Observe the utter stupidity of Darrell Issa gavelling Trey Gowdy to be quiet.

    Gawd….will we EVER learn anything? If you saw the IRS hearings last night,  one thing was obvious: Trey Gowdy OWNED Koskinen. Gowdy was magnificent. Here’s the video. it again: And at the end, we are forced to witness Issa gavelling Gowdy down, as his time has expired, as he is skewering Koskinen. I don’t fault Issa Chair he is charged with seeing | Read More »

    Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp: a.k.a. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel

    By all accounts, Oscar Wilde should be enjoying a resurgence in popularity inside the Beltway. His observation that “life imitates art” is proving to have legs, as evidenced by the clowns now running the US government. Those of us who grew up with the “Three Stooges” are crying in our beer and/or oatmeal as we observe the inmates running the asylum. And before anyone question | Read More »

    Thinking the unthinkable: What if this administration really doesn’t have a clue?

    Insults are as old as  politics. And they’re bipartisan; applied equally by one side against the other: “They’re total idiots.” “They have no idea what they’re doing.” “Miserable failure” ( remember that one? repeated ad nauseam by the Democrats during the Bush years). “The inmates are running the asylum.” Take your pick. But as we consider the present state of our nation and planet, we are | Read More »

    A huge opportunity ( and test) for the MSM: Mississippi newspapers and TV stations must force a debate between McDaniel and Cochran

    OK, we’re into a run-off in Mississippi, (unless Cochran decides to concede). This contest has huge implications, both for the GOP and for the country, and has garnered massive national media attention. But, surprisingly ( or not) the candidates did not debate once. Cochran declined every opportunity to do so, amid several reports that questioned his alertness and vitality. So we’re presented with a SIX | Read More »

    Was Bergdahl’s exchange Obama’s attempt to “wag the dog?”

    Most Americans, as they learn more about Bergdahl’s desertion,  and the incredibly high price Obama paid to exchange him, are scratching their heads, and wondering “Why?” and “What were they possibly thinking?” Actually, there is an answer…a very simple one. THEY ARE INCREDIBLY STUPID AND INEPT. Occam’s razor tells us that when we have several different theories, the simplest one is most often correct. Or, | Read More »

    A question for Chairman Priebus: Why isn’t the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference being livecast?

    Since RNC Chairman Priebus often graces Red State with his comments, I thought I’d attempt to engage him in a brief dialogue. In case you hadn’t noticed, the 2014 Republican Leadership conference started yesterday in New Orleans, and continues through Saturday. Here’s the website: There are some superb speakers: Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee,Alan West, Rick Perry, to name a few…. So why | Read More »

    Wm. Shakespeare discusses Eric Shinseki….

    “….That very frankly he confessed his treasons, implored your highness’ pardon and set forth a deep repentance: nothing in his life became him like the leaving it…..” I write this diary early Friday morning with the full expectation that around 5 PM this afternoon,  the WH will announce that Eric Shinseki has been fired (allowed to resign) as head of the VA. Shinseki has to | Read More »

    A bold move – how Obama can stop the bleeding at the VA and in the WH: name Mitt Romney as head of the VA

    Ralph Peters, retired Army Lt. Col and Fox military analyst, whom I greatly admire and respect, has been one of the few public defenders of VA Secretary Shinseki. Peters responds to calls for Shinseki to be replaced with the question “OK. With who?” Fair enough. Though I am loathe to suggest anything that will possibly benefit Obama, the crisis at the VA demands bold, decisive | Read More »

    Terrorists at Gitmo get far BETTER access to medical care than do our veterans

    It is said that when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in  1781, the British Army band played “The World Turned Upside Down.” The Memorial Day weekend will be filled with parades, concerts, and the remembrance of those who have made it possible for us to enjoy our blessed freedoms. As the mess inside the VA continues to unravel, we now learn, via this report on FOX | Read More »

    It isn’t what David Scott said about Obama, it’s whatever possessed him to say it that’s worth noting

    Yesterday, on the House floor, two Georgia Democrats, David Scott and John Barrow, broke with Obama and called for Shinseki to be fired. He delivered an impassioned, well documented  speech cataloging Shinseki’s failures ( though he was unable to pronounce his name correctly) Watch it here; it’s a pip: He then went on to..yes..openly, passionately, and vehemently criticize Obama for his lack of leadership, | Read More »