“McConnelling ” goes mainstream, hits the big time

    Something light and frivolous for the weekend…. Red Staters, always on the cusp of what’s trending, are already familiar with the  phenomenon know as “McConnelling”, thanks to the earlier efforts of Ben Howe and Aaron Garnder, but now it’s broken through, gone mainstream, as seen in this really funny piece on Yahoo, replete with several video clips, AND a handy-dandy, fool-proof “how-to” guide and | Read More »

    About those Senate rules: Could Cruz, Lee amend any Democrat bill to change Obamacare?

    There have been many reports in the MSM that several Democrat senators (primarily the ones from Red states up for re-election) will very soon introduce a bill(s) to propose changes/delays/whatever in Obamacare, in a desperate attempt to curry favor with an electorate upset that they voted for the monstrosity in the first place. Senate Republicans have long complained how Reid has run the place, especially | Read More »

    Illinois is beyond help. Why I want Pat Quinn to win re-election.

    I like Bruce Rauner.  He’s willing to offer himself to the voters, and invest a lot of his own money. And I sincerely hope he loses his quest to be Illinois’ next governor. But not for the reasons that most Red Staters might think. Rauner is a fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican. He supports same-sex marriage, and a “woman’s right to choose.” ( Which means | Read More »

    I wonder what Tom Clancy would say now?

    I suspect that a great many Red Staters, like myself,  greatly enjoyed Clancy’s novels for  over 20 years. The CIA were the good guys, the  US military was awesome, and we had a president in the White House, Jack Ryan, that made us wish for the day we might have somewhat like that in the Oval Office. BTW..Tom Cotton’s bio parallels Ryan’s  to a large | Read More »

    Why are Republican supposed to provide detailed plans for healthcare reform, but it’s somehow OK for Democrats to run on “mend it, don’t end it?”

    Gawd, we really are the stupid party. Once again, Republicans are attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; responding to artificial bleats from the MSM, and Democrats over what the GOP will do about Obamacare. Obamacare IS the central, dominant issue in this campaign, as it was in 2010, when voters handed Democrats an electoral bitch-slap for ramming Obamacare through Congress. Some delusional | Read More »

    Fecklessness has its rewards: Barack Obama will be the next UN Secretary General

    Reading the news that the US was preparing to cede control of the internet to “the world community,” a.k.a. Red China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, et al, was at first a head-scratcher. Why? What’s Obama doing? It makes no sense. He’ll piss off even a lot of Democrats.  He’s not THAT stupid. That was soon followed by the “AHA!!!!” moment. Now it | Read More »

    The “Gimli Glider”: Lessons applicable to both Malaysian Air and Obamacare

    We continue to wonder how, in this day and age, a modern commercial airplane could just somehow vanish? 30 years ago, an Air Canada 767 managed to somehow run out of fuel at 41,000 feet. Only the superb skill of the pilot, who was able to glide the plane to a safe landing at an abandoned Canadian forces base, averted disaster. For those interested in | Read More »

    Kathleen Sebelius: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

    Mark Twain would have just loved Obamacare, and likely swooned over Kathleen Sebelius.  If anything would have proved the accuracy of his observation that “there are three kinds of lies: ‘lies, damned dies, and statistics,’ ” it’s the  delusional numbers that occasionally emanate from her office regarding the “progress” of Obamacare enrollments to date. We’ve just been told that “enrollments” in Obamacare  “surged” to 4.2 | Read More »

    Whoa!! Pat Caddell channels Erick Erickson at CPAC, and other observations.

    Don’t know how many of you caught Pat Caddell’s  address at CPAC, but it was fascinating. He excoritated the GOPe, the money men, the Roves in our midst. And then he went after Boehner.  He all  but called for the House GOP caucus to toss him overboard. Powerful stuff. Note: I’ve looked for a video of Caddell’s talk, but couldn’t find a link. If anyone | Read More »

    If she runs, how does Hillary avoid the Obamacare quagmire in 2016? Is she doomed?

    Obama continues to kick the Obamacare can down the road, in a last ditch effort to save control of the Senate.  It probably won’t work, and he’ll be forced to spend the last two years of his administration dealing with a GOP controlled Congress, who, if they’re smart,  ( I know, I know, spare me the snide comments) will send him a bill every week to | Read More »