MUST READ: “Lucy and Ethel take Foggy Bottom!” (with a bonus video link)

    Given the latest inane comments from Marie Harf, Ian Tuttle has a good piece over at National Review, dissecting Harf and Psaki…Lucy and Ethel Take Foggy Bottom. But it’s the comments..over 1,000 at this point, that are really worth the read…some are hilarious, to wit: “Psaki and Harf are the only two under the impression that Legally Blonde was a documentary” “In a room with | Read More »

    The imminent demise of the Democrat party…and why

    I’ve always taken a dim view (translation: not worth reading) of books that  confidently proclaimed an absolute. From Kevin Phillips’ 1969 “The Emerging Republican Majority,” to John Judis’  2002 “The Emerging Democrat Majority,” they cleverly manipulated statistics and assumed trends not in evidence. Judas, after this past November’s election, has now all but recanted his thesis, saying that the Democrats’ continuing, and increasing, loss of support | Read More »

    Why the idea of a Super Tuesday GOP primary is really dumb. Hint: Open primaries

    You’d think that after what happened in the Mississippi Senate race last November, conservatives would have learned a thing or two. Or not. However, it seems that southern Republicans are eager to step out of the frying pan and into the fire. There’s growing support among certain southern Republicans for a joint primary in the southern states…a March 1, 2016 super Tuesday..what some are already | Read More »

    What can we learn from the Brian Williams scandal? Hmmm.. It seems that you don’t need a college degree to become a network news anchor.

    If Scott Walker continues to climb in the GOP polls, it is as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow that Democrats and the MSM will begin to harp and pound on the fact that Walker lacks a college degree. Walker left Marquette, in good academic standing about one semester short of a degree. He was married, had young children, and needed | Read More »

    A suggestion for Democrats: Let Hillary Clinton debate Barack Obama. More: “The search for Hillary’s campaign theme song

    We’re starting to hear that Hillary Clinton, facing no serious opposition for the Democrat nomination, is considering delaying her formal announcement until mid summer. This will undoubtedly give her more time to try and develop a “message” as  well as rack up a few more higher paid speaking gigs. Jay Cost, in a Weekly Standard piece, examines the shocking possibility that there won’t be ANY Democrat | Read More »

    Contemplating the unimaginable: that ISIS cannot be defeated

    We’ve heard repeatedly these last few days that we can’t hope to defeat an enemy if we can’t even identify our foe by the right name: Radical Islamist terrorism. That’s the least of our problems. It’s necessary for us to contemplate the very real possibility that ISIS/ISIL/AlQeda (or whatever the “nom de jour” is) cannot be beaten. Before I defend my thesis, let’s examine the | Read More »

    No caucasians need apply! Blacks are over-represented in the Democrat party

    The House of Representatives is often referred to as the “People’s House.” The Framers designed it to be the most democratic body of the government, as responsive as possible to the popular will. That is why members have shorter terms and represent smaller numbers of voters than the Senate. There are now 188 Democrats in the new Congress; the smallest number since, well, Christ was | Read More »

    How to absolutely convince Democrats to immediately become 100% pro-life

    Politicians of all stripes can do one thing exceedingly  well: count ( as in votes). And, with an Ivory soap-like consistency, they will vote in their self-interest 99 44/100% of the time. But for those of us who champion the unborn, and who mourn the tens of millions whose lives have been snuffed out, and who are committed to doing everything in our power to | Read More »

    Will Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Chuckie Schumer, support, or oppose, Obama on Iran sanctions? And whither Hillary?

    Gotta give Bob Menendez a big hat tip.  Out of deference for his principled comments, I will resist the obvious “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” reference.  The ranking member of the Foreign Relations committee called out Obama’s stooges yesterday, saying that “the administration’s comments on sanctions sound like talking points straight from Tehran.” OUCH!!! That’s gotta smart. Tough talk, and from | Read More »

    Is it just possible that Obama doesn’t want Hillary to be President?

    I have believed for some time that after two more years of Obama it will be impossible for ANY Democrat to be elected president in 2016. All of Obama’s recent actions…basically ignoring the 2014 election results, challenging the new Congress at every opportunity, and defying the will of the American people seems calculated to diminish Hillary’s chances. The conventional wisdom is that Obama is now | Read More »