New ACU ratings: Analyzing the Senate

    The New American Conservative Union ratings are out. In 2010, the following Senators received scores of more than 80 on the ACU score: *Lamar Alexander *John Barrasso *Bob Bennett *Kit


    Redistricting Texas: 25R, 11D (With Maps!)

    Let’s redistrict Texas! First, here’s some background on the politics of Texas. Texas is a red state with pockets of liberal voters. It has voted for the Republican nominee for

    Redistricting Pennsylvania (with Maps!)

    From the diaries by Leon. An interesting hypothetical to occupy the weekend. First things first: I apologize for the size of the maps. I do not know how to make

    Reduce the Deficit?

    Since Congress can’t get its act together to reduce the deficit, maybe you can. Three budget puzzles are now available. 1st off: New York Times Deficit Calculator The projected 2015

    US Senate election, 2012. Part 1.

    So here’s a preview of the US Senate elections. It’s important to know who is up for reelection in 2012, as we look for the Senators who’s votes are “most