Hood Conservaties To Take Back Inner Cities

    Kansas City , MO A new conservative group will become official in January and it’s called the “Hood Conservatives”. It is a refreshing new take on getting into the core of Americas inner cities and promoting conservative principles to individuals. They have identified 5 issues they feel can help to not only strengthenn the urban core, but as a way to also build a realationship | Read More »

    Elliot (The Perv) Spitzer Disgusts Yet Again

    Former Govenor Elliot Spitzer is in hot water again …literally! Sleaze ball Spitzer was spotted in a hot tub sucking the toes of his mistress Lis Smith. While his personal life is not really anyone’s business, he keeps trying to get back into the public spotlight as a politician. How can he expect this to help his career…or does he really care? Spitzer is still | Read More »

    Cuomo Turns To Pot In White House Bid

    Gov. Cuomo is about to announce, via executive action (sound familiar?), that 20 hospitals around the state will be allowed to prescribe marijuana to certain diseases. It will not be as liberal a policy as it is in states like California where even a backache score you a script for some weed. NY has some of the most punitive consequences for those caught dealing pot. | Read More »

    Peter Greenwald Challanges Eric Cantor in VA-7

    Retired Navy commander Peter Greenwald has decided enough is enough and vows to unseat incumbent Eric Cantor in the June 2014 primary in Virginia Congressional District 7. A patriot through and through he loves God and his country and is a strong constitutionalist. From Pete: In my last assignment in 2008 I reported to Fort Riley, Kansas to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan. On my | Read More »

    40 Years Have Gone By…Seems Much Shorter

    40 years ago today the last of the personnel left Vietnam from the rooftop of the embassy, climbing a rope ladder to the hovering Huey chopper. The last two combat troops on the ground were Air Force Combat Controllers, of which our beloved Jeff Emanuel and I are alumni of. It seems like yesterday (I left in November of 1968 after the Tet Offensive in | Read More »

    GOP Gunning For Gillibrands Seat

    NY Post ALBANY – Rep. Bob Turner is considering a challenge to U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. In a confidential letter today obtained by The Post, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton asked his counterparts from across the state to draft Turner as the party’s candidate. “The county chairmen are working him over pretty hard, and he has not ruled a Senate run out,” a GOP source | Read More »

    Oh, We’re Doing Just Fine…

    Well, just when it looked like things might be smoothing out a little bit we find out that two of the large “Bank-sters” are in big-g-g-g trouble again. From Reuters: Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein has hired Reid Weingarten, a high-profile Washington defense attorney whose past clients include a former Enron accounting officer, according to a government source familiar with the matter. Blankfein, 56, | Read More »

    Time To Kick Pakistan to the Curb

    From Reuters: (Reuters) – Pakistan gave <a title="Full coverage of China access to the previously unknown U.S. "stealth" helicopter that crashed during the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May despite explicit requests from the CIA not to, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. The disclosure, if confirmed, is likely to further shake the U.S.- relationship, which has been improving slightly after hitting | Read More »

    How To Reduce The Defict by $1.6 Trillion with no Debt Ceiling Increase

    The biggest holder of US Debt if the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul has it right when he says, “Have the Federal Reserve simply cancel or forgive the 1.6 Trillion in Treasury Bonds it holds.” The Fed holds the bonds, the Treasury pays the Fed interest and the Fed refunds the interest back to the Treasury anyway! The Fed is a privately owned bank and it’s | Read More »

    China Moves on the Dollar – It May Be Down for the Count

    The Peoples Bank of China has announced their 12th five year plan, and it doesn’t include the dollar. Look at this just released article in Spiegel. The Chinese central bank surprised with a spectacular announcement: The would-be superpower wants to handle their entire future foreign trade in yuan, not in dollars. Beijing shakes America’s claim to represent the key currency – with serious consequences for | Read More »