Nothing Unpatriotic About Taking Advantage Of Tax Code Loopholes

    The cover story of the July 2014 issue of Fortune Magazine is titled “Positively Un-American: Bigtime Companies Moving Their Headquarters Overseas To Dodge Billions In Taxes”. Technically, if this is taking advantage of a loophole or provision of of the legal code, is it really un-American? To many of this perspective, the issue is not so much about exhibiting a love of country as it | Read More »

    Environmental Propagandists Full Of It Over Dog Poo Run Off

    Each year, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources publishes an educational brochure directed towards children titled “The Maryland Bay Game”. Often, the pamphlet contains interesting information regarding the state’s geography and natural resources. Some of the content, however, is outright environmental propaganda. For example, there is one activity consisting of a maze titled “Scoop The Poop”. The text admonishes that, by scooping the poop of | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #56

    The cover story of the May 2014 issue of the Atlantic Monthly is titled “Closing The Confidence Gap: Even successful women lack self-assurance at work. Men have too much.” No doubt the point of this article will be that, since a few are miserable, everyone should be miserable. So long as there is not an atmosphere of outright abuse or verbal belittlement going on, is | Read More »

    Cosmos Promotes Universal Deception

    The deputy editor of USA Today reflecting upon the update of the series Cosmos remarked, “Carl Sagan fought pseudoscience with a smile and wide-eyed wonder. One of the taglines from the series was ‘The Cosmos is all there was, is, or ever will be’.” That famous catchphrase is itself non-scientific at best and pseudoscientific at worst. Even if one grants that the universe is billions | Read More »

    Gun Ruling Undermines More Than Second Amendment

    In the case of Abramski vs. The United States, the Supreme Court ruled that federal law does not allow someone to purchase a gun on behalf of another party without declaring such an intention from the outset. As a police officer, Bruce Abramksi was allowed a discount on a firearm that his uncle is reported to have wanted. As upstanding citizens, Bruce and his uncle | Read More »

    Are Evangelicals Overreacting To Maleficent?

    Regarding the film Maleficent, a number of Christians have certainly overreacted to it. There indeed are movies and television programs that attempt to lure the viewer into embracing the occult. However, Maleficent did not really seem to be one of them. Rather, the magical and mythological elements served more as a backdrop against which to consider more mundane themes and human truths. Though certainly not | Read More »

    Global Elites Lament World Obesity Statistics

    The easily persuaded are in an uproar over a study concluding that there are more overweight people in the world today than the entire population of the world in 1935. While the U.S. still has the largest number of “obese” people, surprisingly an increasing number can be found in the Middle East and North Africa. So at least we shouldn’t any longer have to hear | Read More »

    Are Critics Of Intelligent Design As Intelligent As They Propagandize?

    A cartoon on the cover of the 11/2013 issue of the Reports For Science Education depicts a be-robed bearded figure holding a diagram labeled “flagellum”. The figure quips, “All right, it could be that stars, galaxies, living species, the eye, the immune system, and all sorts of complex things evolved on their own…but this, I made myself.” The caption beneath the illustration reads, “The Intelligent | Read More »

    Propagandists Attempt To Imbue Immigrants With Messianic Perfection

    A book published by Orbis Books is titled “Jesus Was An Immigrant”. What about it? A blurb for the book reads, “A Biblically grounded presentation of the value migrants, immigrants, and refugees bring to all of us.” Does the text also emphasize the Scripture that also urges rendering to Caesar what is Caesars and to obey those earthly laws that do not violate those of | Read More »

    Atheist Lobby Prefers Debauchery Among Athletes

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation is outraged that the coach of Clemson University’s football team is promoting an atmosphere on his team that is “too religious”. What college sports really needs instead are more sex and drug scandals. As evidence of its claim, the atheist front group is citing the inordinate number of players on the team attending VOLUNTARY Bible studies. Perhaps even worse, the | Read More »