Chris Christie is the Republicans’ secret weapon in 2016

    In order to guarantee that Hillary Clinton loses the 2016 election, is it imperative that Chris Christie remain a reasonably viable candidate for the GOP nomination. Why, you ask? Easy. Christie can be one of the most effective weapons Republicans can deploy against Hillary. Both Christie and Hillary have a lot in common. Both have been accused of doing bad stuff. Christie, of organizing an | Read More »

    New slogan for Baltimore: “Black lives don’t matter to blacks who already got their ‘piece of the pie.’ “

    Remember “The Jeffersons?” “Movin’ on up…” Protesters in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere tell us that “Black Lives Matter.” To prove their point, they riot, loot, pillage, destroy. OOPSIE! Baltimore is a majority black city. The mayor, police commissioner, and city council are all black, as is most of the top administration of the school system, and the fire department. And it’s been that way | Read More »

    GOP should use “Baltimore” to defeat Obama’s amnesty

    At some time in the near future, the riots in Baltimore will subside, people will begin the clean up, and attempt to rebuild their shattered lives. And the inevitable claims, counterclaims, and recriminations will begin. We’ll hear yet again about the “root causes”: poverty, bad housing, lousy schools, no jobs….. We’ll be told that the answer is MORE!!!  MORE of everything. MORE money, MORE programs, and | Read More »

    Judging by the body language and facial expressions of George Stephanopoulous and Lanny Davis, Hillary is in deep doo-doo.

    Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” did two live interviews today on the Sunday shows. He was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC  and  Chris Wallace on FOX. Stephanopoulos’ ties to the Clinton’s are well known. Indeed he spend more time trying to discredit Schweizer than he did examining the facts and allegations raised in the book. Wallace’s interview of Schweizer was followed by | Read More »

    Could Democrats and Independents actually pick the GOP nominee for President?

    The Republican field of candidates for the White House is both wide and deep, a baker’s dozen,  and happily dominated by conservatives to a large extent. For the first time since 1980, we are on the cusp of picking a candidate with solid conservative credentials. It is also more than possible that Democrats and independents will play a key, if not decisive role in picking | Read More »

    Why is Bob Menendez smiling today? Hint: What did I do different from Hillary?

    It’s been a rough few weeks for NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez. After days of leaks about an impending indictment, Eric Holder’s Justice Department (after a long and lengthy investigation),  finally dropped the hammer on ole Bob, accusing him of multiple counts of corruption, influence peddling, etc. Menendez was forced to step aside as ranking member on the Foreign Relations committee, while speculation runs that | Read More »

    Hillary’s announcement video…. LGBT couples: TWO; Churches: ZERO

    One odd thing about Hillary’s official announcement video (well, lots of  things, actually, but this one was jarring in a way): it gave a shout out to every Democrat special interest group. Blacks, Latinos, single moms. It featured a gay couple and a lesbian couple..I suspect there were  bisexual and transgendered persons in there, but how could we possibly tell? Somehow they resisted they impulse | Read More »

    Anyone know if Thad Cochran is still alive, or at the very least, “compos mentis?”

    Where, oh where, is the senior senator from the Magnolia state? Red Staters are well aware of the criminal farce that was the 2014 Mississippi Republican primary election. Haley Barbour and the rest of the GOPe dragged Cochran out of his bathrobe and slippers, wiped the drool from his chin, stocked the van with Depends, got him to run again, and then used the vilest | Read More »

    Is a bad white cop automatically a racist?

    99.9% of the stories about the South Carolina cop accused of murder begin with some variant of this sentence: White South Carolina ( or southern) cop shoots unarmed black man in the back, killing him. The officer in question has been fired, and will stand trial for murder. The process will unfold, the system will work. So then, is the MSM conducting its own version | Read More »

    Why don’t Senate Republicans deem the Iranian “agreement” a treaty, and move directly to a ratification vote?

    Disclaimer: Whenever I have chosen to diary at Red State, I believe I am well-versed in the subject material. In this case, I’m not that sure..I do not profess to be a Constitutional scholar….but it appears that neither is the Congress. One of the major issues confronting our nation is the ever-increasing power of the Executive branch, and the apparent willingness of successive Congresses to | Read More »