And so it goes

    Status update: As you may or may not know, I have been affected by the government shutdown. The good news is my company stepped up and gave us an overhead number to charge against for this week. Next week it looks like I have to start burning vacation. That’s gonna last about another week and a half, after that it’s leave without pay. Just in | Read More »

    Dingy Harry and Obama said what?

    So, let me get this straight. According to Dingy Harry, conservatives are now anarchists, moderates are conservatives, what? Did Obama just say that congress was elected to fund the government and all the programs passed into law? I gotta say Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you 2, tell a lie enough and eventually people will believe it’s the truth. (paraphrased) I had the most | Read More »

    Good News, Bad News

    The good news is Republicans may have found their spine finally. The bad news for me, being an evil government contractor, is it’s looking like I’ll be furloughed Tuesday. I can take it, I’ll be fine. The truth is this CR fully funds the government and delays Obama care for a year. The Democrats are the obstructionists here who won’t compromise or work with Republicans. | Read More »

    McCuliffe just gave Cuccineeli a Killer Ad.

    Just say this earlier today. Given the unpopularity of the of the anti-2A crowd, this is probably the slip that needs to be exploited. I would hope Cuccinelli jumps on it. BTW, where is the NRA, they should be all over this.

    This Doesn’t Add Up

    I was listening to the news today about the DC Navy Yard shooter and I heard a lot of stuff I’m not sure I believe. At least I remember being told differently. Did the government lie to me about it? Apparently, the Navy Yard shooter had a secret clearance and, also had a less than honorable discharge from the Navy. I was told when I | Read More »

    What we need is Leverage

    Or how we might be able to get some RINO’s off the fence and start working for us. I think one of the issues we have is many of us conservatives really don’t have the deep pockets to play in the political arena. It’s my belief that a the reason that Republicans go to DC to become RINOs is a combination of the media bubble | Read More »

    When will the Ron Paul Addicts Grow Up

    My brother in law, who will remain nameless, is one of the Ron Paul sycophants and I find it amazing the devotion these people have to the man. One thing that slipped out from him today is that he thinks Mitt Romney is a truly evil man. I was stunned. Really? Apparently, he believes all the propaganda the left has been putting out on Mitt | Read More »

    Why Single Issue Voters and Organizations Miss the Point

    I’m sure all of you well informed people have heard of the UN Small Arms Treaty that Hillary is about to sign. You may even be following Dick Morris’ commentary about the issue. If you have, then you know this is an addendum to an existing treaty and, if the Senate doesn’t vote on it, it becomes law. Here’s were the NRA gets involved. Now, | Read More »

    FoP Endorses Sherrod Brown, Say What

    The Ohio FoP endorsement of Sherrod Brown is just more proof that union leaders are completely out of touch with the rank and file, and do no represent their interests. I happen to know several police officers and they have a very low opinion of the man. I would bet in a state wide poll of LEOs Josh Mandel easily beats Brown. In my not | Read More »

    Deja vu All Over Again. (or how to lose Ohio)

    I’m sitting here on a Monday night just after dinner when yet another Obama commercial comes on USA Network. I’ve seen about 3 of these a night on the nights when I’m watching TV. I have yet to see a Romney or a anti-Obama ad. The issue at hand is we are losing the narrative in a must win state. It’s Deja vu because it | Read More »