The AVERAGE age of Democrat presidential candidates is (GASP): 70!!!

    2016 Democrat hopefuls are invading Iowa this weekend, ostensibly to attend Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry dinner, but in reality to kick off the 2016 primary season. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders are scheduled to drop by and chew the fat (hopefully NOT’s bad for the arteries). The Hill has the story..but click on the link just to take a look at the | Read More »

    OK, just what is a “large scale, years long, multi-variant counter-terrorism action?”

    Oh, those funny, funny people at MSNBC. Last night, after Obama’s speech, they were tying themselves in knots, along with the English language attempting to prop up the president, to somehow defend him to their base,  get him off the hook for doing a 180 from his previous statements,  ( though it’s easy to see their hearts aren’t in it) and actually embracing the policies | Read More »

    Obama has “lyin’ eyes..”

    You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes And your smile is a thin disguise I thought by now you’d realize There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes That’s from The Eagles great 1975 hit.. During a more than 30 year career in the financial services industry I probably interviewed over 2,000 prospective candidates for employment. You look for certain characteristics and non-verbal clues: dress, posture, | Read More »

    ISIS is very much alive and growing as a threat, and BTW, General Motors sucks

    Obama ran, and won, in 2012, pretty much on one sound bite: “We are better off today. Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is very much alive.” Yesterday we learned, from a superb piece by Stephen Hayes in The Weekly Standard: that the WH  quickly halted the comprehensive examination and study of the documents and computers found in bin Laden’s house. This | Read More »

    ISIS draws Obama a “red line” in the sand….slashed across the necks of two Americans in the desert

    Obama’s presser yesterday was a veritable “tour de farce.”  He managed to successfully contradict himself on his non-existent policy towards ISIS, which only verifies that “as yet, there is no policy.” Whether or not one views this as taking “one step forward, two steps backs,” without a doubt Obama once again stepped on his crank, regardless of the direction he was attempting to take. It’s | Read More »

    Is there any reason why Boehner should not allow the House to debate a bill giving Obama authority for military action against ISIS?

    I’ve tried to live my life by adhering to a few simple rules:  to love God, always tell the truth, be polite to women. These last few years, I’ve added one more: Anything that Nancy Pelosi is for, I’m against. You really can’t go wrong following that maxim.  However, this might just qualify under the “even the broken clock is correct twice a day” exception: | Read More »

    Read my lips: We don’t have a strategy yet….

    **Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron** There are misspeaks…there are gaffes..there are cases of political foot-in-mouth disease, and then there are monumentally self-destructive comments like Obama uttered yesterday: “We don’t have a strategy yet….” for dealing with ISIS The WH scrambled to try and dismiss this as just a verbal gaffe…Obama paying an “aw shucks” homage to  Harry Reid. Maybe they should invoke Joe Biden instead, | Read More »

    Your thoughts. Who will be the Democrat minority leaders in the next Congress?

    Watching “Special Report” last night, in a discussion about the senate races, Democrat strategist Joe Trippi actually used the “w” word…as in “wave”…the first time I’d heard that from someone connected, and in good graces, with Democrat politics. ( thus discounting Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen) I personally think it’s going to be a very good year for Republicans in Congress. Democrats seem already resigned | Read More »

    How soon before Obama takes the ice bucket challenge?

    The ice bucket challenge, to raise awareness and funds for ALS research, is sweeping the nation. It’s been wildly successful in raising money. For those who have spent the last few weeks in hibernation and/or Rio Linda, it involves : a) filming yourself getting doused with a bucket of ice water b) writing a check to help fund research to defeat ALS c) challenging friends(s) | Read More »

    Obviously, no one inside the Obama White House has ever heard of “Operation Eagle Claw”

    Ah, the plight of all those oh-not-so-smart people inside the Obama White House. The ones in charge of our national security. The ones who write, and then redact, emails and talking points. The types whose qualifications include an  MFA in creative writing ( which is in and of itself a sad comment) Seems the WH felt, in light of the release of the horrific video | Read More »