Something is rotten in the state of…the Department of State

    Well now, seems there’s more news about Hillary’s emails. Those poor, overworked and underpaid minions at State, laboring under brutal air conditioned conditions, have just discovered a new string of emails between Hillary and Gen Petraeus ( no doubt discussing  the respective merits of “mudras”  vs. the “downward dog”, or what size chocolate chips to use when baking cookies). These emails were subpoenaed some three | Read More »

    Several things Trey Gowdy , as he readies for Hillary Oct 22nd, hopefully learns from watching Cecile Richards testify

    I watched most of Cecile Richard’s appearance today on Planned Parenthood’s use of taxpayer dollars, in front of the House Oversight Committee. I wanted to do so, not because I expected to learn anything new (which I didn’t); not because I wanted to see her squirm (which I did, but in fact she didn’t…she actually handled herself quite well); but because I was interested in | Read More »

    Hillary has “jumped the shark”….er, Lena Dunham

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House is over:  finished, kaput, dead, toast, done…… It’s not the emails, or her lies,  or the Clinton Foundation money scandals, or her total inability to be sincere and connect with people. Nope, her campaign has simply just had its “jump the shark” moment. The term “jump the shark” originally referred to when a TV show demonstrates that it | Read More »

    Men: #ShoutYourVasectomy!

    On the front page this morning, the always erudite Repair_Man_Jack demolishes the vile #ShoutYourAbortion. (There’s HUGE potential for a tie-in with the NRA) A few hard core pro-abort fanatics are able to manipulate social media to garner far more attention than they deserve. Satire has always been an effective means of deflating anything and everything  (BTW, I can’t wait for Saturday Night Live to begin | Read More »

    Is the leak about the FBI recovering Hillary’s emails designed to cancel her testimony to the Benghazi committee?

    Last night the news broke that the FBI has recovered the missing Clinton emails…those she had called “personal” and had been deleted. First, realize that this information was leaked by an anonymous source “close to the investigation.” The FBI has only said that its investigation is expected to take several more months, and it would release nothing until it is completed. Clinton is scheduled to | Read More »

    Does Fiorina actually give the GOP the best chance at beating Hillary?

    No one has as yet started to plot the dynamics of a Clinton/Fiorina race. It’s way too early…the GOP race is still in flux, and there’s a growing sense that Hillary might just not make it to the nomination. However, it’s fascinating on so many levels to contemplate that possibility, and there seems to be something more than anecdotal evidence that Fiorina would have the | Read More »

    Is Ben Carson the conservatives’ “affirmative-action” candidate?

    In Leon Wolfe’s  front page diary today about “The Right Outsider,” he examines the problems with Dr. Carson’s candidacy, as  those conservatives  who want an outsider appear to be gravitating towards the neurosurgeon. Leon writes: “The problem thus far is that the “not Trump” faction of the outsider faction seems to be coalescing around Ben Carson. And I think Carson got badly exposed in last | Read More »

    What in the world could possibly possess John Cornyn to demand that the DoJ name a special prosecutor for Hillary’s emails?

    This has to go down  as one of the really dumber ideas of the year. It seems that Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) 50% wants the Justice Dept to name a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s growing email scandal, as according to Politico..”GOP lawmakers  (I assume that means you, Cornyn) have become increasingly skeptical that Obama administration appointees running the Justice Department will pursue | Read More »

    The FIRST question at the CNN debate should be: “Are you in favor of shutting down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood?

    Promoted from the diaries by Leon… Normally, I detest those debate questions that ask the candidates for either a show of hands or a one-word answer. However, Bret Baier’s first question at the FOX debate, “Will you promise to support the eventual nominee and NOT run as an independent,” definitely was right on point, and stirred things up, to say the least. The GOP candidates | Read More »

    House Freedom Caucus draws a line in the sand: No funding for PP. Beginning of the end for Boehner?

    There was one really good piece of news from Capitol Hill yesterday. The House Freedom caucus adopted an official position (meaning  it was supported by at least 80% of the members) that they will oppose ANY spending measure that includes funding for Planned Parenthood. “Any spending measure” includes a CR, which appears to be House leadership’s plan of choice to fund the government and avoid | Read More »