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    Not that Google’s got an agenda or anything…

    Yours truly is a resident of the Washington DC area.  Today I googled “Washington Redskins”.  Google has a nice presentation for many entries whereby they post part of a Wikipedia entry on the right side of search results, along with various links in their usual listing. I was really surprised to see that as of 8PM on September 17, the Google search result indicated that | Read More »

    Rand Paul

    I’m listening to Rand Paul right now.  I hope he realizes that if he plays this right, he can break right through into the consciousness of the Low Information Masses.  He needs to add some humor…  The subject is perfect, this is a defining opportunity for him.  Erik if you are in DC, slip him some humorous and on-target lines.

    Awesome turnout!

    I’ve voted at the same precinct in northern Virginia for the last four elections.  It’s one in McLean which McCain carried, which puts it in a distinct minority for Fairfax County.  In 2008, Obama won Fairfax County roughly 60-40%, but in my precinct McCain won 50-49. Turnout today is epic.  Usually at our precinct there are about 10-12 people in line; last election there were | Read More »

    The Imperial GOP

    For those of you on the Left who aren’t objecting to (or who favor) Obama’s immigration overreach, I hope you realize that you won’t have any moral authority to respond if in the future if a Republican President did the following: 1.  Suspended all OSHA inspections of factories because of the “more important need to enable employers to focus on job creation instead of costly | Read More »

    Since the end of the recession, the number of jobs for those under 55 has DECLINED

    John Hussman writes a wonderful weekly note about the markets and government policy.  He made one of the more remarkable observations I’ve heard in many years in his note this week:  Last week, we observed “Real income declined month-over-month in the latest [Department of Labor] report, which is very much at odds with the job creation figures unless that job creation reflects extraordinarily low-paying jobs. | Read More »

    Another $2 billion of taxpayer money lost on solar companies

    Yesterday, Solar Trust of America filed bankruptcy.  Exactly a year ago, Obama’s DOE gave them a $2.1 billion loan guarantee to build a factory.  The plant was supposed to create 1,000 direct jobs and 7,500 indirect jobs.  Well, maybe for the attorneys. BTW, the CEO had a background in commodities trading and property management.  Clearly, Steve Chu has serious skills as a venture capitalist!   | Read More »

    Carbon Insurance

    In the health care debate it’s interesting to come up with examples illustrating the potential reach of a government which can “compel individuals to engage in commerce”.  But while eating broccoli and buying funeral insurance are nice examples of the absurdity of the mandate’s possible effect, it is also useful to think about some more practical and chilling actions a newly empowered leftist government could | Read More »

    More of the Great Democrat MF Global Scandal

    Now we see that there is documentary evidence that Jon Corzine illegally defrauded small investors of, oh, about $1.6 billion.  Kudos to the hard-working House Financial Services subcommittee researcher who found the memo. Isn’t it time to ask why said memo has avoided the notice of the diligent Democrat drones at the Justice Department? Maybe we should wonder why Bradley Abelow, who one might reasonably | Read More »

    Yet another loan guarantee recipient in trouble

    Abound Solar received a $400 million loan guarantee from the DOE.  Now it’s halting production and laying off 180 workers. By the way, $400 million divided by 180 workers equals $2.2 million per job. There’s also an interesting article in Technology Review about Alta Devices, a solar company that’s doing it right.  Since 2007, Alta has been working on ways to scale up production of | Read More »

    Not one more Solyndra- two!!

    From Technology Review– it seems that BOTH Fisker AND A123 Systems are ready to bite it. Fisker has received a loan guarantee of $528 million from US taxpayers, and has built 1,500 cars of which “several hundred” have been sold.  That works out to a cost of $350,000 per car built.  And nobody wants to buy them!  But that’s all OK, all the money went | Read More »