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    The US’ Socialistic journey

    It is undeniable that the US has been moving in a “Statist” or “Socialistic” direction. “Fair” Government vs “Free Markets” is a move in that direction. No matter who you are voting for there are clear choices – what you ask the Government to do for you will empower it to do to others, allow it to grow in scope and intrusion. You may not | Read More »

    Obama on Iran – Active inactivity

    Since 2009 Barack Obama has said that an Iranian nuclear weapon is “unacceptable”, that negotiations are not “open ended” and that we are in “lock step” with Israel. Since 2009 Iran has been moving closer to having a nuclear weapon, negotiations have been very open ended and we have sent very mixed messages to Israel – including one directly from the VP in which he | Read More »

    Who is for the “Assault Vehicle Ban”!

    They may have something on the “Assault weapons ban”. Ignoring the fact that any publicly available semi-automatic rifle is functionally mechanically identical to any available traditional wooden stocked hunting/sporting rifle I would submit you can’t own anything that looks “mean” or “intimidating” based on certain “characteristics” that are established by the Government. This, of course, is regardless of the existence of a Constitutional Amendment, incorporated | Read More »

    “Trickle Down” Economics – The Obama Policy

    The President advocates taking from the “Rich” in order to ensure they “Pay their Fair Share” – else it’s going to come out of “Your Pocket”. All of this while taking Romney to task for his “trickle down economics”… Does anyone else find this to be totally contradictory? Mr. Obama taking from the “Rich” – confiscating their property – to “give” to others is the | Read More »

    “Progressive” sounds way cooler than “Cooperative Redistributionist Utopian”

    It’s baaaack…. Call it European Socialism, Marxism, Communism whatever it is it’s currently wrapped up in the convenient bundle that is US “Progressivism”. As “Progressivism” is really a means to and end focusing on the end is critically important. So what is the end goal or vision of Progressivism? It’s an idyllic communal construct where there are no rich (except the ‘acceptable’ rich’), there are | Read More »

    Romney is worth what?

    Ok, let’s stop focusing on what Romney is worth. Let’s say it’s $250M $61B: Bill Gates $44B: Warren Buffet $36B: Larry Ellison $22B: Michael Bloomburg $100M: Al Gore $200-350M per year: What Oprah earns 37:  Democratic Senators, Millionaires (67% of the Senate, Millionaires) 73: Democratic Congressmen, Millionaires (47% of all Congress, Millionaires) 11: Over $200M PowerBall winners last 4 years. Take a look at this | Read More »

    It’s the Freedom stupid

    Think about the countries our forefathers left in order to come to America – countries where: Power, not wealth (a side effect of power), ruled Man Class, not equality nor opportunity, decided your fate Laws were determined not by the many, but by the few People served the State – one not an advocate for them Wages were confiscated without representation, property belonged to the | Read More »

    If you voted for Obama at least be consistent

    Most of the people I spoke to who were voting for Obama had their reasons for doing so. In the course of 4 years each and every one of those reasons has been invalidated beyond a shadow of a doubt. They didn’t want a President to act like a King, they didn’t want a Cowboy, wanted someone who could communicate, they didn’t want partisanship, they | Read More »

    The contradiction between Social Liberalism and Fiscal Conservatism

    In a response to a prior post I wanted to take the opportunity to address the common statement “I’m a Social Liberal, but I’m Fiscally Conservative” and what a glaring contradiction it creates. I’m going to copy and past some of that response here and build on it a little bit. In order to deflect, temper, rationalise, justify or appear to be more reasonable many | Read More »

    Conservatives need to be Activists

    Conservatives are very “live and let live”. They believe, largely, that “change for change sake” or the “we need to do something” mentality is counter productive and, generally, that the will of the people will carry the day. They have faith in process, that recovery from a defeat will eventually be delivered by some form of due process and that “The People” will rise to | Read More »