By their Venn Diagram shalt thou know them…

    On “Ideologies” and “Better Ideas”…

    …but sometimes with guns.

    THIS DAY IN HISTORY: July 4, 1863

    Mindful of all the recent hubbub over the Confederate flag…Events of July 4, 1863 marked the beginning of the end of the Confederacy:  In Pennsylvania Robt E. Lee withdrew his broken Army of Northeern Virginia from Gettysburg after suffering as many as 25,000 killed, wounded or captured trying to break the Army of the Potomac on Cemetery Ridge while in Mississippi Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of the fortress city | Read More »


    OPERATION THUNDERBOLT: 39 years ago today Israeli commandos traveled 2,000 miles in four C-130s with two Boeing 707s following and rescued 102 highjacked Air France passengers and crew from their Palestinian and Ugandan captors at Entebbe Airport.  The Air France flight had originated in Tel Aviv with 248 passengers and was bound for Paris.  Upon arrival at Entebbe, the Palestinians released those without Israeli passports and | Read More »

    McCain Doubles Down on Napolitano’s Canada Blunder….

    Charging again to yet another Democrat’s rescue, with all his bi-partisanship and collegiality, John McCain doubled down on DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s diplomatic blunder by defending her assertion that the 9/11 highjackers reached the US through Canada. “Well, some of the 9-11 hijackers did come through Canada, as you know,” McCain, last year’s Republican presidential candidate, said on Fox News on Friday. The Arizona senator’s | Read More »

    Finally, Something for which Obama Really Should Apologize…

    …his Secretary of Homeland Security insulting our northern neighbor: Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job? She appears to be about as knowledgeable about border issues as a late-night radio call-in yahoo. Wait a minute, I thought we voted out the late-night radio call-in yahoo’s back in November… In an interview broadcast Monday on the | Read More »

    Ron Silver (1946-2009)

    Actor Ron Silver passed away Sunday after a two-year battle with esphogeal cancer. His politics over most of his life were staunchly liberal, but he underwent an epiphany after 9-11.  He moved from anger over an Air Force flyover during the first Clinton Inaugural to to addressing the Republican Convention in ’04. I’ll remember him most for the role of David Sternberg, Jerry Lewis’ doomed | Read More »

    Darn — Smith Concedes in Oregon

    Gordon Smith conceded to his Democrat challenger Jeff Merkley early this morning. Approximately 40,000 votes remain to be counted (Oregon is vote-by-mail). Smith trailed through most counts on Tuesday, but caught and narrowly passed Merkley late Tuesday night. Vote counts from Multnomah (Portland) and Lane (Eugene) counties then put Merkley over the top. That leaves the current Senate count 57-D (counting Lieberman and Sanders) to | Read More »

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    Pickup in PA-11?

    Among other newsbits hinting at a long night for Democrats in PA, 24-year incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D-Nanticoke) trails his Republican challenger Paul Barletta by 6 points (outside margin of 4 points). This after Kanjorski retained his seat with 75% of the vote in 2006. Details on this and other Pennsylvania races at ‘’.