Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

    For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year. It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and | Read More »

    Lessons In Apologetics #9: Theism

    The next worldview examined by Geisler in “Christian Apologetics” is Theism. Theism is the belief that a transcendent God created the universe as a reality distinct from Himself but which He actively sustains through both a system of natural law which He created and through divine intervention at the moments He deems such action appropriate for the accomplishment of His divine will. It is Geisler’s | Read More »

    Does The Vatican Realize It’s About To Step Into A Socialistic Hornet’s Nest?

    Speaking on a Vatican proposal to restructure world finance, a Cardinal declared, “We should not be afraid to propose ideas even if they might destabilize pre-existing balances of power that prevail over the weakest.” And does this include the position enjoyed by the Vatican as well? Or is this yet another example of the “don’t do as I do, do as I say” mentality that | Read More »

    Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

    On the 6/26/11 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace inquired if Representative Michelle Bachman was a flake. As justification for this line of interrogation, Wallace pointed out an instance where Bachman insinuated that certain members of Congress were anti-American. So apparently in the eyes of those considering Bachman a flake on the grounds it is now allegedly a sign of instability to expose | Read More »

    Shaking Assumptions Regarding Natural Disasters

    Though the event displays the wonder of God and His creation, no minister can hand down an edict one way or the other whether a particular earthquake other than the ones foretold in prophetic passages of Scripture such as the Book of Revelation was an act of retribution and judgment. Countless congregations no doubt heard from the hyperpious among their number how they were disappointed | Read More »

    Insinuations Candidate Slate Not Sufficiently Religious

    Those that express a Christian Reconstructionist or Dominionist perspective are in an uproar that it is imperative that Christians only vote for other Christians. Some holding to this perspective even contend that only confirmed Christians should be allowed to run for public office and if you vote for someone that isn’t, even if none are running, your soul could very well be in danger of | Read More »

    Lessons In Apologetics #8: Atheism

    If the Christian has no assurance that God will triumph from the way the world appears to be going, one would be better off hedging one’s bets by siding with the Devil or sitting the whole thing out all together. There are those that attempt to do just that. Atheism is the worldview that believes that God does not exist. Those embracing this perspective tend | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #22: Oslo Shooter, Tea Party Hobbits & Federal Pecker Patrol

    An associate watching a home repair show informed of an episode where an owner could not get the permit to remodel unless he promised not to remove poison ivy on the property since it is classified as a “non-invasive species”. If the Oslo tragedy will be invoked to justify how guns and those questioning immigration are a threat to social order, can’t it also be | Read More »

    Shining The Light On Laser Pointer Penalties

    The Federal Aviation Administration has announced plans to impose fines as high as $11,000 upon those caught shining laser pointers into airplane cockpits. Exposure to the beam emitted by such a device can result in temporary blindness, thus theoretically resulting in a major air catastrophe if a flight crew were unexpectedly incapacitated. In a sense, such a regulation is all good and called for. However, | Read More »

    Leftists Plot Materialistic Afterlife

    Futurist Ray Kurzweil, Former Vice President Al Gore, and Bill Maher are scheduled to take part in an all-star panel discussion titled “Transcendent Man” broadcast to select theaters across America. The forum will in part discuss the merging of man and machine for the purposes of indefinitely extending the human lifespan. No doubt listening to Al Gore drone on and on will definitely make it | Read More »