Born in St Louis, Missouri in 1966, Jim Clonts graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and received his commission in the U.S. Air Force in 1988. As a B-52G Stratofortress navigator-bombardier, he flew ten combat missions in Operation DESERT STORM. During his nearly ten years of active duty service he amassed over 2,500 flying hours in the B-52G and H bombers, including 130 combat hours, and was awarded the Air Medal, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Air Force Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Kuwait and Kuwaiti Liberation Medals, Outstanding Unit Award with Valor, and the National Defense Service Medal. Jim left the service in 1998 and is currently working in the field of engineering.


    The Most Important Thing

    Many Conservatives feel frustrated at times. We watch the Mainstream media and are disheartened daily by the Liberal lies and misinformation filling the airwaves. Our children and grandchildren get a daily doses of Liberalism and Progressivism in most of our public schools. The assault on our values, the values of the Founding Fathers, is relentless and we ask ourselves, “What can I do, personally?”   | Read More »

    An Officer’s Oath

    If the Progressive/Socialist agenda of the Democrats continues to run unchecked, the American military will face a unique problem in coming years. Whereas many nations’ military officers swear allegiance to their respective homelands, leaders and people, American officers take a very unique oath. We do not swear allegiance to a land mass, a president, a legislature, or a court system. We do not even swear | Read More »

    Two Plus Two Equals Five

    Every day I turn on the news to find a new policy, spending bill or program being pushed by the Administration that seems to contradict logic and reason. We are living in a deep recession with 8 million jobs lost, a record $13 trillion debt, record federal deficits four times greater than during the Bush Administration while fighting two wars, but the Obama Administration is | Read More »

    I am a Judge—and so are you

    Dan from Idaho had an excellent answer to my question from last week concerning whether capitalism as we know it in this country can be salvaged. He said the problem is not with our systems of economics and government. The problem is the people in these systems. He believes the loss of our values, the diminishment of religion and the advent of moral relativism are | Read More »


    Make No Mistake, Liberals Love Profits

    Progressives routinely display their disdain for the concept of profit. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and a host of other Liberals have used words like “excessive”, and “immoral” to describe profits. When several petroleum companies posted large profits a few years ago, Hillary Clinton proposed a “windfall profits” tax, meaning a tax levied beyond normal corporate taxation simply because the company is doing “too well” in | Read More »

    The Importance of Free Markets

    The Free Market seems to be misunderstood by most Americans. Over and over again I hear the Government and the political pundits say the Markets must be controlled, that left unregulated they lead to economic disparity and unfair outcomes. The greed of the Free Market leads to corruption and exploitation of the working man and woman. Liberals mistrust the Free Market and install through legislation | Read More »

    Banks Making a Killing (with Obama’s help)

      President Obama has chastised several big banks for their recent record profits and the continuation of their executive bonus and compensation policies. The President spouts populist drivel such as, and I’m paraphrasing, “When the average American is hurting, the fat cat bankers are bringing home millions in bonuses. When the banks needed help the American people came to the rescue, now the American people | Read More »

    Dangerous Progressives versus Old School Democrats

    To Conservatives, the mindset of the Progressive Democrat is radical, however, parts of this mindset are, unfortunately, embedded in the current Mainstream of American thought. Although there are many mindsets within modern liberalism, there are really only two we have to concern ourselves with, and really only one on which we can affect change. The dangerous mindset is that of the modern Progressive. These people constitute, perhaps, 20% | Read More »

    Respect for the Office?

    When I was a boy I always watched the Academy Awards. I liked movies and I enjoyed seeing the stars outside the confines of celluloid. They seemed so cool. Of course, some of them were, like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Today, I no longer watch the awards shows and when I see highlights of them (usually polluted with Michael Moores, Ben Afflecks, | Read More »

    Loss of the Republic?

    Friends of Liberty, Time for concern is over. Now is the time for outrage, for anger, for action. We are losing the Republic. The American people have spoken and not only are the Democrats not listening, they are violating our sacred trust. Our elected officials are supposed to be the stewards of our nation, the protectors of our liberties and our Constitution. We elect these | Read More »