Post Office Downplays Christmas In Favor Of Ethnosupremacist Celebrations

    On a United States Postal Service brochure reminding customers to purchase holiday postage stamps there is a Hanukkah stamp with a menorah, a Kwanzaa stamp with its assorted candles, and what passes as a Christmas stamp with a gingerbread house. An online photo of the advertisement was captioned that one of these things is not like the other. The unsuspecting might at first be puzzled. | Read More »

    Ivy League Word Games Undermine Human Dignity

    In Isaiah 5:20 it says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” At the time abortion was legalized, opponents of the procedure warned that, if this moral floodgate was opened, there would be no telling what might pour through that would further devalue human | Read More »

    Issue Of Personhood Foundational In Bioethical Debates

    In numerous bioethical debates approached from a secular perspective, many seemingly noble principles such as autonomy, individual choice, dignity, the common good, and the preservation of limited resources are invoked to justify various positions. However, when these complex issues are approached from a Judeo-Christian perspective, many times the implications and morality of these decisions are altered profoundly. Perhaps the most fundamental concern raised by a | Read More »

    Hillary Advocates Bull In A China Shop Police State While In Buffalo

    In a speech in Buffalo, New York, Hillary Clinton let slip a startling degree of insight into her political ideology and philosophy of government. Responding to a heckler carted off by security, the former Senator and Secretary of State admonished that citizenship does not involve yelling but rather coming together to sit down and talk about the kind of future that we want as a | Read More »

    Grammar Marms Ignorant Of The Looming Genetic Tyranny

    At Liberty University, Senator Rand Paul warned of the temptations and dangers inherent to genetic experimentation and manipulation. But instead of confronting one of the most profound issues that an advanced technological society will face in the years and decades ahead, smaller minds and those of limited imagination are focusing on whether or not the legislator’s remarks were rhetorically footnoted with all of the punctuation | Read More »

    TV Snake Handlers Selective About The Counsels Of God They Abide By

    On the National Geographic network reality series “Snake Salvation”, an ongoing storyline dealt with one of the pastor’s daughter whose unemployed husband left her. It is pointed out that, according to the belief’s of the sect, if the she remarries, she will go to Hell. However, that punishment is not necessarily connected with that particular sin if forgiveness is not asked for., especially on the | Read More »

    Must One Believe In Hell To Avoid Going There?

    A gaggle of social media theologians went at it on Facebook as to whether or not a minimalist sort of Christian could profess a belief in Jesus but deny the existence of Hell as a literal place of torment. Granted, such a doctrinal combination is a less than Biblically comprehensive and optimal one. Eternal damnation is one of the most attested to of topics throughout | Read More »

    Best To Avoid Syria Entanglement

    The gassing of Syrians by their fellow countrymen will rank among the great atrocities of the 21st century. However, beyond a stern verbal condemnation, is it all that wise for the United States to get involved at this point? Do we really know for certain who is the responsible party? This conflict is not Star Wars or Lord of The Rings with clearly discernible protagonists | Read More »

    Evolutionists More Insistent Than Ever About Being A Monkey’s Uncle

    One wrench that use to be tossed into Darwinism’s mechanistic view of the universe was the raising of the issue of what supposedly happened to all of those transitional forms. Even Darwin himself is alleged to have relented that his theory would ultimately be proven or discarded on the basis of such geological evidence. For well over a century now, those wanting to extol what | Read More »

    Fox News Pundits Deride Creationists As Unfit For Public Office

    Despite differing perches along the political spectrum, in separate segments on the 8/29/11 edition of The O’Reilly Factor, Juan Williams, Bernard Goldberg, and Kinky Friedman each made snide comments against candidates for the Presidency that did not embrace evolution as part of their respective individual worldviews. Each of these spokesmen for the secularist perspective (though Williams made a fuss over his Episcopalianism which has been | Read More »