Dying for an Answer: An Attempted Theodicy to the Problem of Evil

    It is perhaps one of the greatest intellectual stumbling blocks in all of religious thought.  As much as any soul would like to avoid the topic all together, sooner or later each person will be forced to grapple with the seemingly incongruous realties resulting from the simultaneous existence of both a sovereign God and the prevalence of evil in the world.  To some, the disconcerting | Read More »

    IRS Conducts Inquisition Against Tea Party Activists

    At a press conference, President Obama remarked that the IRS harassing the Tea Party and Patriot movements to determine if these organizations were sufficiently non partisan is “contrary to our traditions”. The President’s assertion is, in fact, what’s to the contrary. These invasions of privacy could very well be the next link forged in the shackles of tyranny, but they may have more than likely | Read More »

    Lemonade Laws Leave Sour Taste

    For generations, lemonade stands taught numerous children a variety of fundamental realities regarding the nature of the world and life beyond the confines of their particular family units.  These undertakings still do. The thing of it is, though, these lessons have very little to do with how providing a desired product along with attentive costumer service if the way to advance economically.  Rather, an increasing | Read More »

    Reflections Regarding The 2013 State Of The Union Address

    In his state of the union, President Obama promised to reduce taxpayer subsidies to prescription drug companies. While doing so sounds like a free market proposal, what is to prevent such a move from causing drugs to skyrocket even higher? In regards to climate change, President Obama said, “We choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy…and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all | Read More »

    Illegal Pulls The Legs Of Gullible Multiculturalists As To Why He Wants To Remain In America

    Speaking in favor of immigration reform legislation, a medical student in the country illegally told WMAL that he hopes he will be granted amnesty so that he might be able to take board certification exams because he is eager to give back to the COMMUNITY. But is that his sole motivation or are other more personal financial interests at stake? After all, won’t his home | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #32

    In reference to Rand Paul’s filibuster regarding the propriety of drone attacks against U.S. citizens on American soil, John McCain’s primary concern was that this maneuver of political rhetoric might fire up impressionable libertarian college students. Shouldn’t Senator McCain rather impressionable young college libertarians get fired up instead of impressionable young occupy movement types? At least the libertarian youth are less likely to think being | Read More »

    Should Protestants Be Allowed To Have An Opinion Regarding The New Pope?

    It has been suggested that it is a tragedy for Evangelicals to pray and fast regarding the new pope as called for by Rick Warren. While it might not be an issue worthy of fasting over as it doesn’t look like most of the top contenders to the papal throne have themselves missed too many meals and won’t exactly be living in a state of | Read More »

    Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism

    In this era of hyperterrorism where every Tom, Dick, and Abdul with a grudge against society because of a rotten childhood blows up a bus or shoots up a post office, many are not too concerned about the activities of other outcasts striving to save the spotted owl or kangaroo rat with methods outside accepted political procedure since the most violent terrorists create the more | Read More »

    Despising The Old Rugged Cross

    In one classic science fiction plot, antagonists attempt to gain control of the future by attempting to alter the past. Though it might not be as exciting as a Dalorian speeding at 88 miles per hour, maniacal forces in our own reality are attempting to accomplish nearly the same thing by drastically reconceptualizing our understanding of history. Part of the way history is publicly remembered | Read More »

    Racemongers Rally To Gay Marriage’s Defense

    The Maryland referendum on gay marriage has been decided for now. However, the mindset and motivations leading up to such a decision are still in need of analysis and examination. A couple of observations relating to it can be made regarding a column by Elbridge James of Progressive Maryland published in the 10/27/11 Gazette newspapers of suburban Maryland. For starters, it is thoroughly established that | Read More »