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    Insert Witty “War on Women” Paycheck Fairness Reference Here

    President Obama’s latest pen and phone exercise is aimed at satisfying the Democrats demands for a “Paycheck Fairness Act.” Adept at playing politics for election year gains, the left is again touting the false premise[1] that women only make $ 0.77 for every $1.00 a man does, creating an artificial divide where a government “fix” provides more problems rather than free-market solutions that actually work. | Read More »

    Obama’s Artificial Wages Will Destroy Jobs

    Raising the minimum wage has been on Democrats’ wish list for a long time now. It’s a puzzling issue to press, given that the president has insisted job creation is a priority for his administration. There is a universal consensus by economists that minimum wages result in fewer jobs, not more. Still, the calls from legislators for higher wages have been relentless, and it looks | Read More »

    Democrats Take the “Progress” Out of Progressivism

    When the Congressional Budget Office released its report on the long-term impact of the Affordable Care Act, it was expected that the Obama administration would push back hard. The revelation that the law could cost as many as 2.3 million American jobs over the next ten years was the last thing an already embattled White House was hoping to see. What wasn’t expected, however, was | Read More »

    Three Counterintuitive Conclusions from the Inequality Debate

    The president, supported by Democrats in Congress, has made no bones about the fact that he wants to make income inequality the defining issue of 2014. The gap between rich and poor, he says, is too large to be tolerated, and that as a society we should be focused on narrowing that divide. The assumption underlying this argument is that a lower level of income | Read More »

    The Real Four Best Climate Change Stories of 2013

    In the midst of what is shaping up to be a remarkable winter, liberals are doing their level best to cling to the fiction of human caused global warming. Recently, Neil Bhatiya of the Century Foundation published what he calls “2013’s Four Best Climate Change Stories.” Curiously absent from the article, is any mention of the rapidly evaporating evidence for global warming.

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    Senator Mike Lee: A Man with a Plan

    They say Republicans are the “Party of No.” They say that Republicans are the party of opposition rather than solutions. Enter the junior Senator from Utah, Mike Lee. In his October 29th speech at the Heritage Foundation, Senator Lee laid out a clear vision for the future of the Republican Party, a vision of optimism and big ideas. Barack Obama enjoyed great success with the | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Arne Duncan from a “White, Suburban Mom”

    Secretary Duncan, Given your recent comments, it should come as no surprise to you that someone like me, a “white suburban mom,” would be opposed to Common Core. Every parent has the right – the duty – to be responsible for their child’s education, and to raise concerns when they feel the system does not meet their needs. This is not political silliness. This is | Read More »

    Steve LaTourette’s “Main Street” Advocacy Project Reeks of Hypocrisy

    As tension continues to escalate between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party, it was only a matter of time before a champion of the good old spending days cashed in on protecting the status quo. Steve LaTourette, a former congressman from Ohio, is eagerly seizing the opportunity to profit from the Washington, D.C., revolving door of special interests. Since leaving Congress at the end | Read More »

    Navigating by a Felonious Star

    “This is possible.” That was the answer given by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius when asked whether convicted felons can be hired as ObamaCare “navigators,” a position that affords easy access to the sensitive personal information of individuals attempting to sign up under the new health insurance exchanges. A mystifying refusal to require any sort of qualifications or background checks for these positions | Read More »

    Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) Leaves Americans at the Mercy of Obama’s EPA

    Somber news came out of AAA this week: the nationwide average price per gallon for gasoline has been above $3.00 for over 1,000 days straight. This is a new and unprecedented record and undoubtedly one of the unsung reasons why the national economy continues to flounder in what the Obama Administration embarrassingly champions as a recovery. The implications of this unsavory distinction are obvious to | Read More »