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    On bayonets and battleships

    Already, much has been made of the President’s comment about “horses and bayonets” during the foreign policy debate. The President was responding to Mitt Romney’s comment that the United States Navy is as small as it has been since our entry into the First World War. The President responded with the following (from the Washington Post): “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets,” | Read More »

    No tax break to move jobs overseas

    I’m tired of hearing that companies get a “tax break” for moving jobs overseas. The President repeated this a couple of times during his dabate with Mitt Romney. I’ll buy dinner up to $500 for the first person to show me the section in the tax code that does this. Don’t bother, it doesn’t exist. Here’s what they’re really talking about (very simplified): It’s 1992. | Read More »

    Sean Bielat aims to turn MA-04 from blue to red

    There are several second-time Congressional candidates vying for a chance to help increase the GOP’s hold on the House. Among them Sean Bielat is attempting to make sure Joseph Kennedy III doesn’t take over MA-04, the seat being vacated by Barney Frank. Bielat’s campaign admits the fight won’t be easy. Assuming he wins Tuesday’s primary (which seems more than likely), he’ll face an inexperienced Democrat | Read More »

    Why I’m supporting Sandy Adams (R-Cand, FL-07 PRI)

    UPDATE: Sandy Adams’ campaign is getting moneybombed. Click to support her here. UPDATE: The moneybomb is over. In one day, the campaign raised over $29k. You can still support Sandy with the link at the bottom of this post. In 2010, Americans and specifically conservatives rejected the “old way” of crony politics. We sent 87 freshman congressmen to Washington and took over state houses, governorships | Read More »

    Keep Sandy Adams, dump John Mica

    Sandy Adams may have the most unlikely back-story for a conservative Republican Congresswoman ever. That is, if you believe the media bias about single moms and the “War on Women”, which Sandy Adams doesn’t. In fact, I’ve met more than one conservative activist, politician or regular American who grew up like Sandy Adams and became a leader in the conservative movement. Sandy joined the Air | Read More »

    I will not support this

    NOTE: Before I’d even finished writing this, Steve Foley (who nominally runs The Minority Report and who is running for Congress in California) edited the post. While I’m glad he dropped the particular language, I won’t congratulate him. The post is still vile, hateful garbage. I couldn’t reach him for comment. I haven’t posted at The Minority Report in a couple of years. It’s a | Read More »

    The Life of Maria in Barack Obama’s America

    In case you’ve missed it, the Obama Campaign has released the life of Julia.  “Julia” is a composite of women living in an America remolded in Barack Obama’s vision for the United States.  One wonders why the Obama Campaign would release a composite of a woman’s life just as Americans learned that the girlfriend detailed in his autobiography “Dreams of My Father” is a composite | Read More »

    Some intellectual honesty on voter ID laws

    We are not a democracy. I know that’s hard for most people to understand. I know we’ve been inculcated since the the Wilson Administration that we are a democracy. I know we were taught in American History class that World War I and World War II were about making the world “safe for democracy!” Well, those of us who were paying attention and not staring | Read More »

    Energy Honesty

    T. Boone Pickens claims that the Koch brothers are responsible for the lack of an energy policy in the United States. He says that because the Koch brothers are heavily invested in fertilizers and other chemicals, they are funding an effort to stop a cohesive energy policy. A policy he says would surely include a switch from petroleum to natural gas. Like his plan. Of | Read More »

    Fast Food Government

    I was speaking with a co-worker the other day as she explained her issues with her new mortgage lender. It seems that her previous lender sold her loan, and now it has taken several months and multiple phone calls to get her payment plan set back up the way she wanted it before. It occurred to me awhile later that her frustration explains an awful | Read More »

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