Evolutionists More Insistent Than Ever About Being A Monkey’s Uncle

    One wrench that use to be tossed into Darwinism’s mechanistic view of the universe was the raising of the issue of what supposedly happened to all of those transitional forms. Even Darwin himself is alleged to have relented that his theory would ultimately be proven or discarded on the basis of such geological evidence. For well over a century now, those wanting to extol what | Read More »

    Fox News Pundits Deride Creationists As Unfit For Public Office

    Despite differing perches along the political spectrum, in separate segments on the 8/29/11 edition of The O’Reilly Factor, Juan Williams, Bernard Goldberg, and Kinky Friedman each made snide comments against candidates for the Presidency that did not embrace evolution as part of their respective individual worldviews. Each of these spokesmen for the secularist perspective (though Williams made a fuss over his Episcopalianism which has been | Read More »

    Malnourished Imaginations Fail To Comprehend The Significance Of “The Hunger Games”

    The Hunger Games ranks among one of the top grossing movies of the past several years. Obviously, something about the film has captured the imagination and interest of a wide range of people and viewpoints. This includes segments of the Evangelical Christian population as well. One might assume adherents of this particular belief system might be concerned about the violence and language that would seem | Read More »

    Legalists Rally Against The Speculative Fiction Menace

    Baptist Pastor James Cooley has posted a homily at condemning the use of the latest Superman film as an apologetic outreach. This pastor contends that the true Christian ought to avoid the film all togeher since the symbols and motifs utilized in the story could be coopted by the Son of Perdition to delude the unsuspecting into accepting the End Times ‘deceiver as the | Read More »

    Bioethics & Timeless Truths For Changing Times

    The rate of technological and cultural change is so fast and comprehensive in these days in which we live that futurist Alvin Toffler has likened the phenomena to waves sweeping over society and labeled the feeling of disoriented perplexity that settles over us in the wake as “Future Shock”. Many of these changes appear to be so profound that the pressure to abandon traditional values | Read More »

    Abolished Planetarium Placed Under The Microscope

    According to the 4/2/10 edition of the Washington Post, a number of school districts are on the verge of closing down their planetariums. Planetariums are structures where images of the stellar skies are recreated using assorted audio visual equipment. Educational administrators claim that, in this era of limited budgetary resources, it costs too much to make the technological enhancements necessary to ensure a similar wow | Read More »

    A Conservative Environmental Statement

    Over the course of the past several decades, an entire industry has arisen establishing an ideological and philosophical framework addressing the environmental issues facing modern society. Much of this thought stems from the worldview of contemporary liberalism, which often exhibits a mindset inimical to traditional religion and American socio-political culture and economics. The time has arisen for conservative thinkers to devise schools of thought incorporating | Read More »

    Dying for an Answer: An Attempted Theodicy to the Problem of Evil

    It is perhaps one of the greatest intellectual stumbling blocks in all of religious thought.  As much as any soul would like to avoid the topic all together, sooner or later each person will be forced to grapple with the seemingly incongruous realties resulting from the simultaneous existence of both a sovereign God and the prevalence of evil in the world.  To some, the disconcerting | Read More »

    IRS Conducts Inquisition Against Tea Party Activists

    At a press conference, President Obama remarked that the IRS harassing the Tea Party and Patriot movements to determine if these organizations were sufficiently non partisan is “contrary to our traditions”. The President’s assertion is, in fact, what’s to the contrary. These invasions of privacy could very well be the next link forged in the shackles of tyranny, but they may have more than likely | Read More »

    Lemonade Laws Leave Sour Taste

    For generations, lemonade stands taught numerous children a variety of fundamental realities regarding the nature of the world and life beyond the confines of their particular family units.  These undertakings still do. The thing of it is, though, these lessons have very little to do with how providing a desired product along with attentive costumer service if the way to advance economically.  Rather, an increasing | Read More »