Mark Ritchie’s Conflict of Interest Difficulties

    When they finished counting the votes in the Minnesota governor’s race, failed Sen. Mark Dayton led Tom Emmer by approximately 9,500 votes. Since then, that lead has shrunk to 8,750 votes through the recanvassing process. This morning, I’ve discovered information that says Ritchie should recuse himself from the recount process. I wrote about it in this post. What’s disturbing is that Ritchie offered his opinion | Read More »

    Joe Biden Fails New Flyer Stimulus Test

    Vice President Biden visited the New Flyer bus company for a townhall meeting to explain the impact that the stimulus would soon have on St. Cloud. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the Stimulus Czar to cut through the red tape. We’re still waiting for the money so we can start working on a few of those shovel-ready jobs the administration touted just months ago. By now, | Read More »

    Exposing the Flaws In The Democrats’ Health Care Policies

    Last Friday, I did a breakfast interview with Dave Borgert. Dave is the director of Government Relations at CentraCare Health System here in St. Cloud. For over 90 minutes, Dave fielded my questions and King’s questions. The wealth of information I gained from this interview left me overwhelmed. Processing that much information is difficult enough. (Storing that much information takes it to an entirely different | Read More »

    My Interview With Rep. Boustany: Health Care

    Friday afternoon, I interviewed Rep. Charles Boustany, (R-LA), on the subject of health care in general and the ‘private option’ provisions specifically. Let’s start with a little bit of background on Rep. Boustany. Before he became Rep. Boustany, he was Dr. Boustany. Rep. Boustany was a practicing physician for over 20 years, with the last 14 years specializing in heart surgery. The first thing that | Read More »

    Rep. Lee Terry On Cap & Trade

    I just finished interviewing Rep. Lee Terry, (R-NE), about the House Cap and Trade legislation. I’d like to thank Rep. Terry, who was more than generous with his time today. The first question I hasked Rep. Terry was whether there was any breaking news from today’s hearing. He said that David Sokol’s testimony put the Democrats on the defensive. Rep. Terry said that his staff | Read More »

    Tea Party Afterthoughts

    I spent Wednesday night watching FNC’s coverage of the Tea Parties. The primary event locations were Atlanta and DC. Wednesday afternoon, Neil Cavuto did his show from Sacramento, CA. It was there that Mr. Cavuto made an important observation. What Mr. Cavuto said was that these rallies weren’t only about taxes, that they were driven as much by people feeling that their money was being | Read More »

    Blogger Conference Call

    This afternoon’s blogger conference call with Rep. Jordan, Rep. Kirk & Rep. McCarthy was fascinating. I said in this post that the most appalling information of the call was that the C & T tax increase would wipe out Obama’s middle class tax cuts & then some. It’s disgusting to hear that bunch of elitists talk like they’re the people standing between the greedy corporations & | Read More »

    About one of those rejected ballots Franken did not want counted

    Promoted from the diaries by Erick. What you are about to read is how one of the attorneys working for the Franken campaign tried to eliminate a legally cast absentee ballot because it was a vote for Sen. Coleman. What you are about to read is a firsthand report from the man who witnessed this play out right in front of him. Sit down and | Read More »

    Our Vision vs. Their Attacks

    The DCCC is launching a campaign against 28 Republican representatives. The official title of this campaign is Putting Families First. <a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong><span style=”color:#cc0000;”>In their press release</span></strong></a>, they make this outlandish statement: <blockquote>House Republicans just don’t get it. They celebrate being the party of no and status quo, while more than 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs, the stock market has plummeted wiping out | Read More »

    This is What Liberalism run Amok Looks Like

    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong><span style=”color:#cc0000;”>This AP article</span></strong></a> lists several indicators that have been emerging that California’s irresponsible behavior is driving people away: <blockquote>Mike Reilly spent his lifetime chasing the California dream. This year he’s going to look for it in Colorado. With a house purchase near Denver in the works, the 38-year-old engineering contractor plans to move his family 1,200 miles away from his home state’s | Read More »