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    The True Story Behind Hillary’s Private email Address

    Early 2009, in a town in New York. Bill: You’re going to be Secretary of State very soon. Hill: I know that. Bill: You need to decide about your professional email address. Hill: I suppose I should use the one State provides for me. Bill: Are you sure about that? What if Chelsea gets married? Or your mother dies (the old bat)? Do you want | Read More »

    It’s Political Islam, installed by violent means

    It’s amazing how close Marie Harf was to the real solution to “violent extremism” on Monday, 2/16. She said, “We need… to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups,” meaning that in addition to killing active fighters, we had to remove or counter their motivation. She then ran off the rails by suggesting that meant they needed to have “opportunity | Read More »

    Is This the Post Post-Racial Presidency?

    Racial strife has been in the news for months. It has lasted while the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an Ebola scare, ISIS-ISIL-DASH, kidnappings, beheadings, prisoner releases, and an historic mid-term election have either come and gone or have been reported and pushed aside. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Racial tensions were supposed to be a thing of the past by this time. | Read More »

    Brief and Direct: Public Program vs. Private Product

    What would have happened a few weeks ago had Obamacare been a product offered for sale by a private company, rather than the government? I don’t mean ‘who would be fired,’ although we could ask that, too. I mean, what would the company have done in the face of an obviously disastrous rollout? And how does it differ from what the Obama administration has done? | Read More »

    When a President Lies

    At this point, although they are very bad spots on Obama’s record, the IRS, Benghazi, NSA internal spying, interfering with local authorities and state authorities, Fast and Furious, Egypt, Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood, border control, green energy cronyism, Obamacare, incompetence in general, inability to develop a website for $600,000,000, and all the rest of it, are all beside the point. We have a president who | Read More »

    Why Opposition to Obamacare is both Rational and Necessary NOW

    My message tonight to my Senator Jeff Flake on his revitalized Facebook page (slightly edited): Dear Senator Flake: There are many problems facing our nation today. The most urgent, perhaps, is the threat posed by Obamacare. Let’s consider what has transpired since it was being debated in the House and Senate, and I acknowledge that you did NOT vote for it. Every problem with Obamacare | Read More »

    What Will President Obama Do About Syria?

    Why does the Syrian situation seem so much more difficult than that of Libya, for instance, or than Egypt was?  Why didn’t Obama just handle it the same way, instead of making threats to attack Syria unilaterally?  Syria comes with some built in problems that didn’t apply to those two countries and their uprisings and revolutions. The Practical Problems We have problems with our intelligence. | Read More »

    Brief and Direct: Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

    From the morning paper–Eugene Robinson of the WaPo Writers Group, regarding Egyptian turmoil: The interior minister’s claim that soldiers did not use live ammunition was the kind of bald-faced lie that only repressive governments think they can get away with; Western correspondents described seeing protesters cut down by sniper fire…. I say a regime with the press in its pocket thinks the same way. If those | Read More »

    Brief and Direct: How Can Our Favorites Fall from Grace So Fast?

    From an answer to another RedState poster (with an edit at the end): To answer you straight, a reason conservatives have a hair trigger when it comes to their elected favorites is that it matters so much. If you are a member of a sizable majority, the occasional defection for whatever reason can make no difference at all; it can be understood as a tactical | Read More »

    Brief and Direct: How Can We Know the News Is True?

    Every bit of news must be weighed against common sense, not cynically, but clinically. Does what is being reported make good sense? Does it describe the way real people act? Remember that “real people” include dishonest people, uninformed people, good people, evil people, people with a different outlook on problems than you do, and people who may have MORE information than you have. Do the | Read More »