Columnist Compares Candidate To The Son Of Perdition

    In a commentary transcript, columnist Cal Thomas compared the rise of Donald Trump with the rise of the Anti-Christ. The consideration of such is always good discernment on the part of an Evangelical public intellectual when a political figure begins to accumulate a devoted following. However, out of curiosity, did this commentator make an as bold a statement regarding President Obama? After all, there was | Read More »

    Why Study Philosophy?

    Because of its reputation as an esoteric field thanks to areas within the broader discipline concerned with matters barely connected with everyday life, many ask, “Why study philosophy?” when confronted with the subject. Related to this are concerns and reservations raised by many sincere Christians regarding this area of study because of luminaries such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx who used their formidable cognitive | Read More »

    Naive Religionists Eager To Find Shackles Under Their Nonsectarian Commemorative Photosynthesizing Lifeform

    The scene is a classic one in terms of cinema. Depicted is an army defending its position with muskets or rifles drawn as the adversary marches steadily closer. To maintain awareness of the situation, a commanding officer reminds those under his authority to remain steady and not to fire until explicitly ordered to do so. Inevitably with the tension so thick, a trigger will release | Read More »

    Let Hungerstrikers Starve

    Ecclesiastical rabblerouser Jim Wallis went on a fast in protest over cuts to social programs in the Congressional budget. Too bad he didn’t starve to death. That’s so harsh, leftists will snap. It must be pointed out that Wallis pulls these kinds of stunts on his own. No vile conservatives withheld or denied him access to food. Interestingly, in light of Wallis’ acceptance of abortion | Read More »

    Beatnik Merchants Feign Posture Of Despising Holiday Profits

    REI (think Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shop for beatnik hipsters but less fun) is foregoing Black Friday by closing its doors and even postponing digital orders that day altogether. The retailer is instead encouraging customers to enjoy the outdoors that day. As if there is nothing more enjoyable to do than freeze your backside off exposed to the elements in late November. There is a | Read More »

    Will Refugee Crisis Exacerbate Obama’s Messianic Psychosis?

    In remarks overseas, President Obama categorized opposition or even reluctance to admit swarms of Syrian refugees to the United States as offensive and needing to stop. And what if it doesn’t? The free speech of actual Americans is a higher constitutional priority than granting entrance to those who are not. The President added, “We are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack | Read More »

    Theoanthrocide: The Death Of God & Man

    Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Without a doubt, the twentieth century ranks among the deadliest in all of human history and it seems the twenty-first will likely continue this appalling legacy. This era will also be remembered as a period of intense philosophical upheaval where the pillars of culture and belief were shaken and in many cases | Read More »

    Jihadist Sympathizers Oppose Commonsense Migration Policy

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims “Goes against everything we stand for.” Is it against everything that Americans that actually work for a living stand for or merely everything the prevailing globalists wanting to enslave humanity in a New World Order stand for? Of course Cheney is opposed to any curtailment of immigration. He needs access to a steady | Read More »

    The Purpose & Scope Of Apologetics

    Apologetics exists as a field of Christian study to aide the believer in understanding his beliefs, why critics refuse to ascent to these eternal truths, and how these beliefs apply to broader intellectual concerns. Upon hearing of these applications of the discipline, those unfamiliar with such studies might conclude the field to be a subject preoccupied with trivial, esoteric arguments divorced from more pressing issues | Read More »

    Tyrant Pastors Insist Congregations To Be Viewed Like Dimwitted Children

    In an examination of alleged rebellion in the church, Pastor Jason Cooley compared rebellion in the sacred assembly to rebellion within the context of the biological family. As an example, the pastor provided the illustration of a husband telling his wife to do one thing while the wife responds how she feels led by the Lord to go in another direction. But provided that either | Read More »