Obama and Scientology

    After having gotten sick to my stomach recently with the Fed bail out of “Wall Street to Main Street” it totally appears they have completely bypassed El Camino Drive. Yes, I know that statement had absolutely nothing to do with the topic as posted, but, be patient a moment and I’ll end my Anti-Socialist tirade. So, lemme see, where to begin? Much like Scientology, Nobama | Read More »

    I am absolutely on cloud nine!

    First, let me say I tried to follow the VP choice blogs since joining this site and did not see this one coming. Now, let me say that after a little reading and research on this fine CONSERVATIVE politician I am again a VERY PROUD Republican! Not that I was not proud before, but this is truly exciting! I have been in support of John | Read More »

    As the undeclared winner of the majority of delegates in the Democratic Primary…

    “I will now withdraw from the race as Democratic Candidate for President and in so doing ask all of my supporters and constituents to align with the best possible candidate for the office of President of the United States… Senator John McCain!