Obama-The First 100 Days

Barack Obama was elected by a weird constituency. Catholics voted for him despite his anti life stance. Upscale voters gave him the nod despite his saying on campaign trail he was going to raise taxes to be “fairer”. He was elected despite never having worked at a real job in his life, having never run a  business, balanced a budget, or hired a staff(he still has not done that)


 Here is look at his first 100 days of Obama. To those moderates/independents who  voted for Obama thinking he would govern from middle,  does $11 trillion in new debt in 100 days sound moderate?


Is going around world apologizing for the US make you proud?


 Conservatives have an opportunity to re group to our fiscal conservative roots and give the American people a choice in 2010. I would run on energy reform, utilizing our resources here to eliminate our deficit, building more nuclear plants, making liberals run against environmental groups.


We must also get tax cuts back in the lexicon. Most Republicans seem afraid to talk about tax cuts when asked by MSM. Tax cuts worked for JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Bush 43.


  • Jan 21-Signs executive order closing Gitmo in 1 year, this makes America safer? At press conference, he has no idea what they are doing with prisoners there, has to ask aid for answer.
  • Jan 22-Says he will sign executive order increasing federal funding allowing Embryos to be used for stem cell.
  • Jan 23-Clinton is Sec. of State, husband has received millions of $ from undisclosed foreign countries/donors that presents conflicts of interest.  
  • Jan 24-Geintner is sec. of treasure despite not paying taxes for 4 years and heading NY fed while banking sector crashed.
  • Jan 25-Holder is Attorney General despite pardoning terrorists during Clinton administration. Bill Richardson forced to withdraw due to pending investigation of payola in New Mexico. Ironically, the federal prosecutor working on case is one who replaced Iglesias who was fired for not performing his duty by Bush in 2006.
  • Jan 26-Ice storm hits Midwest, millions without power for days. Media says nothing. As of Feb. 3, Obama still has not gone to Kentucky. 54 people have died before Obama declares a federal disaster. “Great job Brownie”
  • Jan 27-Jon Kyl tells Obama rebates to people who do not pay taxes are not tax cuts, Obama’s response? I won, this is bi-partisanship?
  • Jan 28-Obama ends “war on terror”
  • Jan 29-Signs SCHIP that allow people making $88,000 to get gov’t healthcare.
  • Jan 30-Signed executive order over turning “global Gag order” allowing foreign countries to use US aid for abortions.
  • Jan 31-Tom Daschle does not pay $140,000 in taxes. He withdraws nomination. He makes $5 million lobbying Congressmen and no one says a word.
  • Feb 1-Signed executive order allowing each state to set mileage standards for auto, this will stimulate auto sales?
  • Feb 2-Antagonize allies with “buy American”. When EU complains, he capitulates, showing weakness.
  • Feb 3-Obama pledges no lobbyists’ in his administration; so far he has made 17 exceptions.
  • Feb 4-Obama has been negotiating with al queda secretly to withdraw from Afghanistan. Maureen Dowd calls him arrogant and elitist.
  • Feb 5-Obama says Wall street CEO pay is capped at $500,000. Trial lawyers and movie stars can make anything they want though. Beginning of Socialism in USA.
  • Feb  6-Obama halts trial of terrorist at Gitmo that blew up USS Cole, now he is being held with no charges, same as W. Leon Panetta tells Congress he wants to prosecute people who interrogated above terrorist. Leon Panetta received $700,000 in speaking fees from banks. His nominee for solicitor general has never argued case in front of appeals court, let alone Supreme Court.
  • Feb 7-Senate passes $1 trillion spending stimulus with pork and earmarks. W’s $35 billion in tax cuts are rounding errors. Barney Frank says gov’t should control all salaries.
  • Feb 8-Frank Rich drops safe on Obama and Daschle in weekly column.
  • Feb 9-Obama tells town hall meeting in Indiana there are no earmarks in stimulus. He holds news conference and not one reporter asks him about pork/earmarks. Says every economist is for the bill. Cato institute runs full page add in NYT with 250 economists who say do not do it. He also promised capital gains tax cuts for small business, not in bill. He also uses teleprompter for news conference which has rarely been done in past. Bill has National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, meaning gov’t can ration healthcare for elderly. Means tested health care.
  • Feb 10- Tax cheat Geintner speaks to Congress on bank crisis and market fall 400 points. Obama speaks at town hall meeting in Ft.Myers and people get up and ask him for house, new job, return of welfare nation. Biden attributed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s changed attitude to “all of a sudden, oil is no longer $190 a barrel,” cutting deeply into Russia’s foreign earnings. It topped out at $147.
  • Feb 11-Biden also said if we get everything right in stimulus, there is 30% chance of failure. No republicans were involved in conference of senate and house to re-write stimulus bill despite Obama pledge for bi-partisianship.
  • Feb 12-Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan, Nominee for solicitor general says detainees can be held without charges, same as W. In blatant power grab, Obama announces 2010 census will be run by Rahm Emanuel out of White House instead of Commerce Dept, with assist from ACORN, nothing from media. Imagine if Bush announced Karl Rove was handling census? Assigns CEO of Caterpillar to his Economic Recovery Board, the same company Sen. Levin said was evil for keeping tax shelters off shore. At Caterpillar, Obama claims stimulus will allow company to hire more people. CEO then holds press conference saying he will have to lay off people before he hires them. Rasmussen has Congress approval rating at 12%.
  • Feb. 13-Obama people say they do not believe NIE released in 2008 saying Iran had halted building of nuclear bomb, which mans this was done to embarrass Bush.
  • Feb 14-Congress passes $1.1 trillion stimulus after interest without one member reading the 1,000 page document. Simultaneously breaking campaign pledges for more transparency in gov’t and allowing 5 days for public to read new bills.
  • Feb 15-Senator Feinstein mistakenly outs secret predator drone program in Pakistan
  • Feb 16-Obama takes vacation to Chicago after 3 weeks on job. Sen. Burris apparently perjured himself when testifying in front of Illinois Legislature when he said he had no contact with Blago’s staff before being appointed, he apparently donated $10,000. 4th member of MSM joins administration staff as Jill Zuckerman of Chicago Tribune joins Sec. of Transportation.
  • Feb. 17 Obama sends statue of Churchill given to US after 9-11 back to England, angering a key ally. Stock market down 2,000 points since Obama elected. Obama signs stimulus, stock market falls another 160 points. It restores welfare payments to states that Clinton eliminated, it forces states to take dollars, which is in violation of Constitution.

·        Feb. 18 Contrary to his transparency pledge, Obama secretly signs executive orders. One order Obama signed Feb. 5 expanded the National Economic Council to 25 people by adding the Secretary of Health and Human Services; Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; senior adviser Valerie Jarrett; “climate czar” Carol Browner and two other officials. Another order the president signed the same day added two slots to the Domestic Policy Council, bringing it to a total of 26 people. Some slots were reassigned. The chief technology officer was among those added to the panel, while “AIDS Policy Coordinator” was removed. It was unclear if that was a substantive change, simply reflected plans to keep the AIDS czar post at the State Department, or perhaps both. Another Obama executive order, signed January 30, canceled two Bush-era executive orders relating to regulatory review. The White House did release chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s memo halting regulations in the works at federal agencies, but didn’t release another Obama memo setting a 100-day deadline for agency heads to recommend a new regulatory review process. The memo indicates that Obama may want to do some things differently on the regulatory front than the last Democrat in the White House, Bill Clinton.

  • Feb 19-Obama announces another $275 billion to help homeowners who knew they could not afford homes, doing nothing for the 95% of homeowners who make payments on time. Attorney general Holder calls America a “nation of cowards” regarding race relations. Congress tries to sneak another $500 billion appropriations bill by the public. High school students in Mesa AZ question whether Obama’s plan will work. Will plan work? Oh Oh!!!Rick Santelli goes crazy on Obama’s economics policy on CNBC squawk box, reporter also ?’s said policies regarding his plan for mortgages. Calls for Tea Parties to protest. Honeymoon officially over.
  • Feb 20-Pakistan caves to Taliban, allows Sharia law, Obama silent.
  • Feb 21-Hillary in China, does not press on human rights or Tibet, says commerce is more important
  • Feb 22-Obama pledges to half deficit in 4 years by raising taxes on rich.WSJ does math that shows if they took all money from top 1% they could not cut deficit. UN says Iran has enough material for nuclear bomb, Obama silent .US intelligence say same thing after saying in 2007, Iran had abandoned nuclear program. Obama transportation secretary says he wants to tax people by miles driven, which means big brother puts devices on cars to track you. Media silent. Energy sec does not know oil policy comes under his domain. Obama has added over $1 trillion to deficit in first month in office, more than bush deficits last 4 years combined. Obama justice dept says detainees in Afghanistan have no rights to US courts, same policy as Bush.
  • Feb 23-Obama holds fiscal responsibility summit after spending $1.4 trillion in 1 month.
  • Feb 24-Obama tells nation he will cure cancer, give national health care, fix environment and balance budget. Says nation that invented auto must stand by industry. Too bad Germany invented auto. Biden asks reporter number of website for Recovery.gov.
  • Feb 25-Pentagon says conditions at Gitmo are fine, same as Bush Pentagon
  • Feb 26-Obama submits biggest budget and deficit in history, media yawns after criticizing Bush deficits.
  • Feb 27-Obama says we will stay in Iraq for 19 months, then keep 50,000 troops after that, the left fumes.
  • Feb 28-US gives more $ to AIG despite Obama saying he will not bail out Wall street
  • March 1-New budget has 8000 earmarks after Obama promised in campaign to get rid of them. All Obama statements come with an expiration date.
  • March 2-Stock market down 300 points.
  • March 3-US trade rep Kirk has tax problem, 5th cabinet member to have tax issues
  • March 4-Obama says we must stop wasteful spending, prepared to sign spending bill with 8,000 earmarks.
  • March 5-White Hose heading campaign against Rush Limbaugh, while economy tanks
  • March 6-Geitner lectures Group how IRS will go after tax cheats. Obama unveils health plan with small fib,” health care costs force a bankruptcy every 30 seconds”  Surgeon general nominee withdraws, so much for “Team Of Rivals” cabinet. Flies to Cleveland to say stimulus saved 25 police jobs on day it was announced 651,000 Americans lost jobs last month.
  • March 7-white house admits reason PM Brown’s visit went bad was Obama is “overwhelmed “with job.
  • March 8-HRC tells Europe America invented democracy..oops!!!!
  • March 9-Warren Buffet slams Obama on economy. Obama tells NYT he is not a socialist but W is. 50 days in office, has spent $5  trillion. “Heck of a job Brownie.” Stock market down to 6500.
  • March 10-Another nominee bites the dust, Charles Freeman. Obama wants to meet with  moderate Taliban leaders + Iran and Syria. Ask Neville Chamberlain how appeasement worked out for him. Andy Grove and Jack Welch throw Obamanomics under bus.
  • March 11-A day after saying he will not sign signing statements on legislation, Obama does signing statement on omnibus spending bill. All Obama statements come with expiration date.
  • March 12-Obama states economy may not be as bad as we thought. 18th cabinet appointee is out.
  • March 13-Obama admin. Says gitmo prisoners have no rights, same as Bush
  • March 14-Obama says fundamentals of economy are strong, repeated by his staff. Same as McCain said in October when economy was better.
  • March 15-Obama spokesperson says they are considering taxing health benefits for first time. Again, M
  • March 16-Obama mad at AIG for paying bonuses with gov’t $, but when he voted for bill as Senator, no one put any restrictions on $. AIG also paid over $100 billion to foreign banks which was not purpose. Head of VA said Obama said vets may have to pay for own health care with private insurance, breaking another campaign pledge.
  • March 17-It comes out that Congress knew of retention bonuses a year ago and now feigns anger.
  • March 18-AG Holder says some gitmo prisoners could be released in USA US Treasury spends another $1 trillion on bonds. Obama says wounded veterans should pay for their combat injuries with their own insurance to help gov’t save money.
  • March 19-Obama  Compares AIG to suicide bombers. Goes on Leno and says his bowling is like “special Olympics” says geintner is doing fine job.
  • March 20-Breaks NAFTA treaty on trucking with Mexico, they retaliate with high tariffs.
  • March 21-Obama send personal video message to Iran under his new diplomatic effort campaign. Iran’s response; ”Death to America”
  • March 22-Obama goes on 60 minutes and laughs about economic crisis causing Steve Kroft to ask if he is punch drunk. Fran Rick jumps off Obama bandwagon calling his handling of economic crisis his “Katrina moment”.
  • March 23-Geintner announces bail out plan, Krugman et al pan it, market goes up 500 points.
  • March 24-The smartest President ever has another press conference. When asked why it took him so long to get angry at AIG bonuses(which was in his stimulus package that no one read) he responded” I needed to educate my self on the situation”
  • March 25-Geintner says he is open to China’s proposal on new world currency, dollar plunges.
  • March 26-Obama sends 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, the left whines.
  • March 27- Scott Polakoff, the top bank regulator for the Treasury, has taken a leave of absence after internal audits uncovered his allowance of backdated capital infusions, which could amount to cooking the books for IndyMac and other institutions
  • March 28-Biden thanks Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero for all the help he gave us in Iraq, unfortunately, Spain gave us none.
  • March 29-N.Korea set to launch missile that can reach US, US silent. Obama ends using the phrase “terrorism” it is now known as man-made disasters.
  • March 30-Obama fired Rick Wagoner, CEO of GM, last I looked, and the Constitution did not give him these powers in Article II.
  • March 31-2 year anniversary of Obama calling for(surrender)  all troops out of Iraq in 1 year. Obama releases another Bin Laden associate from Gitmo.
  • April 1-Another HHS nominee Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has had to pay back taxes, libs raise taxes because they do not pay them. Obama gives Queen of England an IPOD with his speeches on it, how do you spell narcissist.
  • April 2-  Washington Post reported yesterday as blatant a case of political interference as one can imagine involving Attorney General “Alberto”  Holder and Democratic legislation to give the District of Columbia a vote in Congress. Career attorneys at the Office of Legal Counsel wrote a memo earlier this year arguing that the proposed law is unconstitutional on grounds that only states can be represented in Congress.
  • April 3- A federal judge ruled on Thursday that prisoners in the war on terror can use U.S. civilian courts to challenge their detention at a military air base in Afghanistan. Iowa activist Supreme Court rules state same sex marriage ban unconstitutional.
  • April 4-Joe Biden denounces the murder’s in Binghamton NY at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network whose slogan is “no justice no peace”
  • April 5-Obama gives speech in austria and asks “what is Austrian phrase for wheeling and dealing”The smartest president ever does not know Austrian speak German. He proceeeds to apologize for America all through Europe.
  • April 6-Obama/Gates announce massive cuts in defense, repeating mistakes of Clinton. Add 17,000 troops to Afghanistan, where is Cindy Sheehan?
  • April 7- Terrorists/pirates take american hostage off Somalia, Obama beats Carters record for having american taken hostage fastest.
  • April 8-Iran announces they have 7,000 centrifuges to make nuclear bomb.
  • April 9-N.korea launched ballistic missle, Obama responds by offering to destroy all nukes.
  • April 10- China vetoes UN sanctions of N.Korea, so much for world unity.
  • April 11-Congressional Dems and Obama kill DC school vouchers, so much for helping minorities
  • April 12-After 5 days, Navy seals kill terrorists, and rescue American hostage. Will Obama apologize to pirate’s families? The Girl Scout’s could have taken these guys out.
  • April 13-Vatican denies Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Vatican. What part about pro-abortion and Vatican didn’t Obama get.
  • April 14-DHS publishes report attacking conservatives as potential terrororists as well as former military personnel. Imagine the uproar is a republican Pres. Released report on left wing gorups like Move-on.org?
  • April 15-Tea parties go on in 700 cities protesting big government spending.
  • April 16-NY Times reports NSA has been illegally wiretapping American Citizens since Obama took office. Hope & Change baby.
  • April 17-Obama releases interrogation techniques used by CIA, now terrorists know what to expect. Pelosi knew of these in 2002 and never objected.
  • April 18- Obama shakes hands with Chavez and accepts book from him The Open Veins of Latin America; the subtitle is Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent from a leftist blaming America for Latin America’s problems, Obama does not challenge him or support America
  • April 19-Obama meets with Daniel Ortega another leftist who killed thousands. He criticizes America and Obama says nothing
  • April 20- Obama says he wants to convert stock in banks to ownership stake for gov’t, stock market drops 300 points. Pentagon name’s leftist Rosa Brooks, former employee of George Soros and LA Times columnist to adviser to Pentagon’s No. 3 official and top policymaker, Undersecretary of Defense Michele Flournoy as a “principal adviser.” 
  • April 21- Obama leaves door open for US to charge Bush administration officials on interrogation techniques  after his top Intelligence man Dennis Blair says they saved lives. Obama reverses himself again and says he wants trade deal with Columbia, Bush’s position for last 2 years.
  • April 22-GAO says Obama Gov’t has not accounted for porkulus spending to date despite saying agencies will be held accountable,every Obama statement comes with expiration date.
  • April 23-NY times CEO Janet Robinson is rewarded with 35% increase in compensation to $5.5 million as she runs company towards bankruptcy. No outrage from op-ed columnists who wailed against Wall Street compensation. Obama’s campaign promise to re-negotiate NAFTA reached expiration date as he backs off on trade war. CEO Ken Lewis of Bank of America testifies before Congress that Paulson and Bernanke ordered him not to discuss deep losses Bank was incurring as they were purchasing Merrill Lynch.
  • April 24-Obama announces they will release 7 Chinese Muslims captured in Afghanistan in 2002, currently at Gitmo into the US.
  • April 25-Former CIA director Goss says Pelosis was briefed on interrogation techniques and did not object, says release of techniques makes America more at risk of terrorist attack.
  • April 26-New poll from rasmussen says  71% of Americans believe tortured should be used in some instances.More good news from Obama economic expert   Larry Summers I expect the economy will continue to decline,” with”sharp declines in employment for quite some time this year,” Summers said today on “Fox     News Sunday.” Dems say they will ram nationalized health care through Congress by “Reconciliation Process” bypassing normal procedures and avoiding a filibuster.
  • April 27- Obama promised 5 day waiting period before signing bills into law. As of today, He is 1 for 11 on this promise. Swine flu breaks out in USA, Obama goes golfing.
  • April 28- Air Force 2 flies in NYC airspace being trailed by 2 fighter jets, people on Wall Street thought it was another attack, White House was doing photo op. Great idea.
  • April 29-Marks 100 days, approval rating according to Gallup is 56%. Only Clinton was lower in last 40 years after 100 days. Find that story line in MSM. Arlen Specter makes it official, becomes a Democrat. First US death due to swine flu, Obama says he is monitoring the situation.



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