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    An Open Letter to Arne Duncan from a “White, Suburban Mom”

    Secretary Duncan, Given your recent comments, it should come as no surprise to you that someone like me, a “white suburban mom,” would be opposed to Common Core. Every parent has the right – the duty – to be responsible for their child’s education, and to raise concerns when they feel the system does not meet their needs. This is not political silliness. This is | Read More »

    Steve LaTourette’s “Main Street” Advocacy Project Reeks of Hypocrisy

    As tension continues to escalate between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party, it was only a matter of time before a champion of the good old spending days cashed in on protecting the status quo. Steve LaTourette, a former congressman from Ohio, is eagerly seizing the opportunity to profit from the Washington, D.C., revolving door of special interests. Since leaving Congress at the end | Read More »

    Navigating by a Felonious Star

    “This is possible.” That was the answer given by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius when asked whether convicted felons can be hired as ObamaCare “navigators,” a position that affords easy access to the sensitive personal information of individuals attempting to sign up under the new health insurance exchanges. A mystifying refusal to require any sort of qualifications or background checks for these positions | Read More »

    Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) Leaves Americans at the Mercy of Obama’s EPA

    Somber news came out of AAA this week: the nationwide average price per gallon for gasoline has been above $3.00 for over 1,000 days straight. This is a new and unprecedented record and undoubtedly one of the unsung reasons why the national economy continues to flounder in what the Obama Administration embarrassingly champions as a recovery. The implications of this unsavory distinction are obvious to | Read More »

    FreedomWorks Finds Electorate Looking for Conservatives

    Last week’s polling data released by FreedomWorks indicates that voters – especially young voters – have become far less supportive of a powerful federal government since President Obama assumed office. The 23-page report summarizing the information is a cogent guide to messaging for Republicans looking to win elections, but don’t expect party leaders to be very enthusiastic about the situation. After five years of living | Read More »

    Barack Obama Doesn’t Care About the 97 Percent

    With unemployment at 7.5%, the national debt approaching $17 trillion, a floundering national takeover of health care, and a flurry of federal scandals threatening civil liberties, President Obama is diverting attention away from his failed policies on the ground, and towards the air instead. The President will outline his plans to fight climate change this Tuesday, which will undoubtedly call for stricter regulations on power | Read More »

    Why the Farm Bill is a Trillion-Dollar Legislative Disgrace

    Republicans claim to be the party of free markets and limited government, yet belie that claim every five years by overwhelmingly voting to support a new farm bill, filled with government interventions into agriculture and market-distorting subsidies. This week, the House is voting on its next “Five Year Plan,” a disasterpiece of corporate welfare, Soviet-style price controls, and entitlement spending. Of course, the farm bill | Read More »

    Delaware Governor Jack Markell Gets It Wrong on Common Core. Again.

    Upon reading last Sunday’s Washington Post opinion column written by Delaware Governor Jack Markell, titled, “The tea party is wrong on the Common Core curriculum,” I was floored at the abundance of inaccuracies and lies by omission. To date, 45 states have adopted Common Core Standards- in exchange for the opportunity to receive federal stimulus dollars. In the private sector, we call this a “bribe.” | Read More »

    Common Core: Bad for Teachers, and Students

    Beyond the major scandals currently plaguing Washington, D.C., grassroots conservatives have been mobilizing on an equally important, yet underreported, controversial issue: Common Core. When Race to the Top was introduced as part of the 2009 stimulus, states were bribed with billions of dollars by President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Contingent upon qualification for the money was the states’ adoption of the Common | Read More »

    Adventures into the Alcohol Nanny State

    Around the time that most college and graduate school kids were off enjoying Spring Break, I attended the Alcohol Policy 16 Conference held just outside of the Beltway in northern Virginia. For three excruciatingly long days, attendees heard from presenters from across the globe on a variety of alcohol-related topics, ranging from “Preventing binge drinking on college campuses” to “Pricing alcohol to offset social costs.” | Read More »