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    Democrats Save Bankers But Sweaty Union Workers Hang

    It seems odd that the Democrats, the party of Unions and the Working People, are so quick to bail out banks while they are willing to let the automakers hang out to dry.  The automakers embody everything good and bad about union labor in this country.  Why force them to cut back and eliminate contracts when banks do not have to?  Then it came to | Read More »

    Obama Administration and High School Politics Compared

    I watched the Press Conference last night.  Not all of it, but most.  I paid attention part of it, but not all.  It was a bit boring.  As I sat there with my mind wandering, I had another one of the moments of clarity.   President Obama has been drawing criticism lately for things like TV appearances, use of Teleprompters and other non-policy related issues.  | Read More »

    A Modest Green Proposal

    I saw two very interesting stories on the environment yesterday made me stop and think.  One was about the UK, and a projected need for their population to shrink by half to be sustainable in a green manner.  This recommendation was made by one of the Prime Ministers leading Green Advisors.  The other story was about Oregon and how they have lost jobs due to | Read More »

    Explaining the Fed Cash Infusion Comparing the US Mint and Franklin Mint

    There was a barely reported news item last week about the Federal Reserve committing to buy $1 trillion worth of Treasury Bills.  There was a light mention that the Fed knows they have to be careful to avoid this action leading to inflation.  The reality is, a little inflation is the least of our problems when you are dealing with trillions of dollars.  With so | Read More »

    AIG Bonus Tax – Does Anybody Else See Problems Here

    It is all over the headlines about various Democrats in Congress strutting about threatening to take back the AIG Bonus money through passing special taxes.  I guess it is no surprise that the media is not raising any red flags on this issue.  I have a few points I want to raise here about why this action frightens me.   First and foremost is the | Read More »

    How We Can Correct AIG Without the Government

    People are mad at AIG.  This week it became public that despite billions of dollars in bailout money being paid to AIG to keep them alive due to poor decisions, they are paying out millions in bonuses.  Personally, I am not buying the indignation fro the Obama Administration.  To me it sounds like they have known for a while that this was coming, but did | Read More »

    The Problem With Education Spending Explained

    There is lots of talk about what needs to be done to fix education.  The big push is that we need to spend more.  I do not totally disagree, nor do I totally agree.  The bigger problem right now is not how much we spend but how we spend it.  To me it is like a trip to the grocery store.   Lets say you | Read More »

    Is Democrat Maverick an Oxymoron

    Who here misses the use of the word “Maverick?”  I know I never thought that I would long for the day where I heard it on the news again.  That was before Democrats had control of Congress and the White House.  Now, I would be happy hear about a Democrat Maverick.  At this point, I would be happy to hear of a Democrat having an | Read More »

    2010 and Beyond – When To Get Ready For Mid-Terms

    There is already talk of the Presidential election in 2012.  I have seen PACs formed for Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney advertised on various websites.  I felt the last election was just a tiny bit long at two years of constant campaigning, four will really be a bit overboard.  More importantly, we have 2010 to worry about.  If there is anything vital to the survival | Read More »

    Pretty Please, Rush

    The media is pushing another Rush feud this week.  Once again they are trying to draw a fight between Rush and Newt, and Rush is taking the bait.  If I could speak with Rush personally I would ask that he remember the words of Ronald Reagan when he said “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”    The recent comments made by Newt | Read More »