2 issues to win back voters

    Robert Samuelson of Newsweek is out with another good column today on oil and gas. He takes Obama to task for not using new energy devlopment to provide jobs. Why has no Republican leader since Sarah Palin jumped all over this? Polling was strong on this in our favor during the election. Even McCain was talking well on this issue but the financial crisis took | Read More »


    What Would Democrats Do if roles were reversed in scandalpalozza? They would start holding hearings now and space them out so they lasted until 2014 elections. They would argue, no they would demand special prosecutors for Benghazi and IRS scandals. They would call EVERY Tea Party group that was audited by IRS and let America hear their stories with special emphasis on Women. They would | Read More »

    Why We Are Losing Budget Debate

    I have yet to hear any GOP memeber of Congress or conservative commentator make the following argument for Paul Ryan’s budget, which for arguments sake I think spends too much money. We are currently spending $3.7 trillion per year, Ryan’s budget averages out to $4.1 trillion per year over 10 years and Obama’s/Dems budget comes out to $4.6 trillion per year for 10 years. Why | Read More »

    Bill Maher

    Newsbusters has story with the radical liberal1%er telling his HBO audience he may flee California due to high taxes. So he does not want to pay his fair share. Paging Elizabeth Warren.

    Memo to Karl Rove

    If you want to prove you belong, start running spots aginst Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley for his comments over weekend blaming fact the Senate ha snot passed on budget in 4 years on filibuster. Congressman King is a true conservative who beat the former Governor and current cabinet member handily in November. Show your support for the cause and start pushing Brayley’s numbers down NOW.

    Lie of Year Lock On March 1

    Obama once again said today he has shaved $2.5 trillion off deficit. When are the moron Republicans going to call him on his BS? Do they get any training on PR?We know the media will not.


    A very simple suggestion to Speaker Boehner

    Tell Harry Reid and the President no piece of legislation will be brought to House floor until Senate passes a budget. Then just sit back and watch liberal heads explode.

    GOP looking to control primaries

    I read with great amusement on front page of NY Times Sunday how GOP establishment and their super pac Crossroads want to control Senate primaries in particular to avoid ultra conservatives and tea party candidates,their phrasing not mine. Let’s review GOP establishment candidates for Senate in 2012..Tommy Thompson, Connie Mack, George Allen, Pete Hoekstra, to name a few of the losers they have picked, throw | Read More »

    Colin Powel on MTP

    Where is GOP response to him calling party a bunch of racists. Where is Tim Scott reminding voters that the GOP ended Slavery and reminding said voters the Dems are party of KKK?Where is Susan Martinez asking about lack of Democratic Hispanic Governors. I just had good friend who is Republican, but low information voter Rush keeps mentioning tell me he saw Lincoln and did | Read More »

    Dear Mr. Speaker

    Since it is obvious from the recent “fiscal cliff”negotiation you have never played poker and have no idea how to negotiate to win, let me offer you some free advice on winning the debt ceiling debate. President Obama won because he was willing to go over fiscal cliff and he knew you would not. Now here is my negotiation points to President Obama. Dear President | Read More »

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