New ACU ratings: Analyzing the Senate

    The New American Conservative Union ratings are out. In 2010, the following Senators received scores of more than 80 on the ACU score: *Lamar Alexander *John Barrasso *Bob Bennett *Kit Bond *Sam Brownback *Jim Bunning *Richard Burr *Saxby Chambliss *Tom Coburn *Thad Cochran *Bob Corker *John Cornyn *Mike Crapo *Jim DeMint *John Ensign *Mike Enzi *Lindsey Graham *Chuck Grassley *Orrin Hatch *Kay Bailey Hutchinson *James | Read More »


    Redistricting Texas: 25R, 11D (With Maps!)

    Let’s redistrict Texas! First, here’s some background on the politics of Texas. Texas is a red state with pockets of liberal voters. It has voted for the Republican nominee for President of the United States since Jimmy Carter in 1976. No Democrat has been elected statewide since 1999. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson are the two Senators. Both are conservative but not that conservative. | Read More »

    Redistricting Pennsylvania (with Maps!)

    From the diaries by Leon. An interesting hypothetical to occupy the weekend. First things first: I apologize for the size of the maps. I do not know how to make them smaller, or to make them fit. If you wish to see the maps, please CLICK on them, and that should solve all your problems.

    Reduce the Deficit?

    Since Congress can’t get its act together to reduce the deficit, maybe you can. Three budget puzzles are now available. 1st off: New York Times Deficit Calculator The projected 2015 shortfall is 418 billion dollars. The projected 2030 shortfall is 1,345 billion. Find out how much of your savings come from spending decreases and tax increases. 29% of my savings come from tax increases, while | Read More »

    US Senate election, 2012. Part 1.

    So here’s a preview of the US Senate elections. It’s important to know who is up for reelection in 2012, as we look for the Senators who’s votes are “most up for grabs” on the policy that will be decided by the Reid Senate over the next two years. Democratic Held Seats California Come 2012, Dianne Feinstein will have been Senator for 20 years, and | Read More »