Memo to NBC ‘News': Take Your Lying Propaganda Elsewhere!

    The Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell has rightly denounced NBC’s phony apology for doctoring the Zimmerman 911 tape in the Trayvon Martin case, but he does not go far enough. NBC’s so-called “apology” for an “error in the production process” is beyond insulting. Bozell calls on NBC Universal’s new owner, Comcast, to conduct its own investigation and states: “With this farce of an ‘apology’ NBC | Read More »

    Our “Fearmongerer-in-Chief”

    President Obama’s digusting response to CBS anchor Scott Pelley – when asked whether he could “guarantee” that seniors and veterans and others who rely on government checks would get them on August 3rd if the debt crisis is not “resolved” by then – surely earns him the title of “Fearmongerer-in-Chief.”  Sowing panic and fear among those who are most needy and dependent is the very | Read More »

    Obamacare and Library Cards

    My wife and I recently took a Virginia-based group of home-schooled kids to the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world and, arguably, one of the greatest repositories of human knowledge and history in the world. After seeing the main ‘sights’ at the library, we took the group to the Madison building to show them how they would apply for a library card | Read More »

    NPR, Nina Totenberg, and ‘Ideological Lynchings’

    Like Justice Clarence Thomas many years before him, Juan Williams has been the victim of a twenty-first century ”high-tech lynching’, and NPR is right in the middle of it. The leadership of what should be rightly called ‘National Propaganda Radio’ clearly fired Juan not because of an alleged violation of “news ethics” but to satisfy its left-wing base that hates Fox News. It’s also ironic | Read More »

    Those Sly Devils at NPR

    Regarding NPR’s disgraceful and viciously anti-American firing of Juan Williams for merely expressing his opinion, I join people like Newt and Huckabee and probably millions of conservatives across America in desiring that we *consider* defunding all tax dollars from this national liberal propaganda mill….Ah, but wait a moment… Just as Joy and Whoopi couldn’t wait to storm off The View in response to Bill O’Reilly | Read More »

    Taking on Our Socialist Foes: A Blueprint for Action

    Regarding our attempts to stop Obamacare, we all applaud the efforts of Senator DeMint and a few others behind the scenes in Congress, the lawsuits on Constitutional grounds proposed by the 13 Republican Attorneys General, and the latest challenge in Virginia – the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act proposed by Bob Marshall (whom I and many others strongly supported for U.S. Senate in his bid for | Read More »

    The Real Obama Nightmare out of the Virginia Election

    The McDonnell election was an excellent win for Republicans and conservatives.  Bob McDonnell ran a brilliant, positive campaign that appealed to independents and many Democrats – one that will probably be studied for some time to come – in contrast to the tired old politics-of-destruction, no-new-ideas approach that the Deeds campaign took, which most voters are so weary of after less than a year of | Read More »