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    Missouri eminent domain reform threatened by SoS Robin Carnahan

    It seems that statists will do anything–including repeating previous errors–to prevent protection of individual rights. Such is the case in Missouri, where Secretary of State Robin Carnahan recreated an issue that kept a ballot measure from reaching voters last election. After the Supreme Court’s historic Kelo decision, which held open the door for developers to use eminent domain to redevelop private property whether or not | Read More »

    North Korea as an example of Modern Liberalism

    In the past, the term “liberal” meant a person who believed in loose political control of social and economic matters. In the modern linquistics, where up has become down and tax increases are called tax cuts, “liberal” has become synonymous with abject political control over people’s daily lives. In fact, people who called themselves “liberals” in the 18th century would find themselves ideologically more attuned | Read More »

    North Korea threatens nuclear war. Again.

    North Korea has threatened a nuclear war if the United States and South Korea continue to cooperate on military exercises and coordinate diplomacy with Japan in seeking to disarm the regime. North Korea has made similar threats in the past and has yet to carry them out. In fact, the recent shelling of civilians and South Korean marines on a border island is one of | Read More »

    The Tax Trap

    I would like to claim credit for this idea, as I espoused it among friends long before I heard it on the radio.  In reality, before writing it I heard it on my daily ride home in the brief segment of the Sean Hannity Show that I listen to before getting annoyed with Sean it and changing to my music station.  I have expanded upon what the | Read More »

    At posts entombed

    Though they did not yet know they were at war, An armada crested upon their shore. Thousands of Sailors, Airmen and Marines In the sights of foes who were yet unseen. From the air and the sea the Rising Sun Let loose heady bombs and fired wrathful guns On the men who slept in their quiet peace Until the sirens’, their slumber released. On the | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts IV

    It has been a few months since my last catharsis of intemperate thoughts. It’s now time to release my latest list of politically-incorrect musings about life in these United States. Get ready, ’cause I’m coming out with barrels blazing! Intemperate Thoughts   The people of New York deserve Charlie Rangel. Despite the ethics cloud and numerous alternatives both liberal and conservative, they still voted for | Read More »

    An Open Letter: Gun control and the belligerent New York Times

    Dear New York Times Editors, After reading your editorial about the NRA’s push to overturn handgun age restrictions for citizens 18-20 years old, I can only surmize that no one in your editorial staff has ever read, nor would ever care to read, the Constitution of the United States.  Nowhere in that foundational document does it state that one’s rights activate on one’s 21st birthday.  | Read More »

    A battle, not the war

    As of now, we have won nothing.  The 2012 election was merely one battle in a war of ideologies, and those who call themselves our allies aren’t always fighting with us. Mitch McConnell and other Senate GOP leaders had to be bullied into embracing the “no earmarks” pledge, and others still don’t get it.  It’s not that earmarks represent a huge portion of Federal spending; | Read More »

    A Word of Thanks

    As you sit there, weak and weary Pondering your life (so dreary!), Remember you’re secure and safe And no matter how this life may chafe, Someone standing upon a hill, A tower or foxhole pays your bill. Our freedom comes at precious cost Of sweat and blood and lives we’ve lost. So as you read these token words Consider what your freedom girds: Life, liberty | Read More »

    Inflation, economic malaise the result of Fed “Stimulus”

    The Federal Reserve, along with the Obama Administration, are seemingly ecstatic with the idea of reintroducing us to the Carter Administration. Global stock markets surged and the U.S. dollar fell against major currencies following a Federal Reserve decision to pump $600 billion into circulation to push interest rates lower. It is a move intended to accelerate the U.S. economic recovery, and while investors appear to | Read More »