It’s not How You Feel, but How You Look, and You Look Marvelous

    I caught a glimpse of CNN, trust me it was not on purpose, talking about how the optics looked bed for Republicans after the 11 hours of Clinton testimony. They fawned over her “keeping her composure” and how bad it made the Rs look. Really, did the MSM not pay attention to any of it. Now someone looks more important than the truth. Does it | Read More »

    Why I Won’t Vote for a Democrat

    I’ve gotten a lot of crap from friends and family for saying I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT. I always get the response of “You should vote for the best candidate.” My response to that is, I do. Let me explain. Part of understanding who a person is has a lot to do with who they associate with. For example, if you are an | Read More »

    Did Bob Beckel Admit to Voter Fraud in Fairfax County

    I was watching the election results on Fox and, of course, everyone was watching Virginia closely. Gillespie being ahead most of the night was a surprise. Man, the polls were way off on that one. Then in the middle of all that Bechel pipes up and says something like Fairfax county was only reporting 40% and that they would find the votes to put Warner | Read More »

    Bob Beckel Pretends to be a Bada$$

    Jason Mattera asks Lois Lerner and questions they should be able to answer and Beckel’s response is to invite Jason to a knife fight. Really? Lookit Beckel, these people are public figures and all questions are fair. Maybe it’s time someone asked you if you’ve stopped beating your wife yet? Seriously though, has a lot to answer for. His ground game for reelection involved getting | Read More »

    Conservatives have a hard choice in November

    So, let’s get right to it. For conservatives voting in many races this fall have a difficult choice to make. Do I vote for the RINO establishment candidate, do I not vote, or do I vote to send a message. It’s a sucky choice at best and there are really no good options, all three stick to high heaven. The GOP establishment in working against | Read More »

    Serious Middle Aged Northern VA Woman’s Life Revolves Around Pro-Choice

    Imagine the setting, a dimly lit room, in a nice, well furnished house. A middle aged, well dressed woman wearing a light blue sweater and tan dress, sitting in a straight backed wooden chair with a serious look on her face as if she is about to pass on some important wisdom to the electorate. So what is this all important message, why it’s abortion. | Read More »

    John Foust is that all you Got?

    Working in NOVA I get to see some pretty interesting ads during the political season. John Faust wasted no time in bringing up the war on women in his latest ad against Barbara Comstock. Personally I believe the ad is lame on so many points. One – no one elected to congress is going to overturn Roe v. Wade. The courts have decided and it | Read More »

    My Email Response to NRSC “Slipping Away.‏”

    So, I get this email from the NRSC: Friend, After months of predicting GOP victory, the Washington Post’s statistical model now shows a 51 percent chance that the Democrats hang on. Why? The answer is simple – the Democrats are spending over $40 million more than the Republicans in battleground races. For weeks, our candidates have been holding on, despite a relentless barrage of negative | Read More »

    The Long Knives are Out for NASCAR

    Last week we learned the investigation into Kevin Wards death was completed by the Ontario Sheriff’s office and turned over to the DA. Today we learned the DA is taking the case to the Grand Jury. In some states it’s necessary to take any case involving a death to the Grand Jury, but that is not the case in NY. So what gives? First of | Read More »

    We are so Misinformed

    I’m watching a movie when they start talking about right wing Nazi’s. Yeah, I’ve been sucked into this too; however, the truth is the Nazi’s were left wing socialists. What’s happened, over time is that Nazi and right wing have been wrongly associated together and, if you ask the dumb masses, they will tell you conservatives are Nazis. It’s a schema burned into their brains | Read More »