Time for House Republicans to introduce another bill to repeal Obamacare?

    The bad news for all things Obamacare continues; including last night’s stunning revelation that at the same time Obama was (sort of) apologizing to Americans for (sort of) misleading them about whether or not they could (sort of) keep their policies if they (sort of) liked them, lawyers from the Justice Dept were telling a federal judge that the administration  fully well (NOT “sort of”) | Read More »

    Harry Reid to refuse to call up Landrieu’s bill on the grounds that it is unconstituional.

    Mary Landrieu, in a desperate attempt to first cover, then save, her tuchus, has introduced a bill in the Senate, the aptly named “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act” or KACAPA..which unfortunately for her sounds like “ca-ca.” Several other Democrats, mostly those up for election next year, have co-sponsored the bill, which would be a major blow to Obamacare. The bill demands/requires/forces/mandates ( take | Read More »

    Obama: “I said the Obamacare website would be fixed by ‘the end of November.’ However, I didn’t say which year, though. Would you believe 2015?”

    Valerie Jarrett, the “Madame DeFarge” of the Obama administration, gave voice to the obvious yesterday. She  admitted that the White House would not meet its promised goal of fixing the website; rather she lowered the bar to  say that “they hoped for  substantial progress by the end of the month.” Video here: Look for lots of people to pick up on this trial balloon soon, | Read More »

    Happy 238th, USMC!!!

    Today, November 10th, is the 238th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  I just noticed that the day hadn’t yet been mentioned on RS, and it surely deserves recognition. In many ways, it was the best 4+ years of my life.., in some the worst, but definitely, the most formative and defining. To all my fellow Marines, past, present and future: keep the faith, | Read More »

    Rick Perry for Senate?

    Just reading an article about  a new poll which restates the obvious; that a majority of Texans don’t think that Cornyn is conservative enough for them. It mentions David Barton and Rep Louie Gohmert as possible opponents. There has been some speculation about them on RS and elsewhere, though yesterday Barton said he would not enter the race, and Gohmert hasn’t decided either way. But to | Read More »

    The last days of NYC……Occupy Wall Street gets to well, “occupy” Gracie Mansion

    New York City has been nothing but resilient over its long history. It’s survived John Lindsay, Abe Beam, a bankruptcy in all-but-name, subway strikes, garbage strikes, David Dinkins, a  three-day pogrom against Hasidic Jews, squeegee men, hordes of homeless sleeping and defecating on the city streets, and of course, 9-11. It took Rudy Guiliani about a year to really start to turn things around, and | Read More »

    Carney, you jackass, that “measly 5%” you so cavalierly ignore is about the same number of uninsured that Obamacare was supposed to “help”

    At the end of the panel on Special Report last night, Steven Hayes sort of tossed out was is an absolutely brilliant, and total refutation of all the BS we have heard lately from Obama and his henchmen. As reports continue to come out about the millions of people ( for now, those who have individual medical policies) who are receiving cancellation notices, despite all | Read More »

    If Obama was in charge of automobile insurance………..

    NYPD studies have shown that more than 50% of the cars in the Bronx are uninsured.Estimates are that 1 in 7 drivers in the US operate uninsured motor vehicles.   This is a greater number than those that lack medical insurance. Surely, this can’t be allowed to continue. Only the federal government has the ability, skill, and resources to solve this growing problem. Most uninsured | Read More »

    Any thoughts on how House Republicans should handle Sibelius on Wednesday?

    Dana Perino, W’s former press secretary and current FOX talking head, posted a piece on FOX about  how the GOP should handle Sibelius when she testifies on Wednesday: Most of it is common sense pablum, but after watching most of the House hearings on Benghazi and the IRS, I think that the GOP has to come up with a totally different strategy. They | Read More »

    A question for Senators Cruz and Lee: Do we have the right to expect that you will both soon endorse the primary opponents of McConnell, Graham, Alexander, and Cochran?

    Dear Senators Cruz and Lee; This is an issue that must be addressed; a question that you, and others must soon answer. The Senate has voted, and 16 other Republican senators joined with both of you in opposing Obama  and the Democrats. Sadly,  27 of your colleagues did not support you. And now, several of them will face primary races in 2014. Sarah Palin stood | Read More »