Apostates Hijack The Messiah’s Arrival To Whitewash Criminal Mayhem

    The TransFORM network is a “progressive community formation network.” Right from the get go, anyone with a lick of sense can tell that his outfit isn’t playing with a full theological deck. Any doubting it only need to consider what the organization was proposing for the Christmas and Advent seasons. The email making the suggestion begins, “Advent is a time when sentimentality and spiritualization reigns. | Read More »

    A Review Of Exodus: Gods & Kings

    It wasn’t that “Exodus” God & Kings” was that bad of a movie. It is more that it could have been better. The narrative did succeed in creating dramatic interpersonal tension between Moses and Pharaoh by emphasizing the intertwined family relationships of the two characters. While the film strives to acknowledge in its own way the broad strokes of the Biblical saga, the producers could | Read More »

    Pastor Invokes Independence Day To Undermine Human Liberty

    An Independence Day sermon posted at is titled “We Have No Rights”. The pastor hypothesizes this is because Christ is our master. The presupposition is correct but the conclusion the pastor deduces from that principle is at best only partially correct if at all. It must be point out that, because Christ is our master, no man or government can ever be in the | Read More »

    Mourning Outburst Not Necessarily A Repudiation Of Faith

    In a sermon, a congregation was encouraged to have a faith fixed like the astronomical phenomena described in Matthew 2 commonly referred to as the Christmas star. As a counterexample, the illustration was provided of a pastor that, upon hearing of the unexpected tragic death of family members questioned, why and where was God. However, apart from an admonition not to let one’s faith waiver | Read More »

    Was It Sin Not To Know Jesus Was In The Nativity At That Time If Only A Few Were Told?

    In a sermon on the humility of the First Advent, a pastor observed that the only ones in the world that commemorated the birth of Christ other than His earthly parents were outcast shepherds and Persian Zoroastrian astrologers. However, should a sermon be formulated in such a way to rhetorically insinuate that everyone else had done something profoundly wrong if God concealed this event from | Read More »

    Do Jealous Theologians Bask In The Failure Of Christian Artists?

    On social media, Lutheran apologist Chris Rosebrough felt the need to point out that Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” is the worst rated movie in the history of Internet Movie Database. And what is the point? Is the truth of an artistic or didactic work to be determined by critics out to advance their own philosophical or religious agendas? Applying Rosebrough’s reasoning to other institutional venues, | Read More »

    Did The People Or Elites Decide In Favor Of Gay Marriage?

    In reference to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases regarding prohibitions against gay marriage in a number of states, the 10/6/2014 episode of Viewpoint with Chuck Crimier was titled “America Officially Embraces What God Hates”. But is that entirely accurate? For did not voters in these states initially enact prohibitions against this practice? Therefore, on what grounds is the average American responsible when leaders | Read More »

    Combative Ministries Dreaming Of A Disputatious Christmas

    An old adage warns that, the more you do for people, the more they you know what all over you. Actor turned evangelist Kirk Cameron may be becoming personally acquainted with that classic truism. Merging these divergent vocations, Cameron has produced a documentary examining the Christian origins or at least basis of Christmas. Surprisingly, some of the harshest criticisms are not coming from the militant | Read More »

    Should Churches Be Subsidized For Preaching Politically Correct Propaganda?

    In compliance with the state mandate to curb storm water run off, the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment is considering a proposal that would waive the unpopular impervious surface property tax assessment for their properties if churches agree to preach environmentally friendly sermons or engage in other forms of mental conditioning. What’s the big deal, some will ask. After all, does the Bible | Read More »

    Pastor Badgers Congregation To Boycott C.S. Lewis

    In a series of sermons against C.S. Lewis posted at, Pastor Jason Cooley creates the impression that it is wrong to read that particular author’s works because of areas in which the famed scholar’s theology was deficient by the standard of Biblical orthodoxy. So why is it not wrong for the pastor to have either read these works or to have familiarized himself with | Read More »