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    Obama throws the Teamsters under the “Truck”

    The administration just announced emissions and fuel efficiency standards for Heavy Trucks, making long haul trucking a much more expensive proposition.  They are demanding a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 2018 – yeah, right. Curious that this story is buried or nonexistent from traditional media outlets. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the first US | Read More »

    Rep. Posey on the Attack

    I think Charlie Crist is under the Obama bus as well. “Just weeks before the 2008 election, then-Senator Obama came though Central Florida promising the nation and the residents of Brevard County that if elected President, he would close the space gap and keep America first in space. If this news report is even half right, this plan, if you can call it a plan, | Read More »

    Crist’s stacked PSC kills new Florida Nuclear Plant expansion

    Soon to be ‘former‘ Gov Charlie Crist’s stacked PSC halts rejects $10 Billion in FPL projects and acts like its a good thing.   Chief among these crucial projects was the construction of two new units at the Turkey Point commercial Nuclear Power Plant, and calls it a “win” for the consumer.  I suppose building two Nuclear Power Plants that represent a Supertanker a day | Read More »