The Halperin Hullabaloo

    An MSNBC analyst called Obama a BLEEP. As spineless as the President is, one shouldn’t be so sure he should be categorized as anything so distinctively male. In the sex-dominated culture of the leftist media, wouldn’t calling Obama a BLEEP actually be the highest possible compliment? Calling Obama a male appendage is no worse than calling anyone else that. The President is owed no more | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #21: NYT Phrenologists, Mr. Turtle Shackled, & Rampaging Huffington

    A New York Times correspondent insists that Americans living in the middle of the country have sloping foreheads. Weren’t the Nazis also obsessed with equating cranial shape with intelligence? The Washington Post labeled Glenn Beck as a “creature” in regards to his pending rally in Israel. I thought bastions of tolerance such as the Post use to warm that such linguistic dehumanization was the first | Read More »

    Lessons In Apologetics #7: Panentheism

    The next worldview examined by Geisler in “Christian Apologetics” is Panentheism. Whereas Deism postulated a God detached from His creation for the sake of transcendence and Pantheism claims that God and the world are coterminous for the sake of immanence, Panentheism attempts to conceptualize a God that is distinct from yet part of the world. To the Panentheist, God is to the world what mind | Read More »

    Food Fascism Lays Groundwork For Additional Control

    Wonder what the food fascists advocating dietary asceticism scarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through an evangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping the loudest about your errant ways are usually the ones that could make a sailor blush before they came to religion. A Chicago school’s policy of controlling what students eat is an example of the threat posed to human liberty | Read More »

    What Does Christian Education Only Really Mean?

    When someone makes a statement like “The only education we should be interested in is Christian education”, it might earn brownie points with certain fanatics. However, it really needs to be clarified before the wider scope of the Church can endorse it. For example, does the person making the statement include the entire breadth of human knowledge derived from reflection upon the creation and applications | Read More »

    Certain Manners Reveal How Much Some Adults Despise Children

    Yahoo has promulgated a list of manners that it insists all children should know and abide by. Many of these such as saying “please” and “thank you” or sending a “thank you note” are important courtesies. Others are simply a reminder just how much certain adults despise children. Some of these serve no other purpose than to condition the individual into docility so as to | Read More »

    More Tweets Regarding The Demise Of Bin Ladin

    Kind of tells you what a person is made of if they hold a pity party in regards to how Bin Ladin was mistreated during his elimination. The person raising these concerns is the very same extreme Reconstructionist that any other time thinks Glenn Beck should be executed as a “false prophet” along with Sabbath violators. Borrowing from the advocates of infantacide, if you don’t | Read More »

    Does The DC Government Care If Terrorists Kill Christians?

    A story posted at Yahoo News detailed the steps taken in Washington, DC to prepare for a retaliatory attack on the part of Al Qaeda over the death of Osama Bin Ladin. Among the measures included increased police protection of synagogues and mosques. What about Christian churches? Aren’t these structures as worthy of protection? However, they were not mentioned in the article. If not, shouldn’t | Read More »

    Church Financially Rewards Unwed Motherhood

    Featured in a twitter post I stumbled across was a promotional by a church promising to give $100 to every single mother that shows up at the congregation for Mother’s Day. If a family lives as some of these fundamentalist churches demand, with dad working and mom at home, they are bringing in no more income than a household headed by a single mother In | Read More »

    Tweets Regarding Bin Ladin’s Demise

    Bin Ladin is supposedly dead. A million plus terrorists to go. The death of Bin Ladin ends the war on terrorism the same way the capture of Saddam ended war in Iraq. Now that Bin Ladin is supposedly dead, expect Qaddaffi to attempt to regain his crown as king of all terrorists. Bin Ladin’s compound is surrounded by 18 foot walls. Can’t help but admire | Read More »