Fred Hoot is a well known Conservative Christian that holds tight to his beliefs. As a member of a select Tiger Team, he helped make Governor George W. Bush


    Apology For Just Calling Obama A Marxist

    I have a gnawing need to apologize.  If you know me, I have been exposing Communism and Marxism ideology within our government for years.  I have called the Clintons (both Hill and Bill) communists.  I will not apologize for that since their actions and policies are right from the textbook of communist party practices. However, I do need to apologize for just calling President Obama | Read More »

    AIG’s Problems Started With Liberal Regulation

    This morning President Obama had a photo and Q&A session right before he left the Whitehouse for a flight out to the Left Coast to appear on Jay Leno’s show.  He said something about AIG that was just plain-outright wrong! He said the reason for American International Group Inc.’s failure was the lack of government regulation.  The regulators should have been able to prevent AIG | Read More »

    Wounded War Heroes Deserve Better

    Here is a letter I just wrote to President Obama: Dear President Obama, I thought that once you became Commander in Chief of our troops, you would mellow and shed some of the far-left anti-military pre-election rhetoric.  It saddens me to learn that you have not changed since being handed the reins of our world-elite soldiers. Our troops were sent into battle by the President | Read More »


    Two Obama Mistakes

    Barack Obama said “Let’s not play games. What I was suggesting – you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you’re absolutely right that that has not come.”This was the slip of the tongue that has caused uproar in the press – not about Obama being a Muslim, but about the non-Obamainians focusing on it.This is just one of | Read More »