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    Rick Perry can’t be President, he might upset the fringe Left!

    Seems the Lamestream Media is scared stiff that Texas Governor Rick Perry may run for President. Jennifer Rubin (the “conservative” blogger at the Washington Post) initially writes a piece rightfully decrying the New York Times Op-Ed about Perry speaking at the Prayer Response Event last week, then had an unfortunate piece criticizing Perry for not being inclusive: In his comments at the event, Perry specifically | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts V

    My very first “Intemperate Thoughts” post came just after an Independence Day holiday, so it seems appropriate to have another during this holiday. For those unfamiliar, this is a list of random, often cynical and (hopefully) humorous thoughts that I’ve been collecting for the past few months.  They’re insensitive and meant to irk you.  And if you’re really offended by them, then I’m really, really | Read More »

    Bachmann more right than Stephanolpoulos

    I’m not a huge fan of Michele Bachmann. I don’t dislike her and if she’s the GOP candidate in 2012 I’ll support her, but she’s doesn’t excite me the way she excites much of the Tea Party constituency. That being said, I’m also not a fan of journalists misrepresenting history in a “Gotcha!” game with candidates. George Stephanopolous interviewed Congresswoman Bachmann after Politifact rated several | Read More »

    Don’t blame Obama, it was the ATMs!

    As any fan of Star Trek will tell you, we get the word “Sabotage” from the Dutch word for shoe, “Sabot”. In Star Trek VI, we are informed, technophobic workers threw their shoes into the gears of new machines due to their fear of losing their jobs to the new mechanical contraptions. It also seems the President shares the technophobic sentiments of those laborers of | Read More »

    Santana criticizes Georgia, Arizona immigration laws

    Carlos Santana was so moved by his “Beacon of Change” award that he took the opportunity to call the state in which he received it “racist” and “anti-American”. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Santana took his turn at the podium on the field in a pre-game ceremony before the Braves-Phillies game to criticize the immigration bill just signed into law by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Friday. | Read More »

    Tonight’s big GOP debate winner: Herman Cain

    I just spent 90 minutes watching the Republican primary debate.  Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul each answered about a dozen questions on topics ranging from the war in Afghanistan to Obamacare to the economy.  Tonight’s big winner? Herman Cain. The loser(s)? Gary Johnson and every candidate who didn’t attend.

    Donald Trump: GOP Impostor

    Even before the news that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was being released to the public, I wanted to write a piece on why Donald Trump’s potential candidacy for the GOP nomination was a joke at best and intentionally harmful to the conservative movement at worst. Now he’s claiming credit for Obama’s release of the birth certificate and says he’s “proud” and “honored”. Donald Trump, whose | Read More »

    Don’t blame speculators for Obama’s policy decisions

    President Obama recently stated he would be forming an inquiry into petroleum futures markets to ensure there has been no price fixing or gouging that might have harmed consumers. The President (and many on both the Right and Left) have made “Speculators” their on-again/off-again scapegoat for high fuel prices for at least the last decade. They posit that speculators have driven up the price of | Read More »

    The media’s war of words on Scott Walker

    How is the media reacting to the news in Wisconsin that the State’s Senate has voted to restrict some collective bargaining for government employee unions? In the manner you’d expect from a biased liberal media: Wisconsin senators strip workers of collective-bargaining rights – Detroit Free Press Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and His Allies Drop All Pretenses – US News & World Report Wisconsin governor’s policies | Read More »

    Lockheed union workers buck leadership, reject strike

    Union members at Lockheed’s Marietta, GA plant chose not to strike over a benefits dispute in the new contract offered by the company. The plan keeps the existing pension for Lockheed’s workers and puts new employees on a 401(k)-style plan. The last-minute inclusion of some cash benefits and a Blue Cross/Blue Sheild-style HMO, covered by the company at 85 percent, sealed the deal, according to | Read More »

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