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Middle-aged reformed Democrat with many years of information technology and writing experience.


    I am THAT Life

    I, along with many others here, cannot fathom the action of .  I find myself stunned beyond all measure.  I am so dumbfounded I am questioning many of my core assumptions about electoral politics. I was born to an eighteen-year-old mother who had a shotgun wedding.  I have a birth defect.  If abortion had been legal and encouraged, there is a major question-mark for me as | Read More »

    The Guardians of Peace and Christian Persecution

    The Guardians of Peace is an anonymous criminal organization that is ostensibly engaging in various criminal acts, including threats of terrorism, in order to suppress the release of a single motion picture.  The organization has issued written protests concerning the depiction of the assassination of the current leader of North Korea.  Whether in defense of North Korea or acting out of some other motivation, the group | Read More »

    Ferguson: The Laws of Man versus the Man of Laws

    The Soviet Union defined criminal behavior as action that would threaten the State.  Because the State was represented by the Politburo, whomever ran the Politburo was thus the protected party in all laws.  As noted by the fair-and-balanced State newspaper Pravda, Josef Stalin was the “genius of the new world, the wisest man of the epoch, the great leader of communism.” In every despotic community | Read More »

    2016 – An Outsider’s Handicapping

    Mitt Romney, John Kasich or Chris Christie, if any of them run, will most likely receive the nomination in 2016.  This is based on an analysis of nominations over the past 60 years and the way the Republican party functions.  How I wish I were wrong. Presidential elections are similar to long-standing rivalries in sports.  When the Super Bowl started in 1967, over a period | Read More »

    Special Needs-Based Governance

    Our federal sense of justice, more and more imposed upon ordinary citizens, is morphing into a collective of shifting special interests.  At the heart of the shift is the use of injustice to justify further injustice and retribution.  I want to cover three current examples as the indicator of things to come. The indictment of Governor Rick Perry, the statements of AG Holder in Ferguson | Read More »


    We are thirteen years into the 21st Century equivalent of the Thirty Years War.  What started out as a religious war is rapidly headed for an all-out set of political realignments centering around the Middle East but including Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.  Our role in this conflict is very unclear. The Thirty Years’ war began in 1618 with a group of Protestants throwing three Catholics | Read More »

    Don’t it Make My Red State Blue?

    Connecticut is a Blue State.  I live here and I experience it everyday.  This was only a recent development.  I think that Connecticut is truly a Red State whose Blue State tendencies can be explained through a series of correctable government missteps, deep arrogance, and an attitude toward minorities that prevent it from showing its true political color. From 1916 through 2012, there have been | Read More »

    Whose Life is It, Anyway?

    I read an article the other day, and this one today, that really got me thinking.  Whose life is it, anyway? There are three central tenets of modern Ultra-Left ideology: 1) We should all live at about the same relative level of satisfaction, based on our self-perception of that level of satisfaction; 2) People who have faith in Science and none in God are the | Read More »

    Reaching the Right Voters: A Hypothesis

    Thank you for the positive feedback on my first diary entry.  I will return more directly to morality and ethics in a future diary, but I first wish to make an assertion for which feedback and commentary would be most welcome. Out of 435 members in the House of Representatives in the 113th Congress, 31 are ranked 90% or higher by FreedomWorks.  That equates to | Read More »

    The Modern Ethical Corruption of Morality

    Allow me to preface my first diary entry with a confession.  As a younger man I was most certainly “liberal” and “progressive”.  I applauded Roe versus Wade and viewed William O. Douglas as my favorite Supreme Court justice.  At the same time, I felt fervently anti-communist and could not for the life of me understand anyone’s belief that Che Guevara was admirable in any way, | Read More »