Ensuring Representation

    I’m sorry this may sound terrible, but I don’t mean it in that way at all. Congresswoman Giffords cannot represent her constituents in her current state, and something needs to be done. It needs to be known how long before she can return to congress, if she even can return. If it isn’t able to within a few months she needs to resign, or be | Read More »

    Michigan Senate ’12

    I know this is going to sound awful but for Michigan Senate in 12. Ted Nugent! After seeing him in concert in Des Moines a few months ago I must say I found a new love for him after his song dedicated to President Obama. I realize that there will be a crowded primary, with the possibilities of former AG Cox, Former Congressman Hoekstra, Sec | Read More »


    Ok besides the fact that I cannot figure this state out.  And Thanks to those of you who helped me to figure alil out recently with comments of a different post. Bernie Sanders- He is up for reelection in 2012. Can we get him, and could he get a moderate Dem challenge him in the primary? He usually runs in the primary but declines the | Read More »


    As a student at Iowa State University I get to deal with all the Chinese kids, the Kids from the burbs of Chicago, and of course the Minnesotans. The some of my friends in College Republicans from Illinois are always bragging (jokingly) about how politicians from their state steal more money before breakfast than ours steal in a term, or how good they are at | Read More »

    Ideas for Redistricting

    Some Districts need to be cut to be made more competitive, they may be almost impossible for a Republican to win, but it may for the DCCC use some resources there. Instead of other races. One such District is IA-3 Leonard Bosewell. Cook Rates it as D+1, but trends more left than that. Bosewell is on the DCCC’s chronically endangered list, and thus receives large | Read More »

    Ohio Redistricting

    So the current estimates I have heard are that Ohio is going to loose 2 seats. Currently there are 13 Republicans to 5 Democrats. The Five democratic districts are OH-9 Marcy Kaptur (Toledo & Sandusky) Have this district gobble up the northern part of 13, mostly Lorain County? I’m not sure if that would even the district out, cede a part an area that is | Read More »

    Pennsylvania Redistricting

    Now that Republicans control Both cambers of the State Legislature and the Governor’s mansion we can really makes gain during the redistricting process. Pennsylvania is expected to loose one seat. We can knock off a few more libs because of this. PA-12, Mark Critz. I say eliminate this district and put it into neighboring districts. This would make it so that almost all districts in | Read More »

    Texas Redistricting

    I wonder if Texas can redistrict in a way that would be unfavorable to the following incumbents vulnerable: Llyod Doggett TX-25, Charlie Gonzalez TX-20, Silvestre Reyes TX-16, Henry Cuellar TX-28, Ruben Hinojosa TX-15. TX-16 is El Paso a liberal Strong hold that Bush didn’t even win either time he was elected President. I wonder if you cut it in half North/South wise and had one | Read More »

    2012 Democratic Presidental Primary

    I would love to see a mess of the 2012 Democratic Presidential Primary, just an utter free for all. Maybe Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, and Evan Byah. Just a mess there would be someone running as a socialist (Dennis), a “moderate” Democrat (Evan), The sitting Pres, and someone running on experience and exploiting all of the president’s flaws to the base and independents. | Read More »

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