Obama, executive orders….excuse me…”unsigned” memoranda, and razor blades

    Those of us of a certain age recall that once upon a time shaving was almost always accomplished with a Gillette safety razor, using double edged blades. (Though for a while, Schick was the choice of conservatives….as they advertised in “National Review.”) In those antediluvian times, before ATRAs and other disposables, regardless of which brand you chose, you were faced with the problem of what | Read More »

    Erick is half right…..

    Erick penned a superb, powerful diary the other day: House Conservatives have the power, and should depose Speaker . He points out, correctly, that it will take only 30 conservative House members to deny Boehner the 218 votes he will need in the next Congress to be elected Speaker. He makes the case that by in effect vetoing Boehner, conservatives will throw the election back to | Read More »

    Is Kwanzaa kaput?

    Hanukkah starts tomorrow, and Christmas is ten days away. But as I was out and about this past weekend doing some holiday shopping, I suddenly realized..whoa…there’s no Kwanzaa anymore. It’s like…gone… I looked… No signs anywhere. In any stores.. I mean, I couldn’t even find a “Happy Kwanzaa” card at WalMart ( and they’re out even out of stock  at….and they have EVERYTHING) Plug | Read More »

    Marlin Stutzman has two choices: If he was indeed lied to, he should run for Speaker; if he is lying, he should resign.

    I have admired Marlin Stutzman for his positions during his short time in Congress. He has always been a solid, pro-life conservative. He supported the 2013 government  shutdown. Last night, Stutzman changed his original vote on the rule that  allowed the cromnibus bill to come to the floor.  Had he not done so, it is likely that the bill would have died. According to CQ | Read More »

    Do the upheavals at Rolling Stone and The New Republic presage the future of the Democrat party?

    Hmmm?? Life imitates artifice…. It’s been an interesting last few months for the denizens of the left, to say the least. The Democrat party suffered its second consecutive mid term shellacking, yet Obama blithely ignores it, and proceeds to unilaterally amnesty  millions of illegals. At the same time, two longtime cheerleaders for the establishment left, “Rolling Stone” and “The New Republic” self-destruct. Can one deduce | Read More »

    Why should we bother to call our congressmen to oppose Obama’s amnesty if those same congressmen are going to vote for Boehner for Speaker?

    Erick has been waging a vigorous campaign to get conservatives to burn up the lines to their representatives, demanding that they do everything possible to oppose Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty. Good.  Nothing wrong with that. He’s even made it easy to express displeasure by sending Boehner  a can of blue tennis balls, to replace those he’s lacking. Nice gesture..humor is always a good thing. Note: Two | Read More »

    Mia Love and William Hurd should NOT join the Congressional Black Caucus

    My original title for this piece was going to be posed as a question: “SHOULD MIA LOVE AND WILLIAM HURD JOIN THE BLACK CAUCUS?” I first decided to write it that way when I remembered that Alan West, whom I greatly admire and respect, joined the CBC when he was elected to the House. West explained his decision as the need to bring “intellectual debate | Read More »

    The last stand of the old line civil rights establishment: Ferguson as Selma

    Virtually all of the black leadership in the country today came of age in the civil rights movement of the 60’s. From Jesse Jackson to , this was their launching pad as they began their ascent into national prominence. Simply put, it made them. For decades since, they have defined their importance in the civil rights hierarchy  by their proximity to Dr. King. And they | Read More »

    BIG Oopsie! Mary Landrieu’s chief of staff tells a black audience if re-elected she will “continue to vote 97% of the time with Obama”

    Just came across this little gem from the Black Conservatives Fund: Let’s see now. Romney’s “47%” comment may well have cost him the presidency. This one should bury any slim/nil chance Mary thought she had. Seems conservatives, after “macaca” are finally learning how to play the game.

    Ben Carson is getting really, REALLY bad advice

    I adore Ben Carson. He is a good and decent man; honorable and truthful.  He is, by all accounts, very close to deciding to run for the White House in 2016. And he is getting very, very bad advice. Dr. Carson was a guest panelist  today on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.”  Stephanopoulos is a notorious Clinton sycophant. He will do everything he can | Read More »