The long term impact of the Voting Rights Act: Idiots, incompetents, and charlatans in the House

    In the wake of Henry Waxman’s announced retirement, Roll Call columnist David Hawkings has a piece on the paucity of leadership in the Democrat caucus: It’s not really worth the read, but one thing does stand out: In analyzing who might be the future Democrat leaders in the House, he mentions some 30 names. Of those, only one, Bobby Scott, is a member of | Read More »

    Is the GOP focus on immigration a smokescreen to avoid the debt ceiling debate?

    I’m  confused, and cynical, at the same time. We’re being inundated with stories about the new GOP focus on immigration reform, and leadership’s apparent  determination to yield to the Democrats, despite the  fact that the majority of the base, and probably the House GOP conference, is opposed to it. Several superb front page stories  today outline the folly, and the likely consequences, of following this | Read More »

    The real significance of Chuckie Schumer’s insipid speech: he’s running to be the next Senate minority leader

    Chuckie Schumer made a really dumb speech yesterday..the idea of Tea Party “elites” shoveling tens of millions to support radical right wing candidates is bizarre, as is his plan to somehow bypass the Constitution to prevent these types from ever getting elected. It’s been pretty much laughed at and dismissed, even in the MSM, but it’s worth while attempting to delve into Chuckie’s mind as | Read More »

    Richard Pryor: The First BLACK President ( 1977) “A hint of things as yet to come”

    I’d never seen this before. It’s from 1977. My gawd..that’s 37 years ago. It’s very funny, and it’s also uncannily, and eerily prophetic in many ways….     It’ll definitely be better than next week’s State of the Union.   Speaking of the SOTU, it will be most interesting to see what Obama has to say about Obamacare, and how much time he devotes | Read More »

    Open discussion: Who would you like to see deliver the GOP response to the State of the Union?

    Obama has  just told us that he has a “pen, and a phone” and that  he really doesn’t need Congress at all, so maybe he’ll boycott the SOTU, and just “phone it in”? That would spare us all another political diatribe. Nah…he’ll show up. But who should deliver the GOP response? I  was initially going to write “conservative response,” but that’s not a guarantee. Supposedly | Read More »

    What if Hillary doesn’t run……?

    I suspect that far more astute political minds than mine have already begun to run through the implications, and scenarios, if Hillary Clinton decides not to run in 2016. Yet despite endless MSM coronations and  the semi-pathetic “Ready for Hillary”  launch, we’ve yet to see any serious discussion of anything other than her imminent coronation as the Democrat nominee. Right now, I would suggest that | Read More »

    If George Will is right, Hillary Clinton has zero chance of being elected president.

    George Will was on FOX News Sunday’s panel, discussing the impact of Bill de Blasio’s election as mayor of New York City. Here’s the link to the video clip: And here’s the money quote: “There is nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism….I give him ( de Blasio) three years, and people will be begging to return to something else..” Both | Read More »

    What’s the over/under on how long Lynn Stewart lives?

    First off, I take no pleasure in anyone’s illness, especially a terminal one. However, there is much in the so-called near secret “compassionate release” of Lynn Stewart by Eric Holder this weekend that is disturbing. Remember Mohmed al-Megrahi, the mastermind behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland, which killed 270 people, including 189 Americans? It was supposedly done because he was | Read More »

    Could the Duck Dynasty incident cost Mary Landrieu her Senate seat?

    Oh, the pure joy of unintended consequences…. Everyone here is likely familiar with the recent events concerning the Duck Dynasty patriarch and A&E placing him on suspension ( while at the same time continuing  to run the shows  pretty much non-stop.) It is by far the most popular program on cable TV, period! And a huge money-maker for the network. Last night , on Megyn | Read More »

    Why Steve Stockman is going to be a really, REALLY big deal in GOP senate primaries.

    Steve Stockman surprised just about everyone with a last minute decision to give up his safe House seat and enter the primary against John Cornyn. He’s obviously hoping to ride the increasing wave of discontent against the GOP congressional leadership, and force Cornyn into a run-off, where, as Ted Cruz demonstrated, anything’s possible. I don’t know enough about Stockman and Texas GOP politics to opine | Read More »