So, Mourdock is losing BIG in Indiana, but Akin is even with McCaskill in Missouri. Huh?

Someone’s gonna have some serious ‘splainin’ to do, next Wednesday.

OK, let’s see if we have this straight. In Indiana, which will comfortably vote for Mitt Romney, and which will overwhelmingly elect social conservative Mike Pence to the statehouse, the Howey Politics poll gives Democrat Joe Donnelly an ELEVEN POINT lead over Richard Mourdock. This is supposedly because of comments that Mourdock made 10 days ago regarding pregnancies that result from rape.

Yet in nearby Missouri, Todd Akin the Democrat posterboy for intemperate, misunderstood comments about “legitimate rape,” the candidate whom McCaskill and the Democrats virtually hand-picked as their preferred opponent, whom the GOP abandoned in droves, and whom they have slandered, vilified, and depicted as a clown, is in a virtual tie with McCaskill.


In Missouri, they are attempting to explain this as due solely to Romney’s coattails. After all, Obama all but conceded the state to Romney months ago, and early this year, some 70% of Missouri voters expressed their displeasure with Obamacare. The voters in Missouri obviously get it: that electing Mitt, and sending McCaskill back to the Senate makes ZERO sense.

Yet we are to believe that the voters in Indiana are THAT stupid?

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