Retiring Episcopal Hierarch Calls For Communist Upheaval

    In reflection on her term as the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church posted at YouTube, Katharine Schori said that the reign of God would look like a society where there is justice in the sense that nobody lives in want and nobody has too much. Given that the apostate wing of Anglicanism isn’t exactly known for its apocalyptic millennialism or even a literalist interpretation | Read More »

    Republican Elites Demand Americans Embrace Servile Acquiescence

    The United States drifts further into decline. However, don’t expect establishmentarian Republicans to do anything about it. It seems the party’s foremost luminaries and rising stars are more concerned about maintaining the go along to get along mentality that has brought the nation to the precipice of collapse. This was evident in South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s response to the 2016 State of the Union | Read More »

    The Christian & The Socratic Quest For Truth

    Not well acquainted with the Western intellectual heritage, some Christians readily dismiss all philosophical endeavor because of the results arrived at by many ungodly thinkers seeking to elevate their own finite speculations above God’s revelation. However, it must be remembered that all truth is God’s truth. Made in the image of God, man can mirror to a small degree a portion of his Creator’s rationality | Read More »

    Astute Parents Alert To Jihadist Intrusion

    A Virginia school system shut down classes for a day over protests that erupted in response to a Geography assignment that would have required students to write in Arabic the fundamental Islamic statement of belief known as the shahada. If Jews or Muslims rebuffed an assignment to write John 3:16 or “Jesus Is Lord”, would the leftwing media formulate coverage of this story in such | Read More »

    Columnist Compares Candidate To The Son Of Perdition

    In a commentary transcript, columnist Cal Thomas compared the rise of Donald Trump with the rise of the Anti-Christ. The consideration of such is always good discernment on the part of an Evangelical public intellectual when a political figure begins to accumulate a devoted following. However, out of curiosity, did this commentator make an as bold a statement regarding President Obama? After all, there was | Read More »

    Why Study Philosophy?

    Because of its reputation as an esoteric field thanks to areas within the broader discipline concerned with matters barely connected with everyday life, many ask, “Why study philosophy?” when confronted with the subject. Related to this are concerns and reservations raised by many sincere Christians regarding this area of study because of luminaries such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx who used their formidable cognitive | Read More »

    Naive Religionists Eager To Find Shackles Under Their Nonsectarian Commemorative Photosynthesizing Lifeform

    The scene is a classic one in terms of cinema. Depicted is an army defending its position with muskets or rifles drawn as the adversary marches steadily closer. To maintain awareness of the situation, a commanding officer reminds those under his authority to remain steady and not to fire until explicitly ordered to do so. Inevitably with the tension so thick, a trigger will release | Read More »

    Let Hungerstrikers Starve

    Ecclesiastical rabblerouser Jim Wallis went on a fast in protest over cuts to social programs in the Congressional budget. Too bad he didn’t starve to death. That’s so harsh, leftists will snap. It must be pointed out that Wallis pulls these kinds of stunts on his own. No vile conservatives withheld or denied him access to food. Interestingly, in light of Wallis’ acceptance of abortion | Read More »

    Beatnik Merchants Feign Posture Of Despising Holiday Profits

    REI (think Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shop for beatnik hipsters but less fun) is foregoing Black Friday by closing its doors and even postponing digital orders that day altogether. The retailer is instead encouraging customers to enjoy the outdoors that day. As if there is nothing more enjoyable to do than freeze your backside off exposed to the elements in late November. There is a | Read More »

    Will Refugee Crisis Exacerbate Obama’s Messianic Psychosis?

    In remarks overseas, President Obama categorized opposition or even reluctance to admit swarms of Syrian refugees to the United States as offensive and needing to stop. And what if it doesn’t? The free speech of actual Americans is a higher constitutional priority than granting entrance to those who are not. The President added, “We are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack | Read More »