just some guy in the neighborhood”

    Senator Obama barely knew the guy, I tell ya.

    Why I love Sarah Palin

    Exhibit A. (LvJay)

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    “Obama’s Abortion Extremism”

    Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University is, hands down, the most eloquent voice of the pro-life movement; and his latest essay, “Obama’s Abortion Extremism,” is nothing short of a masterpiece. Here is just a taste of Professor George’s must-read compilation of Senator Barack Obama’s radical views on abortion and embryonic stem cell research: What kind of America do we want our beloved nation to | Read More »

    Ramesh Ponnuru on Palin’s debate performance

    As many of y’all know, National Review Online is down right now. Well, my good friend Ramesh Ponnuru and I have been emailing one another throughout the debate, and I asked him if I could post his thoughts on Governor Palin’s performance. He graciously agreed, so here they are: Any conservative who was white-knuckled going into this is relaxing by now. There were some points | Read More »

    Let Palin be Palin

    While I am a staunch Republican, and a strong supporter of Governor Palin, I am more than willing to admit the obvious: Sarah Palin has not performed well in the major interviews she has done. Why is this? Is it because she’s stupid? I think not. By all accounts, Palin is a quick study and plenty smart. So what gives? Why is Palin struggling so | Read More »

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