Really, Lets Not Repeal Obamacare

    Paul Ryan released his outline of the GOP budget proposal yesterday and I couldn’t help cringing when I heard the news report: “Ryan’s budget proposal would also repeal Obamacare” (paraphrased). I can’t imagine there’s much in the actual proposal that I disagree with but I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of “repeal”. Not in principle mind you. Obamacare is a public-policy black box. In | Read More »

    Discriminating Against the Indiscriminate

    There’s a lot of discrimination in the air this week … but strangely it’s against indiscriminat-ion-ism-osity.  In fact, the only thing that Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on is that whatever happens on March 1 the cuts forced by the sequestration should not be indiscriminate. Mitch McConnell: “I would be happy to give the president more flexibility and rely on the agency heads” So what does everyone have | Read More »