One year later, renewed tensions in Georgia

    Looks like the border between Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Georgia is getting a little tense. Russian troops allegedly moved the border markers 500 meters before moving them back (Radio Free Europe), and Georgia allegedly shelled a South Ossetian village (Russia Today). Meanwhile, Moscow is warning Georgia not to use force, while Saakashvili is saying he’s not going to (Xinhua). Actually, looking through Google News it’s | Read More »

    Cash for Clunkers: not just ill-advised, but actively stupid

    See the not-fawning NYT article (crazy, isn’t it?). Notice this part. He revved the car, and within seconds, the solution hardened, the engine seized up and was kaput. Wreckers were called to pick up the car, remove the spoiled engine and crush the car. They have to certify that the cars have been crushed and rendered inoperable before the government will process reimbursement claims. This | Read More »

    Zelaya denied landing permission in Honduras

    Didn’t see a post about it yet. Former president Zelaya was denied permission to land in Honduras earlier today. Zelaya told the Venezuela-based news network Telesur that his jet was denied permission to land in Tegucigalpa, where military vehicles were arrayed on the runway. The aircraft was en route to San Salvador, the capital of neighboring El Salvador, after what Zelaya called a “fruitless” attempt | Read More »

    No Russian news translations this week

    I spent the week volunteering at a church camp in addition to the usual 8 hours a day of work. I didn’t feel like doing the news in the two hours I had between getting home and going to bed. Worry not! I shall return next week.

    From the Russian press, 6/21-6/28

    Why I’m doing these. Two articles this week. I’ve settled down on three a week as a reasonable schedule, translating one on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; you’re getting an early update this week because I have a family reunion this weekend.

    From the Russian press, June 13-20

    I don’t have much to say about this one, beyond that it sure is nice to see that there’s a media somewhere that has Obama’s number, even if it is a state-owned Russian newspaper. Why I’m doing this (and that means that if any of you are Russian speakers, I welcome corrections!). Only one story this week. I was going to do a second, but | Read More »

    Coming soon: the news from Russia

    A Fishbreath Weekly Feature. As some of my earlier posts indicate, I’m studying (among other things) the Russian language as one of my majors. Since it’s summer, and I’m here working a desk job to keep the money flowing in that I may continue to engage in said studies, I haven’t been spending too much time keeping up on my Russian grammar. A few nights | Read More »

    Tags: , Barack Obama vs. George W. Bush (or, yet more evidence of media favoritism)

    This post by Moe got me thinking (particularly the part about DVD sales). Compare: Obama, Bush, Clinton in the Movies/TV category. The dearth of items for Clinton is understandable; the day of mass-distribution DVDs had not yet arrived. The contrast between Obama and Bush is much more relevant, and that makes it much more shocking. There are dozens of documentaries about Obama’s primary run and | Read More »

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    News numbers: George Tiller vs. Arkansas recruiter killings

    George Tiller’s murder happened Sunday morning. On Monday morning at 10:30, two soldiers were shot (with one dead) outside a recruiting center in Arkansas by a man who’d converted to Islam while serving a prison sentence As of now, 9:30am on Tuesday morning, 48ish hours have elapsed since Tiller’s death, and 23 since the shootings in Arkansas. On Google News in the past month: George | Read More »

    The Deficit Graphic

    This one. I’m sure some of you have looked at it and seen this already, but I haven’t seen it said in as many words. The pattern is, in the long run, politically expedient for Democrats. Picture this: Obama narrowly wins the election in 2012 on good speechwriting, quality teleprompter operation, and force of personality, and by claiming to have cut the deficit by a | Read More »