First the NFL, then NASCAR

    This is how it starts. First they pull at the heart strings and complain that NASCAR is a behemoth, monster greedy monolith that has no compassion for former drivers and their current medical or financial conditions. Next will be the lawsuits and liberal lawmakers focusing their attention on NASCAR’s so called “terrible” behavior. That The New York Times published this, I am thinking that they | Read More »

    Standoff in Nevada

    At first glance the standoff in Nevada looks like a legal dispute between the BLM and a rancher.  They went to court and the rancher lost.  Now he looks to be a stubborn man who won’t respect the court’s ruling.  At least that’s the story the lame stream media wants to tell, another Tea Party person gone off the rails.  But, with many things, it’s | Read More »

    The Entrenched Liberal Bureaucracy Decides Who is Guilty

    The media making a big deal over Dinesh D;Suoza’s (sp?) “Illegal” campaign contribution is just another example of how an entrenched liberal bureaucracy feels emboldened to selectively apply laws to political enemies. It’s so easy to do these days, just read this: These are scary times because good people are being persecuted or intimidated into compliance. The recent plight of the Florida man | Read More »

    Apparently the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply in MD

    Today I saw this: It got me to thinking about a couple of things, mostly about our 4th amendment rights and the creation of a police state with no right to privacy. There were 2 things that really stick out in this story. 1. How did the cop know he owned a gun? and 2. Do Maryland police know or care about FOPA 1986? | Read More »

    Michael Wiener (Savage), How’s that New Time Slot Working out for You?

    I have to say I have only listened to his show sporadically and I have always thought he was out there with the kook fringe. However, now he’s on at 3:00pm Eastern and he displaced Sean Hannity, which is a shame. He’s not even in the same league. Today, however, he lost me completely and for good and I no longer will intentionally listen to | Read More »

    Jennifer Wexton is a Worthless Life Support System for a Sphincter

    Really Jennifer? You think running as an anti Tea Party candidate, that you are actually going to define the Tea Party with your ads. You have no idea what the Tea Party is all about. If you were asked if you support the Constitution Jennifer, what would your answer be? How about the greatness of the founders and how this country has been exceptional because | Read More »

    What We’re up Against.

    A young man, who married one of my nieces, has railed against Obamacare and now is railing against Obama just posted he supports Hillary in 2016. What? You, me and most conservatives see this as flawed logic. Unfortunately, I believe it’s a result of the full court press of the left to define conservatives and Republicans as evil. IMHO, this as nothing more than the | Read More »

    Libertarians for Socialism/Communism in Virginia and Yes I Was Right About Establishment GOP RINOs wanting Cuccinelli to Lose.

    With the governors race tightening up here in VA and looking at the polling roll ups in Real Clear politics, I have to say that if Cuccinelli loses this election it WILL be on the hands of the Libertarians. The 7-8% of the vote they are polling is enough to make the difference for Cuccinelli. If Cuccinelli loses this I would ask anyone who voted | Read More »

    Virginia, Terry McCulliffe and GOP Bungling

    I was listening to WMAL on the way into work this morning as they discussed the VA gubernatorial campaign. Two things are clear, Cucinelli’s team ran a terrible campaign and they are in trouble. McCulliffe and co. are running exactly the same campaign I saw in 2012 in Ohio for the presidential and senatorial elections. 1. Attack early and disqualify your opponent. 2. Step on | Read More »

    If the US Defaults, it’s Obama’s Fault

    The mainstream media, the house organs of the Democrat party, are screaming that we are going to default. Once again this is a lie. It is up to the executive branch to show some leadership and allocate the funds, paying interest on the debt is something the president is required to do by law. I’m not going to repeat the numbers here, they are out | Read More »