Gun PICTURES Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

    Facebook plans to enact a policy that will block minors from seeing posts for gun sales. If children are that young and impressionable to the point of being so easily traumatized, what are they doing on Facebook in the first place? In a USA Today article covering the announcement, the chairman of Mayors Against Illegal Guns said, “On the same site that people are sharing | Read More »

    Absentminded Professor Spreads Falsehoods Regarding Science & Religion

    Throughout much of the modern era, one of the main slugfests with the draw of a Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper cage match of the 1980′s has been the ongoing dispute between so-called science and religion Proponents of each side of the debate contend that their own viewpoint is the foundation upon which ultimate knowledge rests. The science side of the controversy contends that | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #50

    The opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics: literally Potemkin villages floating in the sky. Given that the Russians can’t even put in a toilet right, that little girl being hoisted on a rope above the stadium had to be in fear of her life. Bet whoever was responsible for the Olympic “O” that didn’t open on cue will end up dead in a dark | Read More »

    The Olympic Charter A Crock

    The Olympic charter says, “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play.” What a crock. Fine and dandy if this is the goal that the Olympics aspires to. But if this principle is | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #49

    Not exactly sure what to make of the advertisement for “Real Time with Bill Maher” on the back cover of the 1/27/2014 issue of National Review. On the one hand, it shows that conservatism is broadminded enough to accept the money of the ideology’s most vehement critics. And on the other hand, ought a publication that claims to stand for traditional values and morals to | Read More »

    Does Southern Baptist Functionary Limit Reasons Over Which One May Leave A Church?

    Southern Baptist Theologian Albert Mohler was asked if it was proper to leave a church that was advocating the Word of Faith movement. That is the idea, to phrase it bluntly, often referred to as “Name It, Claim It” where it is believed the Christian can through the power of God in general and the Holy Spirit in particular speak into existence physical health and | Read More »

    If There Is Nothing Wrong With Pot, Why Can’t It Be Consumed Openly?

    With the legalization of medicinal cannabis in the nation’s capital, the DC city council is now debating whether or not to legalize public consumption of this disputed substance. But if there is nothing inherently questionable about this pharmacological compound and its preferred form of combustible vaporized conveyance, why shouldn’t one be able to use it out in the open? Should a diabetic be fined if | Read More »

    Crossfire Targeted For Sparking Interest In Civic Affairs

    Since it was first broadcast, CNN’s Crossfire was the place to go for verbal pugilism in the days before the ascendancy of Fox News and the pervasiveness of talk radio. With its return to the airwaves after an absence of eight years, the program’s latest incarnation elicited visceral reactions before it was even broadcast. In the August 28, 2013 edition of USA Today, Rem Rieder | Read More »

    Protecting Clones

    Though it was not the only reason, the American Civil War was fought in part because a significant percentage of the population came to be seen as less than completely human. It is said if we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it and the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history. As such, | Read More »

    Using Abram & Hagar To Understand Reproductive Technology

    Scripture reminds us there is nothing new under the sun. And even though the way certain things are accomplished and the settings might change to some degree, most human dramas have not changed all that much since the earliest days of recorded history. One such desire that has been a constant throughout the passing millennia has been the longing to have children. Both classic literature | Read More »