Does the Muslim worl d want Obama to LOSE the election? (or, why are they rioting NOW, a few weeks before the election)

As we continue to watch the Muslim world degenerate into chaos; the Arab spring heading towards an Arab (nuclear?) winter, with riots all across the would-be Caliphate, there is one question that has yet to be asked:

Do the Arabs/Muslims/Islamofascists/terrorists actually WANT Obama to lose the election?

Yes, they are fanatics, but they have always displayed a keen understanding of American politics. So now, in the White House, they have a president who is more favorably inclined to their various causes, and who has demonstrated from day one, a desire to diminish America’s stature and power in the world. And as a bonus, he appears to care not a damn for Israel’s security, which fact alone should endear him to them.

So, what do they do? Well, in a few short days, they take the foreign policy issue from the backburner, and thrust it to the forefront to the election.

Prior to this, the race had been viewed as close, with Obama possibly holding a slight lead. Now, all bets are off. The administration is tripping over itself attempting to blame all these events not on Obama’s inept policy, but on a mostly unseen video clip. It is not working.

So, it is reasonable, if not prudent to ask: what are they doing, and more import antly, why now? IT would seem that there are several possibilities:

1. The are insane.
2. They actually want Obama to lose.
3. Obama’s continual embrace of the success of the Bin Laden raid has angered them.
4. They want to force Israel into striking Iran BEFORE the election.

This last is the trickiest, and the most fraught with danger. An Israeli attack would result in an Iranian response…including possibly force projection through Iraq. In addition, we can’t ignore the Egyptians. The Muslim brotherhood government might well send troops back into the Sinai.

Israel would then again face a two front war (three, if Assad attempts to save his regime by attacking the Golan Heights, hoping to unite all the warring factions in Syria.

Israel’s survivial would then be dependent totally on the extent to which the US would intervene militarily, and even more important, how rapidly the US would rearm and resupply the IDF and IAF.

Iran is pulling the strings in the middle east. All these recent events, the Irans fund, supply, train, and well..choreograph.

If the Iranian view is that an attack by Israel is inevitable, given their relentless progression towards a nuclear weapon ( and they have said often that they are more than willing, even eager, to absorb the casualties) then the logical assumption is that the Iranians would want to force the Israelis to attack when it is most beneficial to Tehran.

Recent events would suggest they have already decided that would be BEFORE the US elections,

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