Should Protestants Be Allowed To Have An Opinion Regarding The New Pope?

    It has been suggested that it is a tragedy for Evangelicals to pray and fast regarding the new pope as called for by Rick Warren. While it might not be an issue worthy of fasting over as it doesn’t look like most of the top contenders to the papal throne have themselves missed too many meals and won’t exactly be living in a state of | Read More »

    Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism

    In this era of hyperterrorism where every Tom, Dick, and Abdul with a grudge against society because of a rotten childhood blows up a bus or shoots up a post office, many are not too concerned about the activities of other outcasts striving to save the spotted owl or kangaroo rat with methods outside accepted political procedure since the most violent terrorists create the more | Read More »

    Despising The Old Rugged Cross

    In one classic science fiction plot, antagonists attempt to gain control of the future by attempting to alter the past. Though it might not be as exciting as a Dalorian speeding at 88 miles per hour, maniacal forces in our own reality are attempting to accomplish nearly the same thing by drastically reconceptualizing our understanding of history. Part of the way history is publicly remembered | Read More »

    Racemongers Rally To Gay Marriage’s Defense

    The Maryland referendum on gay marriage has been decided for now. However, the mindset and motivations leading up to such a decision are still in need of analysis and examination. A couple of observations relating to it can be made regarding a column by Elbridge James of Progressive Maryland published in the 10/27/11 Gazette newspapers of suburban Maryland. For starters, it is thoroughly established that | Read More »

    Anti-Nativity Scrooges Selective In What Gods They Toss Out Into The Cold

    For decades, Santa Monica churches erected nativity scenes on municipal park land there in celebration of the Christmas season. However, the onward march to abolish the assorted foundations upon which America was built continues unabated and is now even seeming to accelerate as evidenced by increasing numbers of the able bodied voting for demagogues promising bounty the recipients did not have to lift a finger | Read More »

    Newsweek Trashes Christ’s Name During Christmas Season

    The Dec. 17, 2012 issue of Newsweek Magazine published a cover story titled “Who Was Jesus.” Instead of providing a balanced perspective on this topic, editors instead allowed the topic to be addressed by Bart Ehrman. Bart Ehrman’s claim to fame is essentially undermining every tenet of orthodox Christianity by casting doubt on the sources that serve as the foundation of the faith in favor | Read More »

    Prison Fellowship Ministries Up To Old Direct Mail Antics

    One can tell the holidays that herald the conclusion of the year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are upon us. Most can tell this by the crispness in the air or from the days growing noticeably shorter. However, if your name and address has made it into the databases of Christian Evangelical direct marketing, you may also know Christmas time is coming because of an annual | Read More »

    What’s Denounced As Commercialism Not Necessarily All That Bad

    Shoppers whipped into a berserker frenzy kept in line by SWAT teams with police helicopters overhead while beating their fellow shoppers to death for prepaid cell phones is one thing and over the line. However, is what is denounced as “commercialism” all that bad of a thing? Should analysts probe deeper, the discerning might discover that what these critics actually oppose is not so much | Read More »

    Homeless Man Hassles Hackman

    Considerable consternation erupted online over actor Gene Hackman striking a homeless person. The headline initially informing of such was formulated without a modifier or a more colorful description such as “crazed deadbeat” or “lewd indigent” in order to make Hackman appear to be this vile individual that makes a habit of accosting the downtrodden or deriving some kind of buzz from doing so. Quite the | Read More »

    Headshrinkers Badmouth Pilgrims

    On the masthead page of the Nov. 2012 issue of Monitor On Psychology, there was a cartoon published. In this illustration, one Indian says to another, “That was nice, but I don’t want to make it in a regular thing.” Seated in the background are the Pilgrims. It is no doubt hoped readers will conclude this was a depiction of the first Thanksgiving Day feast | Read More »