The Azores, Portugal – This is only the fourth time I have left the Lower Forty-Eight and I admit I am scared I might be denied re-entry due to some bureaucratic snafu.

The other three times were less risky since I walked from San Diego to Tijuana and from Niagara Falls to Thorold and sailed from Miami to Freeport.

But, with a strict liability fee for a severely injured client, we take certain risks.


The Bastardization of the Tea Party

Mike gamecock DeVine

However, what is more exotic, even than being in an Portuguese archipelago, are the things I have learned via cell phone during all that air time over the Atlantic. I am not a person that likes to talk on the phone for longer than 7 minutes, but with airline mags and no movie, we defaulted to actual human voice interaction for the duration. And boy was I amazed at what I learned from longtime political contacts, many even from my years as a Democrat:

1) Dissatisfaction with President Obama within the Democratic Party is serious and growing, and not just among former Reagan Democrats and Southern blue dogs;
2) Two recently elected House Democrats from traditionally Republican districts are considering switching parties before the budget bill vote;
3) A number of House Republicans are raising hell to their leaders behind the scenes that they need to take the gloves off against Obama;
4) Opposition to Union Card Check is so large among Democrats that it is doubtful it will be brought up for a vote;
5) Obama is getting pressure from not a few Democrats and Emmanuel to make a public statement warning Iran not to aid and abet military action against Israel;
6) Roemer and Summers are drawing up plans for Obama to advocate a supply side tax cut stimulus this summer if unemployment reaches 10%;
7) Summers and Emanuel have prevented Obama from re-instituting the executive ban on off-shore oil drilling;
8) The next Republican target Democrats and the Drive-bys will use to divert attention from Obama’s radical agenda and the recession will be Glenn Beck or Clarence Thomas;
9) Jeff Sessions may challenge Mitch McConnell for Minority Leader if he refuses to demand party unity on the budget vote;
10) Condi Rice will soon travel to Georgia, Poland and the Czech Republic to remind Obama that America promised solidarity with them against Russian intimidation;
11) Jim Webb (D-VA) will denounce Obama for proposed budget cuts for the Navy; and
12) Bill Clinton will publicly criticize Obama for ending welfare reform and for violating NAFTA with respect to Mexican trucking.

More later when Cricket battery re-charges

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Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report