Jim Moran retires from Congress; joins the Tea Party

    Jim Moran, (D-Va) announced his retirement from Congress last week, and to just about everyone’s utter astonishment, promptly came out in support of the Tea Party. Moran stated that members of congress deserved a raise; that it was impossible for them to live on $174,000/year, with the demands of the job ( i.e maintaining a second residence), unless they had other sources of income. Moran, | Read More »

    House leadership needs to tell McAllister to resign, IMMEDIATELY!!

    Seems that s0-called  conservative, Christian, family values spouting LA congressman Vance McAllister has been caught on camera kissing a female who is NOT his wife. The father of 5 children, who’s been married for 17 years, has admitted that “he’s fallen short, and asked for forgiveness.” Some are equating this with the David Vitter and Mark Sandford scandals. Nothing could be further from the truth. | Read More »

    Mike Morrell channels Josh Steiner; takes another one for Team Clinton

    If you saw Mike Morrell’s testimony today before the House Intelligence Committee, you probably wanted to scream, or throw a brick at the TV, or have several adult beverages. It was a spectacular example of weaseliness. In Morrell’s world, and world-view, no one ever does anything wrong; it’s never anyone’s fault. “Stuff” well, just happens. It takes a certain chutzpah for the former acting head | Read More »

    Why not change the rules to keep the RNC, RSCC, and RCCC from playing in the primaries?

    Every two years, we get several stories about how the  national GOP campaign committees are meddling in primaries, either to support an incumbent, or to promote a favored candidate for an open seat. You’d think that after the debacle in Florida in 2o10, when they went all-in for Charlie Crist, they’ve have learned their lesson; but NOOOOOO, not the case. This year, the issue is | Read More »

    Is Obama trying to, well..”insure” that Democrats LOSE the Senate

    It just doesn’t add up. Consider: 1.We’re now being told that “more than 6 million have “enrolled” in Obamacare. 2. We are NOT being told how many have actually PAID a premium, which is the only way one can in fact secure coverage. 3. Some have suggested that as many as 25% ( likely even higher in the all-important coveted “young and healthy” demographic) won’t | Read More »

    “McConnelling ” goes mainstream, hits the big time

    Something light and frivolous for the weekend…. Red Staters, always on the cusp of what’s trending, are already familiar with the  phenomenon know as “McConnelling”, thanks to the earlier efforts of Ben Howe and Aaron Garnder, but now it’s broken through, gone mainstream, as seen in this really funny piece on Yahoo, replete with several video clips, AND a handy-dandy, fool-proof “how-to” guide and | Read More »

    About those Senate rules: Could Cruz, Lee amend any Democrat bill to change Obamacare?

    There have been many reports in the MSM that several Democrat senators (primarily the ones from Red states up for re-election) will very soon introduce a bill(s) to propose changes/delays/whatever in Obamacare, in a desperate attempt to curry favor with an electorate upset that they voted for the monstrosity in the first place. Senate Republicans have long complained how Reid has run the place, especially | Read More »

    Illinois is beyond help. Why I want Pat Quinn to win re-election.

    I like Bruce Rauner.  He’s willing to offer himself to the voters, and invest a lot of his own money. And I sincerely hope he loses his quest to be Illinois’ next governor. But not for the reasons that most Red Staters might think. Rauner is a fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican. He supports same-sex marriage, and a “woman’s right to choose.” ( Which means | Read More »

    I wonder what Tom Clancy would say now?

    I suspect that a great many Red Staters, like myself,  greatly enjoyed Clancy’s novels for  over 20 years. The CIA were the good guys, the  US military was awesome, and we had a president in the White House, Jack Ryan, that made us wish for the day we might have somewhat like that in the Oval Office. BTW..Tom Cotton’s bio parallels Ryan’s  to a large | Read More »

    Why are Republican supposed to provide detailed plans for healthcare reform, but it’s somehow OK for Democrats to run on “mend it, don’t end it?”

    Gawd, we really are the stupid party. Once again, Republicans are attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; responding to artificial bleats from the MSM, and Democrats over what the GOP will do about Obamacare. Obamacare IS the central, dominant issue in this campaign, as it was in 2010, when voters handed Democrats an electoral bitch-slap for ramming Obamacare through Congress. Some delusional | Read More »