What’s in it for ME?

As I watch the news, I see Liberals calling for gun control, raised taxes on the rich, and an increase in spending, in addition to shoving Obamacare down our throats. I sit in wonder and disgust, asking myself “Why do they want these things? I thought these people were elitist bigots who didn’t care about the American people, so why are they pushing to assist the poor and the middle class? What’s in it for them?”
The answer became obvious when these same liberals recently pushed to extend the Bush tax cuts. In Bush’s first term, Democrats were outraged by the proposal, yet today they are the ones “fighting” for an extension. They only want tax cuts for the poor, not the wealthy. Why? Because the poor and the middle class represent a majority of Americans, and most of them do not realize that taxing the rich is a huge fiscal mistake.
The problem is that even if Democrats knew that taxing the rich and blowing money on wasteful social programs will run this country into the ground, they wouldn’t care. The fact is that fiscal responsibility does not win votes, but wasteful spending does. Social programs, welfare checks, and Obamacare practically buy votes for whoever can be credited for them. These votes guarantee liberals another term in office, enabling them to use their ridiculous strategy, and granting them a few more years in the public spotlight with armed guards, power, and control.
The Republicans have an enormous task in front of them and with the big crybaby, John Boehner, as the Speaker of the House, it appears that Republicans will not get very far anytime soon. It’s time for Conservatives to strap in, hold on, and stand up for what they believe in, because this country is on a collision course for disaster.

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