Congratulations to Ken Buck: Nice guys DO finish first!!!

    Amid all the really good news from Tuesday, one happy result hasn’t gotten all that much attention: Ken Buck is the newly elected Representative from the 4th District of Colorado! Nice guys do finish first! And there’s an extra special joy in Buck’s win. Buck, who is a solid conservative, a strong voice for the unborn,  and a Tea Party favorite, entered the GOP primary | Read More »

    Three obvious, and effective strategies the GOP can use to oppose Obama’s executive orders on amnesty

    Obama made it clear at his press conference Wednesday, the day after he received his “ass-whupping” from the voters, that he intends to proceed with his plan to circumvent the Constitution and amnesty millions of illegals. But not until sometime in December. Could it be he won’t issue the EO until after December 6th, which coincidentally just happens to be the date of the Louisiana | Read More »

    If Obama pushes ahead with amnesty via executive order, it will make it impossible for Hillary ( or any Democrat) to win in 2016

    I was really looking forward to savoring last night’s BIG win..but two stories this morning have started the wheels turning: “No Obama pivot after  midterms..” Obama will push forward with unilateral amnesty. And Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Luis Gutierrez17%House Democrat Average39See Full Scorecard17%  (D-Mexico) says that Obama must enact immigration reform…Latinos won’t wait any longer. Several Democrat myths were exploded last night: 1. They said that Obama | Read More »

    What do Barack Obama and Sammy Davis, Jr have in common, and how does it impact Hillary?

    The great Frank Sinatra  headlined at the  old Sands Hotel in Las Vegas for many years, during the heyday  of the “Rat Pack.” In 1966, “Sinatra at the Sands,” a LIVE recording was released. It is, simply put, superb. If you’ve never heard it, and enjoy the old standards, you’re in for a rare treat. One of the tracks is a twelve minute monologue by | Read More »

    Did Hillary just step into it , BIG TIME….. up to her cankles…

    Wonder why this little gem hasn’t gotten much more attention? BE PATIENT. IT WILL, SOON. BIG TIME!!! Breitbart has the video: Appearing Friday at a rally for Martha Coakley, (she who, not Wendy David, is running  THE ABSOLUTELY WORST CAMPAIGN EVER) Hillary dropped this little nugget: “Don’t let anybody tell you that businesses create jobs..” Oh, really? Pray tell us, m’lady..then who does? Hillary | Read More »

    Wendy Davis is NOT running the worst campaign ever.

    Many wise persons here at Red State have suggested often that Wendy Davis is running the WORST CAMPAIGN EVER.  And yes, it’s true, she’s doing an admirably good (bad?) job of it.  From the wheelchair bicycle ad, to the now-last-minute act of desperation “hail Mary”: the all-out embrace of the increasingly unpopular Obama; Davis and her campaign staff are truly putting on a how-not-to-do-it clinic. | Read More »

    If Obama unilaterally amnesties 34 million illegals, then the next Republican congress MUST impeach him, and this time, many Senate Democrats will vote to convict.

    Several reports are starting to surface indicating that the Obama administration is preparing millions of work authorization permits for illegals, beginning the amnesty process. If Obama does go forward with this action, the new Republican controlled Congress should immediately move to impeach, and I do believe there would be sufficient Democrat votes in the Senate to convict, and equally important; that  the Clintons would actually | Read More »

    Imagine if the GOP wins 5 Senate seats on Election Day, with Georgia and Louisiana going to a runoff

    Here’s an absolutely fascinating, and actually, quite possible scenario that could well play out in the next few weeks.  Let’s assume that the GOP flips 5 Democrat Senate seats, while holding onto Kansas and Kentucky. Nobody hits 50% in Georgia and Louisiana, and we head to run-offs. The Republicans thus have 50 seats , and control of the Senate hinges on the results in Georgia | Read More »

    Obama: Not a smidgen of a chance that Ebola will spread in the US

    Obama’s little fireside chat yesterday about the Ebola  outbreak was a complete disaster. It totally failed in its attempted objective, which was to reassure  the American people that there is nothing  here to be concerned  about, and more importantly, to convince us that our government has this under control, and  knows what it is doing. If you want to talk to the American  people, then | Read More »

    Bad things happening for Dems in threes? ISIL, Ebola, and now, the DJIA

    It seems that the vaunted “October surprise” the Democrats were expected to reveal might have been stashed inside Pandora’s box. The emergence of ISIL as a threat, both in the Middle East and to the homeland has shown Obama’s evolution on the issue ( from ” we don’t as yet have a strategy” to ” absolutely NO boots on the ground, no matter what my | Read More »