If history repeats itself, then all-out war in the mideast should start on the day of the Iowa caucuses…..

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated on June 28, 1914. THIRTY DAYS later, on July 28, 1914, World War I, the “Great War” began. It would last for more than 4 years, and some 16 million would die. On January 2, Saudi Arabia executed a noted Shiite cleric, and presumed terrorist, Sheik Nimr al-Nimr. Thirty days hence, February 1st, are the Iowa caucuses. A | Read More »

    Rahm Emanuel: 2016’s poster boy for Schadenfreude

    Back in the Dems’ happier days, after Obama had just been elected, and the Democrats controlled the Congress, then presidential chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, ramrodding Obama’s one trillion dollar stimulus plan, which supposedly would provide oodles of “shovel ready jobs,” but instead served to to shovel hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to key Democrat constituencies, famously propounded “Rahm’s rule”, to wit:‘Never Let a | Read More »

    Danger ahead for conservatives? Do you support a Constitutional Convention of States to Amend the US Constitution?

    It seems that an idea that has gained traction recently in some conservative circles…to call for a convention of the states for the purposes of amending the Constitution, has just been endorsed by one of the leading contenders for the GOP presidential nomination. According to a Washington Times story….. “One of the things I’m going to do on my first day in office: I will announce | Read More »

    A petition to remove FDR’s face from the dime.

    With Princeton’s administration pathetically caving to the demands of Black Justice League students that Woodrow Wilson’s name all but disappear from any association with the university, due to a history of actions by Wilson that they deem to be racist; it is now time to focus our efforts,  our passion, and indeed,  our rage, at correcting one of the greatest  insults to social justice ever | Read More »

    OMG!!! Pigs DO fly!! Dems cracking up..turning on each other! (Hint: buy popcorn futures!)

    Well, well, well, whaddaya know…. Seems there are more than a few cracks in the monolithic Democrat universe. Was Bernie Sanders’ decision to challenge Hillary just some quixotic dream, or did he perhaps sense that something’s rotten in Dem world, and if the stars align properly, he might actually pull it out? Consider the last few days. Al Sharpton, and much of the black and | Read More »

    In 2016, either the Senate filibuster, or the Republican party, will die.

    First, let’s just briefly recap the past few years…. Despite electing a Republican House, and then a GOP Senate, the Republican leadership has demonstrated no desire to oppose, defund, repeal, any of Obama’s main initiatives. First, we took the House, and deposed Peloisi. Despite the House having the power of the purse, nothing happened. We were told instead, notwithstanding all the promises made during the | Read More »

    “Visions of sugarplums…” Predicting the impact of a Cruz presidency on Red State

    The election of as president will truly be a monumental, indeed, a transformational event. However, it will also have a very significant impact on Red State. Consider: Leon will become chief WH correspondent, and of course get a front row seat in the press room. streiff will be appointed Asst Sec of Defense for ATROWIC (Assessing The Role Of Women In Combat) Red State will | Read More »

    Dear Dr. Carson: at the next debate, walk onstage, announce that you’re dropping out, and endorsing…..

    “Nothing in his political life became him like the leaving it…”    (with profuse apologies to Wm. Shakespeare) Ben Carson should give serious consideration to dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination. He is a good man, a God fearing man. He has a wonderful personal story, he’s blessed with a loving wife and children, and his career has been both a success | Read More »

    “Married at First Sight, ” or…is the left’s rush to embrace a multiracial America actually helping to destroy the black family

    Up front disclosure: I am NOT a sociologist, nor have I ever stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Last year, when for whatever perverse reason, my cable company  decided to reconfigure the numbers on the station  program guide, I inadvertently stumbled across a show, “Married at First Sight.” It seemed fascinating. I  was hooked. I then fast forwarded through most of the earlier episodes…EVERYTHING is | Read More »

    Will Global warming end up going the way of Kwanzaa?

    Well, here we are, a few days before Christmas. And yes, while sadly, the war on Christmas continues unabated,  I suddenly realized that Kwanzaa has all but disappeared. I haven’t seen one mention of it; on TV, in stores…anywhere. Seems that this made-up festival is on its last legs. For those of you who may not recall its origins; Kwanzaa was “created” by one Maulana | Read More »