OMG!!!Eleanor Clift loses her mind: Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered, he died of “smoke inhalation.”

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, it does. Eleanor Clift, the shrill harridan apologist for the left, on “The McLaughlin Report” today, somehow, I surmise, trying to defend Hillary, opined that Stevens’ death was an unfortunate industrial accident: Next she’ll tell us that the 30o girls in Nigeria weren’t kidnapped by Islamic terrorists..they were actually just out on a school field trip, | Read More »

    It’s the Democrats, NOT Republicans, who are about to make the same huge mistake over Benghazi as they did with Clinton’s impeachement

    As the Benghazi investigation heats up with the appointment of a Select Committee in the House, Democrats and the MSM are tripping over themselves in hand-wringing displays of  concern for the GOP, reminding everyone how previously Republicans supposedly overplayed their hand, regurgitating ad nauseam the factoid that in the 6th year the President’s party ALWAYS loses seats’ excepting of course, in 1996, when the Democrats | Read More »

    Has Chris Christie been emasculated by Bridgegate?

    A very small group of left wing students and faculty forced Condi Rice to withdraw as commencement speaker at Rutgers.  Actually, when the university officials refused to forcefully stand up for academic freedom, Rice chose to gracefully withdraw, rather than create a scene that would detract from the commencement experience for the vast majority of students and their families. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, | Read More »

    Lois Lerner’s so called “waiver of her 5th amendment rights” was staged, to delay the investigation

    I’m watching the House Rules Committee hearing, as they get ready to vote a contempt citation for Lois Lerner.  It’s obvious that Lerner, likely in cahoots with other officials at the IRS and the Obama White House, staged the entire scene in order to grad out, and delay the investigation, while attempting to allow the Democrats to demean, denigrate,  and diminish Issa’s investigation. Consider. Lerner | Read More »

    It appears David Dewhurst can’t get elected dogcatcher in Texas: He’s about to lose his primary…again!!

    Schadenfreude, dept of….. My, my, have the mighty fallen…… David Dewhurst,  two years ago was busy looking for a home in Washington DC, expecting to be the next senator from the great state of Texas.. Well, that didn’t turn out too well, now did it? Dewhurst, the consummate RINO, was forced into a run-off, and then lost to Ted Cruz. And, oh yeah..he spent | Read More »

    First take: Trey Gowdy will be the 2016 GOP VP nominee

    One of the joys of making early-on, (and some might say outlandish) projections; is that if you are correct, you’re a genius – if you’re wrong, no one remembers what you said a long time ago. With that, let’s look into the future.  John Boehner, bless his heart, has FINALLY done something right, announcing that he will appoint a Select House Committee. Even better, though | Read More »

    What did we learn from today’s House hearing? That John Mica CANNOT be the next chair of the Oversight Committee

    Any conservative who watched this morning’s House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi should absolutely cringe at the thought that John Mica will succeed to the chair in the next Congress. Note: If a video clip becomes available..hopefully someone will post it. Words like inept, pathetic, feeble utterly fail to describe Mica’s performance today.  Indeed, if one not familiar with American politics had just tuned in, | Read More »

    It is time for conservatives to form the ABC (Anti-Boehner Caucus)

    Erick’s latest post “To Change America” and its frightening opening line, “Stories continue to trickle out about coming Republican betrayals…”  continues to raise the alarm, and offers a solution: “The only way to change the direction of the country, is to change the direction of the GOP. The only way to change the direction of the GOP is to unleash hell in the Republican primaries.” | Read More »

    Is America ready to elect Golda Meir, er……..Hillary Clinton, as President?

    First, let’s be perfectly clear. Hillary Clinton is no Golda Meir. Clinton has the blood  of four dead Americans at Benghazi on her hands; Meir ordered the Mossad to hunt down and kill the terrorists responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. But this diary is about the media circus that is our national elections today. Our politicians Tweet, they | Read More »

    Jim Moran retires from Congress; joins the Tea Party

    Jim Moran, (D-Va) announced his retirement from Congress last week, and to just about everyone’s utter astonishment, promptly came out in support of the Tea Party. Moran stated that members of congress deserved a raise; that it was impossible for them to live on $174,000/year, with the demands of the job ( i.e maintaining a second residence), unless they had other sources of income. Moran, | Read More »